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tiger lao tiger lao

~ Colors mosaic ~

Acrylic on canvas plate.

"Let a hundred flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend."
Mao Zedong

my old painting.

#paintitclub #magicofcolors #acrylicpainting #art #floralfriday #colorsonfriday #LeavesOnThursday
Mikko Tyllinen Mikko Tyllinen

Hey everyone.

I made a tutorial of this image to the latest issue 106, of Advanced Photoshop magazine. This is a combination of two of my photos.
Mikko Lagerstedt Mikko Lagerstedt

Rising Phoenix - closeup of my digital painting

- I use PhotoshopCS5 & Intuos04 Wacom for all my digital paintings.  
- It takes me about 50+ hours to complete each painting.
- What is digital painting? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_painting
- How did I learn this?  Google free tutorials.  Study, Practice & Repeat! :)
May Fong Robinson May Fong Robinson

An innocent hiccup created chaos... mommy cat freaked out too!

#funny    #cutekitties    via 4GIFs
May Fong Robinson May Fong Robinson

good Morning ~❤❤❤~
Annette Junge Daugaard Annette Junge Daugaard

~ guess what i will have for dinner ~

 i know it's not exactly painting but i just had a bit fun with camera. to hungry for paint this! ;)
Mikko Tyllinen Mikko Tyllinen

Tomorrow is #MacroFeatherFriday, curated by +E.E. Giorgi and +Robin Griggs Wood … We just love to see what you see! (Find the "how to" below!)

How to play #MacroFeatherFriday ––
We want to encourage you to get up close and personal with feathers and try more of these shots, experimenting with the capabilities of your camera or trying out new lenses and new ideas for composition. Not that we don't like full bird shots, but there are so many bird themes available already, we want you to get as close as you can to those feathers! They can still be attached to the bird … ;o) … but move in and see just how much detail you can get from the feather/s––their lines, shapes, patterns and colors. It's a fun challenge, and we'll be on the sidelines cheering you on! 

You can shoot in situ or create your own lighting setup at home. Most of all, just play, use your imagination and try every crazy idea you come up with! 

I like to create different backgrounds by merely scooting a colorful postcard around behind the feather. Do peruse the #MacroFeatherFriday posts from the past, because several of the photographers and people responding in the comments share their ideas, too.
Good resources for feathers can be craft stores, dusters or just finds in wandering around your neighborhood. Maybe there is a pillow in the house you can kill for your art. … ;oD 

We really are thrilled when folks post a feather shot. From what I've seen so far, the possibilities for composition and creativity are endless. I hope to see one from you tomorrow!
Robin Griggs Wood Robin Griggs Wood

Just going to leave this here, should anyone care to answer.
Abigail Markov Abigail Markov

"O Ganga, strange are your ways, you fill up the sea but dry up Bhavsagar – the sea of troubles of worldly life."

- Ratnakar, Hindi poet

One hour painting....   Oil on paper canvas 23*30 cm,,inspired by a picture seen on G+, thank you if you are the author :)

+Jendhamuni Sos 
Ghazi Riman Ghazi Riman

Neither the wild mountainscapes, nor the endless beaches are the reason why I traveled to New Zealand. I'm here because of the amazing woodland, I just love it!
Rainer Mirau Rainer Mirau

tiger lao - Amals Fine Art
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Amals Fine Art
tiger lao tiger lao

PLUS ONE THIS if you want me to add / re-add you to my circles.
No mean people allowed.
J. Rae Chip J. Rae Chip

A smile of joy

Everytime I see the notification of Jarek in my mailbox, my heart starts to beat faster and you could see a a big smile of joy on my face :)

Thanks to +Jarek Klimek for including me in the Top yesterday, a real state of bliss!
Dominique Dubied Dominique Dubied

Artist Rolf Armstrong draws James Cagney
tiger lao tiger lao


Thought I'd try out the Sennelier watercolor block I discovered the other day buried in my studio.  Watercolor is a medium I'm not super familiar with.  I did maybe 10-12 large watercolor still lifes back in the late 80's, but otherwise, I have mostly avoided it -- except for small watercolor pencil drawings (paintings?) over the last few years -- until just a few weeks ago.

This time, I soaked the paper pretty thoroughly, taped it down and started to paint.  Hours later, the paper was still mostly wet, and the colors were still bleeding(!).  So, this is more messy than I'm completely comfortable with, but there it is, fwiw.  I added a bit of gouache to tame things a bit, and had already made quite a mess with drops of alcohol that got out of control.  It's a hard-sized paper, too, and I don't think I like that "feature."

Good thing, too, because to buy this watercolor block today would cost $75.00 for 20 sheets.  I guaran-damn-tee you I wouldn't have paid more than $20-30 at the most.  I think.

Watercolor and gouache on Sennelier cold-press watercolor paper
12" x 12"
© 2013 Marilyn Fenn
Marilyn Fenn Marilyn Fenn

What a treat to be featured again in +Jarek Klimek's +PhotoExtract Photography Magazine. Thank you so much for the inclusion in your wonderful publication, Jarek!!

I am honored to have my work featured beside the gorgeous images from these fine folks:
+Oliver Syré +Nikola Nikolski +Enrique Pelaez +Kees Smans +Helminadia Ranford +Stephen Au 

Go check them out!!
Robin Griggs Wood Robin Griggs Wood

Emerald Lakes Macun

The 20 lakes of Macun are protected as a National Park of Switzerland. There are times when walking through this wonderful landscape is not permitted, e.g. when the summer season ends. It was a great opportunity to visit this place in summer - and get fresh snow as well. In general, few snow on alpine meadows generates visual clutter. Here, the clutter is very even, so it adds a certain structure to the landscape. 

Some of my best friends here on G+ know this image already from my early posting days, but this one features a slightly different processing and framing.

Hope you like it!

#spcfeature by +Swiss Photography Club G+
#plusphotoextract by +Jarek Klimek 
#landscapephotography by +Landscape Photography +Margaret Tompkins    
#EuropeanPhotography by +European Photo +Janusz Brakoniecki +Jean-Louis LAURENCE +Manuella Betaille +Michael Muraz +Susanne Ramharter
#HQSPLandscape +HQSP Landscape by +Ara MO +Rodolfo Seide +Johnny Minor and +Rinus Bakker
#BreakfastClub +Breakfast Club by +Gemma Costa
#mountainphotos +Mountain Photos by +Baki Karacay
#mountaineering +Mountaineering
#SnowySaturday +#SnowySaturday by +John Fujimagari
#10000photographersaroundtheworld +10000 PHOTOGRAPHERS around the World by +Robert SKREINER +Nikola Nikolski
#mountainmonday +Mountain Monday by +Michael Russell
#weatherandnaturalforces +Weather and Natural Forces by +Robert SKREINER
Wilfried Haferland Wilfried Haferland

What's It Worth vs. What You'd Actually Pay

24" x 48", acrylic latex enamel on canvas. Would need to be stretched. Domestic shipping would likely run around $25, rolled and boxed.

What would you say it should be priced - and what would you offer if there was no price tag?

And if you're going to be a snarky douche bag, fuck off. My sense of humor is on vacation.
Abigail Markov Abigail Markov


I went to Bradford today and took a few street shots, using the K-1000.  Apart from the time it took to focus manually, I really liked using a film camera.  Perhaps because I knew I'd not be able to show any pictures on request :-)

One other downside..... when you take your film to Bradford Camera Exchange to be developed (as I had to do, due to not having C-41 liquids at home), you have to walk past their gorgeous display of vintage cameras and lenses - craving for every single item :-)

#peopleidontknow   #streetphotography  +StreetPhotography  #yorkshireuk   #filmphotography   #k1000   #kodacolor  
Baldur McQueen Baldur McQueen

By Ira Tsantekideu
tiger lao tiger lao

Indian Red Pierrot (Talicada nyseus nyseus)
Captured outside my neighbour's house in Chandigarh, N. India

For #BuggyFriday +Buggy Friday curated by +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar and +Dorothy Pugh 
For #ColorsOnfriday  +ColorsOnFriday curated by +Karsten Meyer and +Britta Rogge 
For #FloralFriday  +FloralFriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner 
For #InPraiseOfPollinators ++In Praise of Polllinators curated by +Dusty Gedge 
For  #WingsOfButterflies +On the Wings of Butterflies! curated by +Cicely Robin Laing and +Sharon Jeannette
For #BugsEveryday +BugsEveryday curated by +Chris Mallory 
For #BuggyLunch +Buggy Lunch curated by +Jean-Yves Casalis and +Mandy Allen 
For #SexyFly #SexyFlies +Sexy Flies curated by +Shane Williams and +Derek small
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For #YisForYellow +YisforYellow curated by +Lucille Galleli 
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For #GardeningWednesday +GardeningWednesday curated by +Juliane Clausen +Jan Aynes and +Grant Meyer 
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For #SummerPhotos +Summer Photos curated by +Tiina Niskanen and +Bieke Boonen 
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Jasbir S. Randhawa Jasbir S. Randhawa

The Sequester
My first political cartoon

EDIT: I don't usually like to take sides on political issues. I was asked to make a cartoon about this, and people wanted to see it :)

Here it is +Mark Rodriguez +Mary Redal Jacobs +Thorsten von Eyb +Thorn Button +Kim Troutman +J.L. Btwee +Tom McGowan 
J. Rae Chip J. Rae Chip

Expensive Therapy #2 - Psychology Of The Transference
Date 3-31-86
Oil on panel
Size 60inch X 48inch
Notes El Greco's 'Christ in front of Toledo' is joined on the cross by  Picasso's syphilitic whore from 'Desmoiselles d' Avingnon' ...... she's been shot and many identity factors are exchanged. The shot was influenced by  Francis Bacon, and the patterns of paint-strokes are inspired by Jasper Johns.
[a greatly improved edit and enlargement from an April 2012 post]

Sunrise At The Fish Factory

This is an image of the sunrise in Valdez,Ak., where at the fish factory,(On The Right), they harvest salmon eggs, for caviar, where it is shipped all over the U.S. and Europe.
Buck Shreck Buck Shreck

"Opera Twilight"
Sydney, Australia

Just before we got rained on.  
Shari Mattox Shari Mattox

Watercolor by Dominique Gioan,Belgium
tiger lao tiger lao

tiger lao - By Erik Jones
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By Erik Jones
tiger lao tiger lao

Last glimpses of winter

Let's hope the spring is on its way for real now... Have some winter photos that I really like though that I haven't shared yet. Here's one of them. 

#breakfastclub   #hqsplandscape   #europeanphotography   #landscapephotography   #winterwednesday   #winterlandscape   #plusphotoextract   #canonusers   #canonphotography  
Charlotte Therese Björnström Charlotte Therese Björnström

Banking Left

Another image that was buried away in last years files.  Black Tern shot at Tiny Mash near Elmvale, ON.
Nathan Beaulne Nathan Beaulne

This is an older image with my favorite pair of 501 and black leather jacket for spring.
blog: www.intwoo.com
Marija Falina Marija Falina

I cut my hair!! Donated 12 inches to Locks of Love :) 
Andrea Cheroske Andrea Cheroske

By Mao YiGang 毛以岗,China
tiger lao tiger lao

This is one of the paintings I've been working on today, the re-work of Sonnet 23.

Here is a relevant quote from Wassily Kandinsky's book we are (kind of) discussing in the Artlandea community (I re-read it yesterday, and have been thinking about it since then, even overnight):

"Suppose a rhomboidal composition, made up of a number of human figures. The artist asks himself: Are these human figures an absolute necessity to the composition, or should they be replaced by other forms, and that without affecting the fundamental harmony of the whole? If the answer is "Yes," we have a case in which the material appeal directly weakens the abstract appeal. The human form must either be replaced by another object which, whether by similarity or contrast, will strengthen the abstract appeal, or must remain a purely non-material symbol."

Kandinsky, Wassily (2011-03-24). Concerning the Spiritual in Art (Kindle Locations 611-614).  . Kindle Edition.

I've been thinking: the painter can ask themselves, for sure, but can they really answer, at least right there within the process? The painter, however experienced, inevitably finds themselves in a position different from the outside viewer, almost within the painting (or, as Kandinsky's would put it, within its spiritual content). The painter may (and often does) see things others wouldn't see. In a sense, the painter would "see" those hypothetical figures even if only an abstraction remains on the actual picture plane. So how can the painter decide whether the figures are an absolute necessity or not?

Maybe that's why I fell into this strange process in which more and more works get revisited after several months, and their representational part simplified and abstracted away (even though almost never completely). Maybe, at least for now, I need this distance to make my decision.  

Sonnet 23: The dumb presagers of my speaking breast. 20"×20", Oil on linen, March 2013
Lena Levin Lena Levin

just got minecraft for xbox360.  
Dale Jackson Dale Jackson

hope you all sleep well :)  ~❤❤❤~
Annette Junge Daugaard Annette Junge Daugaard

Electric Eel drawing on the envelope for the Visa charge account bill.
Eel face loosely taken from a post by James Lucas.

pencil / 2 1/2" x 6" / Cash or Charge?
Patsy Priebe Patsy Priebe

acrylic on wood panel 
Zubair Rahguzar Zubair Rahguzar

 "Another Way To Die"

The indulgence of our lives has cast a shadow on our world.
Our devotion to our appetites betrayed us all.
An apocalyptic plight.
More destruction will unfold.
Mother Earth will show her darker side and take her toll.

It's just another way to die.

There can be no other reason why.
You know we should have seen it coming.
Consequences we cannot deny will be revealed in time.
Glaciers melt as we pollute the sky.
A sign of devastation coming.
We don’t need another way to die.
Can we repent in time?

The Time bomb is ticking and no one is listening.
Our future is fading.
Is there any hope we’ll survive?

Still, we ravage the world that we love.
And the millions cry out to be saved.
Our endless maniacal appetite.
Left us with another way to die.
It's just another way to die.
Can we repent in time?

Greed and hunger led to our demise.
A path I can’t believe we followed.
Black agenda’s rooted in a lie.
Will we repent in time?
Species fall before our very eyes.
A world that they cannot survive in left them with another way to die.
Are we dead inside?

Can we repent in time?
It's just another way to die.
Can we repent in time?

Mikko Tyllinen Mikko Tyllinen

Figure - red chalk - 11x 22 - 20min. pose life session
w. scott broadfoot w. scott broadfoot

By Ishiwata Koitsu,Japan
tiger lao tiger lao

Watercolor by David Poxon  (United Kingdom)
tiger lao tiger lao

Good morning, and fair time of day!

As the winter rolls to its end, here is, still, a memory of the heat of winter festivities against the cold light of December... One of my personal favorites.

December. 20"×16" (50.8×40.6cm). Oil on canvas May 2012

This piece is released today by +UGallery here:
(there are detail shots there).
Or you can zoom in on my website, here:
Lena Levin Lena Levin

At first I wasn't going to add a BTW for the candle dancers since it was actually quite easy, but there are a few tips if you'd like to try the same thing yourselves.  This candle is a crop from the shot SOOC (straight out of the camera)  In the final shot I had taken out the door hinge using the stamp tool and adjusted lighting a bit, with contrast and tone.  My source of lighting was the sunlight streaming in through my window.  

To shape the flames  used the smudge tool at 53%  and a fairly small brush size.This is an entirely new dancer.  The first step was to pull the colors from the middle of the flame up.  Usually I pull the color out from the center.  Very little pushing it.  If I make a mistake I back up in the history instead.  Still using the small brush I used several strokes to bring out the head, hair and the horizontal arm.  With the horizontal arm I needed to make sure that the brush was small tight and use many short strokes, otherwise I would have pulled along the shapes in the door's molding along with the frame.  
The next step is where I made many short pushes with the smudge tool.  My dancer had too fat of a butt.  As I pushed the torso in to look more like a dancer's body I noticed that the roundness near the wick worked well as a knee.  From there I pulled down the lower leg, again being mindful of not moving the door's texture.  The raised leg is a bit darker to imply going back.   I have a pressure sensitive tablet so I didn't change the settings in PS, just used a light touch to pull the color out of the other leg.  That was handy since it didn't move the lines of the lower leg very much at all.  And even the small bit it did, heck, it's flame...lines flicker.

The idea of fire elementals comes from playing Video games.  I've played WoW and Rift and some mage or shaman has the elements tagging along in humanoid form.  And with the natural light aspect of the challenge, I wanted this image to be subtle and fun.
Dawn Ellen Miller Dawn Ellen Miller

I don't know what to do with the giant cover area!!! I'm using this sad little guy right now... maybe I should pick something more cheerful or colorful? I do work a lot in charcoal. Hmm...

charcoal drawing of my poor departed froggy :(
Andrea Cheroske Andrea Cheroske

So, I can thin house paint (enamel-acrylic-latex-whatever-name-they-give-it) with water, or just a wet brush, and it sticks. I can also scrape it away after dry, though it takes some force. 

This is the part that is most unfinished. 
Abigail Markov Abigail Markov

WIP Painting

So here is the new oil painting I am working on. It  is the first painting I am doing in my new home in Guadalajara, I have only been here a couple of days and it has been pretty hectic getting used to the new place and city, but fortunately I have had time to paint!
I'm also busy with another big project but it is still in the early stages so I won't share anything until I have worked a little more on it.
Needless to say, I will be very busy these next few months.
 I will probably post another progress pic tomorrow, hope you all enjoy!

#workinprogress   #oilpaintings   #surrealart  
Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

The Bay Horse

Photography is still happening here, even though it hasn't looked like it lately. I just finished uploading a batch of new images to my agent. That is the plan for this year afterall......the majority of my work is going directly to agents.

I was reminded today that I still have an arts career that needs my attention. Despite how poorly I feel my painting is going right now, I am earning my living as an artist. Two pay cheques this week, and a humbling letter from a grade 8 student who is doing a school report on me has made my week slightly less frustrating!
Roberta Murray Roberta Murray

Snowflake-a-Day #97

This is a favourite snowflake for a few reasons: the symmetry, the center, and varying silver tones created by crystal thickness. Be sure to view large or you're really not seeing it. :) and help out the snowflake book project, now 25% funded in less than a week! http://igg.me/at/skycrystals/

High res: http://donkom.ca/gplus/DKP_0349.jpg . When it comes to "composition" of my snowflakes, I typically crop square and throw the branches on angles... but this one was screaming to be placed perfectly horizontally and I think it works well. You can clearly see the angle of the light from my ring flash coming in primarily from the left side, and on just the right angle to show the changing elevation in the center of the crystal.

Based on the thick flower-like center and the blocky tips on the branches, I'd say that this snowflake grew rather slowly. I believe there would be some kind of correlation to the "rings" you see near the center and the rate of growth, similar to the rings you would find in the trunk of a tree. That's just a guess, and I'll have to ask the experts.

The book funding project is coming along very nicely, and there are still some early-bird books available for a $30 contribution! http://igg.me/at/skycrystals/x/1642596 The indiegogo campaign has been live for less than a week and we're already at 25% of the fund goal, so if you kind folks on Google+ keep contributing, the goal will certainly be reached. A long way to go still, so everyone's support is needed! and you get a great book as your reward. :) Thanks everyone!

For those curious, a few technical details... shot at roughly 5.3:1 magnification with no cropping (except to make it square) using 34 frames focus-stacked handheld. The snowflake measures just under 3.9mm across.
Stuart Williams Stuart Williams

By Alexei  Antonov

tiger lao tiger lao

By Graça Em Paz ,Portugal
tiger lao tiger lao

tiger lao - By Montserrat Gudiol
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By Montserrat Gudiol
tiger lao tiger lao

By David Burliuk (1882-1967)
tiger lao tiger lao

I usually don't take sides on political issues.
When the cartoon artist left our paper (he has been in the industry for a long time and decided to retire), they said.... "J. Rae... you can draw...." so I drew my very first one. Who wants to see it?
J. Rae Chip J. Rae Chip

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ~Ernest Hemingway

Map Room ~ Museo di Palazzo Vecchio ~ Florence, Italy
#Travel   #travelphotography   #travelthursday
#Canon   #canonusers  +Canon Users curated by +Gene Bowker
#breakfastclub  +Breakfast Club curated by +Gemma Costa  
PJ Ammidon PJ Ammidon

Audrey Hepburn  Watercolor by Ismeta Gruenwald
tiger lao tiger lao

Nothing like a new pair of shoes to make a girl feel special! 
Jennifer Lynn Monroe Jennifer Lynn Monroe

tiger lao - By ROBERT MAcGINNIS
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tiger lao tiger lao

Going to go (try to) read Kandinsky's 'Concerning the Spiritual in Art' in the tub, and hope sleep kicks in sooner than later.

I'd like to make the studio tomorrow during daylight hours, but that won't happen without sleep. 

Image: Figere, as of yesterday. 
Abigail Markov Abigail Markov

I have always liked Scientific illustration, particularly from the era before computer graphics. In my opinion the golden age of illustration was the early 60's during the space race, when many books were published with "artists impressions" of what future technology might look like. The same style of illustration is found in old science text books.

Just recently my Dad gave me an almost complete set of magazines titled "Understanding Science" with the bye-line  "A new colour magazine which becomes an encyclopaedia". He subscribed to it in the early sixties (it was published in 1962 in Great Britain.) It is full of the kind of illustration I'm talking about so I have a great resource to look through and enjoy.

The illustrations below are not copies of illustrations in the magazine (Except for the flame). However, I tired to copy the style. I would like to continue learning how create this style of illustration. Ultimately I think it would be cool to be able to re-imagine the present and future through the eyes of a 1960's illustrator.


Note: I was motivated to get my pencils out by +Julie Hutchinson and +Nina Kuriloff, thank you both for your endless encouragement and not giving up on me. I really enjoyed getting my brain back into it :) 
Andrew Keith Andrew Keith

tiger lao - By Shinji Nakabori
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By Shinji Nakabori
tiger lao tiger lao

tiger lao - By Yasuyo Maruyama
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By Yasuyo Maruyama
tiger lao tiger lao

Mue Law -
+18 - 3 comments

Mue Law Mue Law

"Two Birds, Two Geese", 7x10 inches on mixed media paper. Ink and oil pastel.
Tracey Rolandelli Tracey Rolandelli

This is one really offer camera ability. Maybe in a larger room it would work better. In the meantime, this is my sunroom / art room'
Dawn Ellen Miller Dawn Ellen Miller

I have re-edited this photograph from last year because I thought I could do better :-)
Richard Pennells Richard Pennells

What to do when you find "your" painting in history? In 1887 to be exact. As a painter I go about my days, well, painting paintings - at least as much as possible. But sometimes in the evenings I get to scout around and look at the work of other artists. This is how I found what could easily be one of my paintings that was painted by Jan Toorop. He doesn't seem to have done anything else like it but I still thought you might like to see it...
Terrill Welch Terrill Welch

Totally had a change of pace with this abstract as I started out with my two least favorite colors, brown and grey. What I discovered was that they helped mellow my other colors into a more mature palette and gave me the confidence to embrace their potential. Looking forward to seeing it framed in my show! 
Terrill Welch Terrill Welch

The new Facebook will look like Google Plus.
Dale Jackson Dale Jackson

By Carlos Farinha

tiger lao tiger lao

 Art class on Lincoln Avenue - Chicago, IL
Dan Susek Dan Susek

oh good night.. I am gone for a day and G+ changes everything around.. I thought I was in FB for a second.. not to sure what I think.. in a way I like it.. in another way I don't.. oh well.. such is life.. always changing.. my internet is still playing havoc with me..so I am here for 5 minutes then gone.. such fun..  the sun is out today... and its warm.. so at least something is going right.. for now anyway.. hope you all have gorgeous day.. and will be around when allowed. "smile"
Hope OHara Hope OHara

Took a nap. Had nightmares. I think I'm more tired now than I was before the nap.

:headdesk: lol
Abigail Markov Abigail Markov

tiger lao tiger lao

 I never went away...

Somewhere, USA
Dan Susek Dan Susek

this is from the +Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt from last March.  It was for the word Gross.  It didn't place since some of y'all are way grosser than me but that doesn't matter.  This was a win for me and my family because we had so much fun taking these shots.  

Right now I am running around taking my plan B shots in case my ideas for plan A don't materialize. For plan A I need time, good weather, and an understanding family :)

#huntsma   #huntsmack   #huntlove  
Dawn Ellen Miller Dawn Ellen Miller

Will be working on putting a new motherboard and memory into my computer, so I will be out of action for a short while. 
Dale Jackson Dale Jackson

Birds Nest Fascinator
This was an early fractal art not long after I started that I created back last year.  If you 've ever heard of a fascinator its a kind of hat type hair accessory .  Enjoy... 
#hairaccessory   #millinery   #fascinators   #fractaldesign   #fractal   #fractalart   #innovative   #uniquedesign  
#hqspart  curated by +Jay Gould +Susanne Ramharter +Syuzanna Avetisyan 
Richard Pennells Richard Pennells

My morning 3 Cam Jam
(why not use the contours while they're just laying around?)
BTW,  I know it's long,  but I get naked in the second half and loose track of time.

Today, I used a couple of Contour Cams with the Canon to try a little scene syncing and free-form jamming, no plan, just play.  The background music is a little track I created for continuous jamming, and I play the instruments on it as well.  Hope you like the cam changes,  and this is me,  stepping out of my zone.  
Stuart Williams Stuart Williams

From chaos comes life

morning light creeps in
just offshore
South of Puna, Hawai'i
Dominic Phillips Dominic Phillips

I HATE the little circle of our faces on the cover sheet!!!!!!!!!
Maggie Vlazny Maggie Vlazny

I could not disagree more.
Tom Gehrke Tom Gehrke

Stepping into the Sea Bennett Bay

Well, I wanted to step into the sea but I didn't because it is rather chilly any time of year but darn cold in the water right now. Capture in our sun a few days ago. Now just a fond memory through the sky's tears.

I shall mostly be off line for the next few days but will be on the look out for what your are doing every now and then. Take good care. Until later!
Terrill Welch Terrill Welch

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Austrian Photographers


Finnish active people and Pages circle


Google Developers GTUG


Super Science Circle


Photography Newbies


Food, Beer, and Wine Circle


Social SEO


Google+ Pages and interesting people


Android Pages


Banken und Finanzen


Think different: the interaction circle


Play Ball! Baseball


some great people


experts in social business


Writer's Circle


Science Circle


Google Services


Daily Fine Art


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