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Chris Robinson

With 5-star ratings and 500+ reviews, you can't go wrong with these fan-favorite recipes!

Try Tyler's crazy-good Chicken Enchiladas and more: http://bit.ly/1trxxAK. 
Food Network Food Network

Recipe of the Day: Anytime Ice Cream Sandwiches

To make perfect-every-time ice cream sandwiches, start with chewy, homemade chocolate cookies.

Get the recipe: http://bit.ly/1tqUQdK. 
Food Network Food Network

Good morning, food fans!

Here's a big decision for your Monday morning: bacon or sausage?
Food Network Food Network

Healthy breakfast time! Fruit and nut pancakes --> http://epi.us/1zWX8G5

What's your go-to for a healthy breakfast? 
Epicurious Epicurious

"Say hello to my little friend." - Alton Brown

See Jet Tila's reaction when he learns the sabotages from tonight's Cutthroat Kitchen: http://bit.ly/1toyI3M. 
Food Network Food Network

Sunday dinner = simple food tonight

I picked up the weekly chicken today, broke it down and used the breasts for dinner tonight - simple panfried breasts with sauteed veg, buckwheat noodles and a sauce of gochujang, cashew butter, garlic and sesame oil.

I like chicken breasts with the skin on.  Take the time to let the chicken breast sit out at room temperature for 20 minutes, salt, and cook on a medium burner, skin side down - this allows some of the fat to render out and will give you super-crispy skin
Janice Mansfield Janice Mansfield

Jackie M -
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Jackie M Jackie M

5 creative ways to tackle the giant watermelon you have sitting in your kitchen: http://epi.us/1zYJEJS
Epicurious Epicurious

Okay, okay. We'll drink a smoothie this AM. But only because this one actually tastes good: http://epi.us/1zWsw7E
Epicurious Epicurious

Jackie M - all the damned time
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all the damned time
Jackie M Jackie M

Never sleep outside while eating cereals! LOL
FriendsEAT FriendsEAT

Don't let Monday win! Strawberry-Pretzel Icebox Pie is helping us fight the post-weekend blues: http://ow.ly/zoNM6 
MyRecipes.com MyRecipes.com

Fans were shocked at last night's Food Network Star elimination. Find out why the judges made their decision straight from Alton Brown (Spoiler alert!): http://bit.ly/1zYM0sn. 
Food Network Food Network

Lobster rolls are perfection in their simplicity. The key is to do as little as possible to really allow that sweet, buttery meat to shine: http://ow.ly/zoWff
MyRecipes.com MyRecipes.com

Concentration in Chinatown, Singapore.

#singapore   #fujixt1  
Jackie M Jackie M

Restaurant Editor, Matt Duckor's advice from Paris? Always go for the bottle: http://epi.us/1zYi93a
Epicurious Epicurious

You won't believe how easy this buttermilk biscuit recipe is: http://ow.ly/zoQQU
MyRecipes.com MyRecipes.com

#afcfansub by The Domestic Goddess Wannabe: We're starting the week off with S'mores Brownies! Yes, you heard right. S'mores Brownies. We don't need campfires to enjoy these American delights - just some basic baking ingredients and an oven - and we can be whipping trays of these out from our kitchens.

Link: http://goo.gl/Bri6YK

#AFC #asianfoodchannel #smores #brownies
AFC Asian Food Channel AFC Asian Food Channel

McDonald's top secret Quarter Pounder recipe has been revealed!

You can now easily make one at home!

#recipe #nomnom
FriendsEAT FriendsEAT

It's National Ice Cream month, and the perfect time for Key limes. Why not combine the two? http://ow.ly/zoQ7H
MyRecipes.com MyRecipes.com

Not only flinched, but stopped dead in my tracks.
Jackie M Jackie M

Sourdough sammich rolls
Jake Croston Jake Croston

Jackie M - as stolen off Twitter
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as stolen off Twitter 
Jackie M Jackie M

Sweet Breakfast Fruit Pizza, perfect for a quick morning meal or an afternoon snack. This recipe is so easy to make your kids can do it themselves!

Recipe » http://www.aspicyperspective.com/2014/07/breakfast-fruit-pizza.html
#recipe   #breakfast   #fruit   #pizza  
Sommer Collier Sommer Collier

Reminder! ( http://goo.gl/gYAbnp )
Hollywood Circles Hangout Event
Tomorrow night...
Sunday July 20th 10pm....
Please join
+Christine DeGraff +Susan Finch +Ronnie Bincer +Larry Fournillier +Chef Dennis Littley +Mark Traphagen and +Terry Leigh Britton 
as they try to help and match wits with
+Heather Kraafter and +Scott Scowcroft 

In this premier Episode of Hollywood Circles
Event is http://goo.gl/gYAbnp
Chef Dennis Littley Chef Dennis Littley

Butter Stir-fried Prawns - my Hangout-on-Air from a few days ago; learn how to cook this popular Malaysian dish in minutes. 

#Malaysian   #food   #recipe   #streetfood   #streeteatsjourney   #Sabah   #tourism   #travel   #shangrila   #rasaria   #vmy2014   #HOA   #hangoutsonair  
#shareRamadan   #shareRamadhan  
Jackie M Jackie M

Today D/FW Enlghtened threw a 7 layer field over the metroplex totaling around 23 million MU. We ran into a couple problems with last minute blockers, but in the end we got the link lines clear and threw the field. The field was anchored in Lubbock, Palastine, and Bonham.

The field was planned by me and the layers were thrown by GTRtech, 2 bar codes, and myself (also a barcode.)

Blockers were cleared by:
a barcode,
another bar code,
yet another bar code,
another bar code still,
and nocarryr.

Special thanks to one of the bar codes who helped throw the layers, and a previously unmentioned bar code (we're up to 8) for driving all the way to Palastine with me (141 miles each way) to key farm, and to buckycat and GTRtech who drove out of their way to take out blocking links and throw the last link. Thanks also to all the agents who helped coordinate taking down blocking links.
Marlon B Marlon B

With fresh peaches in season what could be better than a Creamy Peach Pie?    Well how about a No Bake Cream Peach Pie?

With summer in full force and the Dog Days of Summer in the near future, turning on the oven to bake is not high on my list to do!

But I want to take advantage of all those delicious ripe juicy peaches and that means its time to make one of my ice box cream cheese pies!

There will be a few minutes of heat on the stove top but if you can bear it, I promise the results will be well worth it!     Join +Susan Serra and me for this weeks Around the Kitchen Table  on Monday July 21st at 3 PM ET  to learn how to make this delectible dessert!

No Bake Creamy Peach Pie
8 oz Mascarpone Cheese
8 oz Cream Cheese
¾ Cup Confectioners Sugar
½ cup Heavy Whipping Cream
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
Zest of one lemon finely grated
6 peaches, pitted, peeled and sliced
¼ cup Peach Preserves (or orange marmalade)
1 premade graham cracker pie shell

In the bowl of your stand mixer, blend the mascarpone, cream cheese andconfectioners’ sugar until smooth and creamy.
Add the lemon zest and vanilla extract and mix well.
In another bowl, whip the heavy cream until soft peaks appear and fold it into the mascarpone
Spread the mixture into the pie crust.
Top with the peach slices.
In a small saucepan or microwave heat the peach preserves and brush the peaches with the liquefied peach preserves, this adds a nice glaze to the dessert.
Refrigerate the pie at least 1 hour or overnight before serving.

#nobakedesserts   #peachrecipes   #askchefdennis   #aroundthekitchentable  
Chef Dennis Littley Chef Dennis Littley

Fresh off the grill - check out the event highlights from our 4th of July celebrations! Celebrity chef +Jackie M and Executive Chef Lucas Glanville kicked off the party with fine American beers, wines and bourbon, served alongside our take on glorious New Orleans food. #Grand   #Speakeasy   #gastrobar   #bourbon  
Jackie M Jackie M

Here's my Layla +James Gass
Marlon B Marlon B

Wonder what makes Scandinavians the most happiest people on earth?

Watch Scandimania tonight at 10pm to find out!

#asianfoodchannel   #afc   #scandimania   #newonafc  
AFC Asian Food Channel AFC Asian Food Channel

Packed with spices and flavours, this Peranakan Spiced Chicken recipe by Chef Anis Nabilah is absolutely divine and delicious! It is a great main dish that is easy and can be made in advanced for dinner parties, we promise your friends and family will be requesting for more rice to mop up every last drop of gravy! 
#Tefal Actifry! 

For the recipe, head over to> http://goo.gl/9e3PCv 

*Only available in Malaysia
AFC Asian Food Channel AFC Asian Food Channel

If you’re looking for a simple but elegant dessert this summer, give this Blueberry Galette with Cornmeal Thyme Crust a try! 

get the recipe > http://www.insockmonkeyslippers.com/blueberry-galette-with-cornmeal-thyme-crust
Milisa Armstrong Milisa Armstrong

A Growing Vault of Downloadable Goodies!

Last week my Insiders got access to an exclusive page that contains a growing number of downloadable resources for you to use in your online efforts. 

These "goodies" are only offered to those subscribed to my newsletter (since most of them need a bit of instruction/direction to use). So if you'd like to get your hands on these goodies, be sure to subscribe asap! 

Get on the insiders list --> dustn.tv/newsletter

You'll receive a welcome email from me within 24hrs that will contain all you need to know to get access to that page and the downloads. 


#dustntv   #goodies  
Janice Mansfield Janice Mansfield

Fine Dining in Belize: Casa Picasso Offers Caye Coffee Experience Wine Pairing / Tasting Menu

Since moving to Belize, our +Erin De Santiago has not had as many opportunities as she used to for attending fine-dining, wine-pairing, tasting menus.  When the opportunity came up to attend one at Casa Picasso in San Pedro, Belize, she jumped at the chance.  Especially considering that every dish on the menu was inspired by and contained Caye Coffee Roasting Co. coffee products.


#belize   #food   #coffee   #wine   #ourtastytravels   #cayetobelize  
Brett Domue Brett Domue

The Importance of a Good Wine List

What makes a good wine list?  +Laura Vickers shares one of her favorite wine lists, as well as seven things to look for on a good wine list.  On VinspireUK.
Brett Domue Brett Domue

Jun Wu, winner of Season 1 of the Amazing Food Challenge: Fun in the Philippines shares his experience being on the show! 

Send in your video at this link > http://goo.gl/gLBMxh to join now! 

#amazingfoodchallengeS2 #season2 #itisback #asianfoodchannel #afc #new
AFC Asian Food Channel AFC Asian Food Channel

Industrial hemp in Oregon: Portland man asks state's approval to grow hemp in Dufur | OregonLive.com http://ow.ly/zntxW
Hippie Butter Hippie Butter

Press trip to Dalmatian Wineries organized by DWE 2014 Wine Festival by Dejana Jelic #wine #Dalmatia #Croatia 
Dusan Jelic Dusan Jelic

Zucchini panini -- it may be our favorite name for a sandwich ever! http://bit.ly/1jS7C4G

(This was spotted by Crystal Alfonsi at Cannon Coffee in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.) 
Foodspotting Foodspotting

Proud to be on this shortlist in fine company too.
Dusan Jelic Dusan Jelic

Fan of protein bites? Mix up your recipes with different flavors! Try Barr & Table's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Berry Protein Bites! #tasteamazing
Peanut Butter & Co. Peanut Butter & Co.

Inside look at how St. Francis Vineyard uses data and technology to improve vine health and make its wines more sustainable.
Danielle Gould Danielle Gould

Wine Pairings for Canned Fish

Canned fish is not always something to scoff at. Much of the gourmet canned seafood can be  paired well with fine beverages, especially local and regional pairings.  +Condé Nast Traveller provides some tips for pairing canned fish and wine.
Brett Domue Brett Domue

27 Must Try Foods From Around the World

Get your daily #foodporn  fix from +GRRRL TRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa as travel bloggers share some of their favorite eats from around the world.
Brett Domue Brett Domue

Bei Vine ist es nicht so einfach einen guten Hintergrundsound bei StopMotions aufzunehmen.
Wie ihr das hinbekommt zeigt Pinot in seinen Vine. 
Nicole Hundertmark Nicole Hundertmark

Peanut Butter & Co.
Peanut Butter has got to be one of my all time favorite foods!! That's right, I love it so much that I don't even consider it a condiment, it is a food!! I came across Peanut Butter & Co. a while ago when I first tried their White Chocolate Wonderful peanut...
Peanut Butter & Co. Peanut Butter & Co.

+The Orange Chef Company weighs in ( get it? ) on 'Using Tech to Streamline Home Cooking' today in our future of dining series: bit.ly/1oEnN1u
Danielle Gould Danielle Gould

How to cook Beef, Tomato and Pepper Stir Fry, a fast weeknight meal
elizabeth ann quirino elizabeth ann quirino

How To Eat Peking Duck

Without a doubt, one of the meals I miss the most from my time living in Taiwan is Peking Duck.  Yes, I understand, Taipei is not Beijing, but we still had some pretty darned good Peking Duck restaurants in town (I regret not getting to try Song's Kitchen yet...but Taoranting does an excellent job!)

Want all the details on how Peking Duck is prepared, or how to eat it?  Take a read of this +Serious Eats article for everything you need to know about ordering and eating Peking Duck.
Brett Domue Brett Domue

Flank steaks are lean with a strong beefy flavor, they absorb marinades particularly well, and they’re excellent canvases for spicy rubs and sauces. Here’s 21 ideas for one of our favorite cuts of beef. - http://bit.ly/1sfvzpd
Fine Cooking Fine Cooking

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