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Dante Duphorne

As We Stand In Awe

I am fascinated with big cats and I find whenever I go to photograph them there are many who feel the same way, we stand in awe of these magnificent creatures and if we are honest, so we should. They have a bearing of regalness that in all our pomp and ceremony we can never get even close to.  
Mike Shaw Mike Shaw

Gypsy Falls -- Nevada City, CA
Thomas Hawk Thomas Hawk

New York Remote Control -- New York, NY
Thomas Hawk Thomas Hawk

Mike Shaw - Its All In The Eyes
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Its All In The Eyes
Mike Shaw Mike Shaw

"Sunrise Over Mono Lake"
Mono Lake, California

While Yosemite National Park and the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains get most of the attention in California, the Eastern side of the Sierra's is certainly pretty amazing as well. One of the more popular locations (located just east of HW 120 and Yosemite is Mono Lake, which is known for its impressive tufa salt formations that have formed over millions of years from the heavily salted lake. Because of the direction that many of the tufas face, it is a great sunrise location for landscape photographers.

This photo was taken with a +Sony a7r. I recently wrapped up my full in-depth review of this lightweight, full frame mirror-less camera. If you want to know my thoughts on the camera, give my review (linked below) a read over!

http://bit.ly/Sony_a7rReview #a7r  
Colby Brown Colby Brown

Patriotic -- Piedmont, CA
Thomas Hawk Thomas Hawk

+Armand Dijcks and I are very excited to announce a special project that we have been working on that involves sharing photography techniques and insights as well as a place that is special to us both – the Western Cape of South Africa.  It will be a virtual way for you to stand with me as I photograph some of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, hear me explain how I plan photography trips, choose my subjects and interpret locations and then join me in my studio as I edit my favorite images from the trip.

To find out more, and to sign up to be notified when the series becomes available for purchase, please visit www.africawithathena.com

photo credit:  +Brit Hammer 

#africawithathena   #southafrica   #westerncape   #workshop   #tutorial  
Athena Carey Athena Carey

Thanks again to everyone who made it out to #StuckInDenver ! And thanks to +Trey Ratcliff for normalizing our social database and turning our community into a many-to-many relation model. 


Feel free to post your inter web trails on the site so we all can find you for the next Colorado style photo jamboree! Heck, maybe we can even get Trey to join us again? 

(cc +The Photo Frontier )
Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff

If CO2 were visible
Not sure how accurate this is, but its a great visualization of our impact to the environment via #globalwarming  
Jim Goldstein Jim Goldstein

Don't Be a Snitch -- San Francisco, CA
Thomas Hawk Thomas Hawk

Drifting Away

We had a great sunset a couple of weeks ago and found some new places to shoot the storms that roll through the area.  I just wish those storms would pick back up!

Tamara Pruessner Tamara Pruessner

Do you maintain lists??
I have so many ideas and thoughts that pop into my head at the most inopportune times, and I just need way where I can jot them down in list form, somewhere, quickly. You can work with Workflowy in your browser, or with a mobile app. You can make lists, expand them, shrink them, add notes, check them off, delete them, copy them... whatever needs to be written down, I can write down there. I have many different lists, travel lists, book lists, to-do lists... you name it.
I seriously don't know who I managed before without Workflowy. I know I talked about it here before, but I surprised myself today realizing that I still love the app and use it almost every single day. I think I tried everything else before finally finding one list program that works for my needs. It adapts to my way of organizing, not the other way around. Btw, it's free. You can upgrade to pro, but so far, I didn't have to. Check it out:  https://workflowy.com/invite/22814c7e.lnx 
Karin Nelson Karin Nelson

Announcing My New Book, “The Digital Photography Book, Part 5: Photo Recipes”

It's headed to bookstores in just a few weeks, and the video below tells you what makes Part 5 different. You can preorder the book right now from Amazon (http://kel.by/WASzSU) or Barnes & Noble (http://kel.by/WASLRY) or direct from us (http://kel.by/1qPaVsd) and be the first to receive the book when it ships in a couple of weeks. It’s only around $17 street price (yay!). 
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

Makes perfect sense, if you think about it . . . .
Rick Sammon Rick Sammon

Had a blast spending the day with singer/youtuber +Peter Hollens  . Obviously got a bunch of cool shots during the course of the day. We'll be doing an actual photoshoot later this week as well. 

#blogged   #hollensfamily   #peterhollens  
Scott Jarvie Scott Jarvie

Editor's Choice for July 22.
Jarek Klimek Jarek Klimek

Path to Success
...does not always follow a straight line.

When you are first starting out in photography don't be afraid to follow all kinds of opportunity...but always keep the final goal is mind. Sometimes you need to explore opportunity that may not seem ideal at the time....so if you pursue those opportunities always keep the end goal in mind.

Enjoy & Share.
#photography   #photographybusiness  
Jay Patel Jay Patel

Mirrorless Tour de France, The Leaders Stage 16!

Here's Vincenzo Nibali, wearer of the Yellow Jersey, chasing down Alejandro Valverde and one of his teammates from Movistar with 5km to go on Stage 16 of The Tour de France in the Pyrenees earlier today. At the end of this stage, Nibali and Valverde held onto the overall first and second positions in this year's race, although today's actual stage was won by Michael Rogers.

I took this shot with the Sony FE 70-200mm f4G OSS lens mounted on an Alpha A6000 body, at 200mm f4.5 for a 300mm equivalent field of view; I've cropped the frame by around one quarter, but with 24 Megapixels there was plenty to play with. 

I really wanted to push this combination as so far it had delivered the most decisive continuous autofocusing experience of any mirrorless system I'd tested to date. But that had only been shooting bike riders casually peddling past Brighton Pier. Today I wanted to capture the World's top riders racing downhill straight towards me at speeds over 50kph.

As I expected, the combination wasn't perfect, but under the conditions of the day I managed a hit rate of around 40-50% depending on the particular sequence. But remember this was with the A6000 shooting continuously at around 10fps, so I was getting plenty of frames that were in sharp focus for every burst. This represents a massive improvement over the handful I managed to grab last year with my Olympus setup which struggles in this environment.

As for the actual AF area, I started-off with center only, but found it was very hard to keep the small square over the desired rider due mostly to my own inexperience with sports photography. Later I switched to Wide area, allowing the camera to work it out by itself, and you know what, it did a very respectable job. Not necessarily locking onto the rider you had in mind if there were more than one, but more offen than not locking onto one of them for a sharp result wherever they were on the frame. I also tried zone AF, but it generally focused on the closest subject which wasn't always what I wanted.

I hope to shoot five stages with this combination under various conditions, so I'll report back with more detail, but I just wanted to give you a brief update on my findings so far!


PS - my Sony A6000 review is at 

Gordon Laing Gordon Laing

Impressively Clear Explanation of How Gravity Makes Things Fall
You thought you knew how gravity works, but I bet you still learn something new from this demonstration. 
Jim Goldstein Jim Goldstein

!!RELEASED  - a complete guide to studio product photography!!
Big day today for me. We have released my 3 brand new courses on Photigy. Courses I was working on for last few month. A full guide for beginners in studio product photography:
Starting In Studio Photography: Part 1, Understanding studio lighting: http://goo.gl/9rm88O
Starting In Studio Photography: Part 2, Practical Examples: http://goo.gl/SQnUgO
Starting In Studio Photography: Part 3, Post-Production: http://goo.gl/bmaEH7
For a first week of the release we run a promotional 25% off , and if you'll buy all 3, you'll get an additional 15% discount.
Alex Koloskov Alex Koloskov

Thanks everybody! Just saw that the just-announced today "Part 5" of my "Digital Photography Book" series is at the #510 sales rank of ALL books on Amazon.com --- sweet!!! Thank you all so much! (and here's the link if you want to pre-order your copy --- http://kel.by/WASzSU (it's around $17. Cheap!). Plus, the Kindle version is available right now - today for just $9.99. Woot! 
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

If you're a sports or wildlife photographer shooting a Canon 1Dx, I did a short video for Canon going through all the new auto focus features in the free Firmware 2.0 update (and I've embedded it right now). Hope you 1Dx shooters find it helpful. 
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

It has been hot and sunny for a few days, and it seems it might last.  Wonderful in many ways, but a blue sky is not what I like when in the mood to take pictures.  It gives me about an hour to shoot, just before sunset - and that's it (unless I wake up really, really early - which I'm not up for at the moment).

I took this at the Leeds / Liverpool Canal in Shipley, earlier this evening.

(I need to re-visit tags, themes and such.... so leaving it blank this time ;-)
Baldur McQueen Baldur McQueen

I launched a new website yesterday. It's a completely different direction for me. Here's why I did it: http://jcopho.to/newsite
Jeremy Cowart Jeremy Cowart

Doppler Radar Captures Massive Mayfly Emergence

(This story comes from June 2012, but I was just today tipped to this by Ken Wolgemuth at BugGuide.net and thought it was so cool that I had to share.)

Mayflies are aquatic insects that spend the majority of their lives in lakes and streams, until they emerge from the water as adults in massive coordinated emergences. As adults, mayflies typically are very short-lived: between a few hours to a few days, depending on the species, during which time their primary focus is to find a mate before they die.

Now, when I say 'massive emergence', I don't think it quite illustrates the true magnitude of the situation as well as this Doppler Radar image does. The image, from June 23, 2012, follows the mayflies between 9 and 10:30 PM as they  emerge from the Mississippi River and disperse northward.

Follow the link below for the full story, and to see pictures from the day after - sidewalks and cars completely covered with the insects.

Chris Mallory Chris Mallory

You know, there's going to be one guy who says, “I dare you to drink it” when they open this.  Hahahaha!
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

Tomorrow on "The Grid" join RC and Me for our topic: "Why you're not using the HD video in your DSLR" 

If you're a photographer and you thought you'd be using the video features in your camera a whole lot more than you are, you don't want to miss this episode. It's tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4pm ET at http://kelbyone/thegrid -- hope to see you then.
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

Doesn't get much better than this. Wiffle Ball in the back yard on a summer day with your Grand Nephew!
Rick Sammon Rick Sammon

Εντζόϊ παταπούφες!!!....

helen sotiriadis helen sotiriadis

Fund Raising - selling my prints

Hi everyone, this is something I would not normally do, but I have thought long and hard about it and have decided to share this. 2 weekends ago the most painful thing happened to me while I was out on a photowalk with some visiting photographer friends. While taking a long exposure shot by the coast, a sudden gust of wind blew my tripod, Canon 5D Mark III and 17-40mm lens into the water.  The camera fell and hit the rocks so hard that the lens broke off from the camera body. Everything happened so fast. I had made sure my tripod was steady after the setup unfortunately as I turned to get my filter, in a split second the wind knocked my tripod over, fell a good 6 ft, hitting the rocks. The next thing I knew, my camera was already in the water, I was in a state of shock, stood there helpless as I watched the waves went over the exposed camera body. I climbed down the slippery rocks as fast as I could, picked up the tripod, pick up my lens and my camera and as I poured the salt water out from the broken body, It was painful as I felt like I lost a part of me. It was painful when I rinsed the body with distilled water to clean out the salt water and bits of seaweed when I got home. It was only camera I owned. I sent the camera and lens immediately to Canon the next day, with the hopes I could have them repaired at an affordable price. Unfortunately, I received news they could not be saved due to salt water damage.  The timing could not have happened at a worse time, as I am planning to pursue Architecture photography full time once my day job ends in September.  Due to some financial setbacks, its tough for me to get a new full frame camera and replacement lens for now. So I am hoping to raise some funds in exchange of my prints. I do not expect to raise the amount I am looking for, but any funds from my purchased prints would help in every way. 

Please do take a look at my funding page for more details and pricing on the prints. Thank you all again for your support in my work!! Really appreciate it!!!


The biggest mistake is not having an insurance to cover my gears!! :((
Sam Breach Sam Breach

On a tour boat this afternoon off the coast of Prince Rupert, shooting a commercial job for a client, we were fortunate to witness a humpback frolic for a little while. Not a full breach, but spectacular nonetheless.
Curtis Cunningham Curtis Cunningham

Every time I see this image of this Richardson's Ground Squirrel I have to laugh because of how full its mouth is.
Mia McPherson Mia McPherson

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