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Dante Duphorne

Here's another photo from our road trip here in southern New Zealand.  There's been so much rain here lately that everything has gotten a little bit strange...  (and wonderful!)
Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff

The Alien Tundra

While on our road trip down to Milford Sound I found a new alien landscape!  Can you believe this place is real?  I was with +Curtis Simmons  and +Cliff Baise  who can vouch for it — this was a thick yellow moss.  I was about three inches thick and it felt, for lack of a better description, like you are walking around inside one of those really high-quality convention booths.

We spent about an hour out here frolicking in the moss and getting a bunch of wacky photos!
Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff

Coachella -- Indio, CA
Thomas Hawk Thomas Hawk

It's That Look!

They all have it, whether it be a big cat or a domesticated cat. This is Derf one of three rescue cats we have, he gets his name from his markings, he is the opposite of another rescue cat we had that died at over 20 years of age called Fred the chicken thief. As Fred was black with white markings we called him Derf, white with black markings. On this occasion I think if he could speak he would be telling me exactly what to do with the camera!
Mike Shaw Mike Shaw

This is one of the "early" shots from Antelope Canyon of Arizona. Glad I had a fisheye lens with me, it worked great fro such tight spaces and curved shapes.
I'll tell more about my experience on a blog post once settled in California. We also will have more time to process these HDRs ... 
Alex Koloskov Alex Koloskov

Thomas Hawk - Nine -- Chicago, IL
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Nine -- Chicago, IL
Thomas Hawk Thomas Hawk

Cambria -- Cambria, CA
Thomas Hawk Thomas Hawk

When The Dancing Stops

Generally thought of a joke in Liverpool, drunk most days dancing to the local buskers to the merriment of onlookers. Reminds me of medieval times when they poked fun at the village idiot.

But we do not live in those times, we are supposed to be civilised. I don't find him a joke, I just feel for him, when he stops dancing and sits down, this is what I see that no one else does, a sadness that seems to run deep.

I have many images of him, I don't know why but I do and more I have never been able to talk to him. Having experienced the destructiveness of alcohol addiction from my parents I wonder how long before he goes the same way, maybe thats why I photograph him and have images in this gallery, maybe its also why I cant bring myself to talk with him.
Mike Shaw Mike Shaw

Bali Indonesia
Summer holiday 
Jay Patel Jay Patel

As I adjusted my tripod on the riverbed, the first shards of pink sunlight gently kissed the summit of the Buchaille and caressed the clouds floating over the Anoch Eagach. A light snowfall had gracefully dusted the hills as I had crossed Rannoch Moor to get there. My breath hung, crisp in the air, as memories flooded through my mind:

Of when my favourite Uncle had first taken me to that spot. Of other friends and photographers I had introduced to that same spot too. Of how I wished my long dead father could be sharing the moment with me. Of how I had sat on that same rock under a cold, clear October full moon, sharing a passionate kiss with a girl I once loved.

And the thought came to me; Politics didn't matter, money didn't matter, time didn't matter... and as the cold, clear water of the River Coupall washed around my ankles I thought;  

Wouldn't it be great if it was like this all the time...


#showyourbestwork   #hqsplandscapephotography   #btplandscapepro   #ukphotographycommunity   #scotland     #myveryownconeyisland  #celebratelife
John G Moore John G Moore

Mr. Liquor Store Man -- Los Angeles, CA
Thomas Hawk Thomas Hawk

This Cheetah (Acinoyx Jubatus) was waiting between the bleached grass for the other two cheetahs to follow. The Springboks were not to far away. The hunt after the food just started 20min later.

More African predators can be found here, no hunt added yet, comes in a bit:

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Anette Mossbacher Anette Mossbacher

I propose that Australia's new national animal be the adorable eastern mouse spider, Missulena bradleyi.

(Thanks to David Wilson at JCU for wrangling the spider).
Alex Wild Alex Wild

...a gallery of 6 fine art nudes today that empowered women and championed feminism; ...but my Mum wouldn't let me. ;-)
As consolation here's a gorgeous cosmopolitan cover shot of the gorgeous +Lisa Wood ;-) xxx <3 As my old drinking buddy and pal Sean Connery would say; Very Shhexy ;-) ...and he should know - he's been in a movie with Catherine Zeta Jones.

#womenwednesday   #coverstar   #fashion   #beauty   #showyourbestwork  +Portrait gallery  #portraitphotography   #hqspportraits  
John G Moore John G Moore

In honor of Hump Day: “Do not free a camel of the burden of his hump; you may be freeing him from being a camel.” ― G.K. Chesterton

#India #camels #quotes #sunsets  
Rick Sammon Rick Sammon

Every Sunset Has Its Thorns

I've thought about waxing poetic about the sunsets/sunrises here (truly, they aren't to be missed, especially when you add a storm into the mix... just wow!).  I've thought about saying nothing at all.  In fact, I would have put this up for a certain wordless theme...but I always get into trouble with the curator so...  I won't.  This time.  ;)

I think today, I will just go for a middle ground and say even though sunsets and endings can be bittersweet, there is always a new day and opportunity coming.  You just have to open yourself up to the possibilities and see what happens.  But damn, sometimes those endings with thorns can really dig in and hurt.

Tamara Pruessner Tamara Pruessner

A Few Tips For Photographing The Mesquite Sand Dunes

This of course applies to any other sand dunes as well, but the Mesquite dunes are quite popular and accessible. Traversing sand dunes is complicated. In order to get to a good location, you have to walk to it, which leaves footprints behind you wherever you go. To get to the top of one dune to photograph another means more or less ruining the dune (at least for photo purposes) you're standing on. Here's a few quick tips that I've implemented to leave as small of a (literal) footprint as possible when photographing these natural wonders. 

1) When walking out into the dunes, try and and stay between them as much as possible. In other words, if you have a dune to your right and another to your left, walk along the lowest point in-between them. This keeps the dunes pristine and photo worthy for you or anyone else that comes behind you. 

2) Only cross over dune ridges when absolutely necessary. I see so many photographers out at these dunes just walking along the ridges wherever they go, leaving a path of destruction behind them. 

3) Look for dunes that have already been trampled and climb them for vantage points when possible. 

4) If you must walk along the ridge of a dune, walk on the smooth side instead of on the ridge itself. This will still keep the dune pristine on at least one side. 

5) The only reason to summit a dune is to get a vantage point, so out of respect to other photographers, do this sparingly. In the photo below, I eventually made my way up this ridge with our workshop group. However, once we got to this point we stopped because this was our composition. No need to keep climbing and ruin this dunes beauty. 

Let me know if you have any additional tips, thoughts or comments! 

#photography   #mesquiteflatdunes   #deathvalleynationalpark   #nationalpark   #travel   #landscapephotography   #sanddunes  
James Brandon James Brandon

It was a wild weather day in the Phoenix area. Amazing amounts of rain and so much flooding.  Early in the evening I noticed another round of clouds moving in, so I went out to photograph. I was only out for a couple of minutes when I turned around and saw this funnel cloud. It was amazing to see in person. I was able to get a few shots before the wall of rain reached me. 

#AZMonsoon   #FunnelCloud  
Christina Lawrie Christina Lawrie

In honor of World Photography Day (yesterday), I updated my World Portrait Gallery: http://ricksammon.com/faces/
Rick Sammon Rick Sammon

So.... did you call someone today to cheer them up? Just takes a few minutes.
Rick Sammon Rick Sammon

Hello Las Vegas! Nice view from our hotel room;) 
Alex Koloskov Alex Koloskov

Mirrorless sports photography has come of age!

Here's Spaniard Haimar Zubeldia from Trek Factory racing towards me in Stage 20 of the 2014 Tour de France. I shot it with the Sony A6000 mirrorless camera and FE 70-200mm f4G OSS at 200mm f4. Yes, a mirrorless camera, not a DSLR, shooting pro sports. Plus you're looking at an uncropped frame, straight out the camera. 

Mirrorless cameras have a lot going for them, but sports photography is an area where they've traditionally struggled. They could shoot quick bursts but their continuous AF was rarely convincing, leaving DSLRs as the best bet for people who wanted to shoot moving subjects. 

But when I tested Sony's A6000 I found it delivered the best continuous AF I'd seen from a mirrorless camera so far - the only question was whether it was up to a pro sports event. To find out I followed the 2014 Tour de France over five days across mountain passes, through rural villages and culminating with the time trial with the A6000 and Sony's new FE 70-200mm f4G OSS lens. The results may surprise you, they certainly surprised me: not only was mirrorless up to the job, it out-performed DSLRs costing twice the price. Find out why in my mirrorless sports photography article!


Gordon Laing Gordon Laing

A battle scarred walrus "chilling" on the ice with our vessel the HMS Stockholm in the background. Spitsbergen.

Nikon D800e. Nikkor 70-200 2.8 lens.
ISO 400. f5.6 at at 1/1600 second.
Lexar Pro 1066x CF. Lowepro Protrekker 400.
Edited on HP DreamColor

Feel free to use the share button 
Copyright Chris McLennan

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Chris McLennan Chris McLennan

Picture-Perfect Day
Heather Lake, North Cascades, Washington

Here's a shot from a hike up to Heather Lake yesterday afternoon with my kids, +Jake Johnson, and his kids. Was one of those great hikes--relatively few other people, perfect weather, no bugs, and hardly any complaining.

#landscapephotography  (+Landscape Photography)
Michael Riffle Michael Riffle

For reasons I can't quite explain, I am doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge LIVE on "The Grid," which kicks off in 90-minutes from now (I thought if you made the donation you don't have to do the ice part. Brrrrr!!). Our in-studio guest is Sports Photography legend Peter Read Miller, and we'll be talking about Worldwide Photo Walk, and me drying off, and stuff like that. Hope you can join us: kel.by/gridlive
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby


This afternoon, +Scott Kelby took the #IceBucketChallenge alongside +Matt Kloskowski! If you want to join in with The ALS Association to help #StrikeOutALS, please visit their page at http://www.alsa.org/ to find out how you can help!  
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

Editor's Choice for August 20.
Jarek Klimek Jarek Klimek

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge does a great job at wasting water during one of the worst droughts in California history, but on the other hand, it also does a pretty good job at not raising any awareness for anything at all, at least for the general public (whatever ALS stands for and what the charity money goes towards, i still have no idea, but man oh man look at all these people dumping ice on themselves all over my twitter feed).
Chris Mallory Chris Mallory

Participatory Photography for Social Change: Documenting the underrepresented voices of children living in Kibera - Africa's largest slum.

Rick Sammon Rick Sammon

A Mirrorless Camera for Sports?

My mirrorless camera and lens guru +Gordon Laing just posted a great review of using the Sony a6000 to shoot the Tour de France. He confirms my own experience, but with many more examples to back up his findings.
Doug Kaye Doug Kaye

Hi gang: Sorry I've been kind of out-of-touch --- been shooting on location for two solid days. Here's what's up:

> Today on "The Grid" we have sports photography legend Peter Read Miller as our in-studio guest for the first half of the show (he's got a flight to catch). 4pm NYC time (5-1/2 hrs from now). Come join in: http://kelbyone.com/thegrid

> The Worldwide Photo Walk is going great -- getting close to 600 walks around the world (maybe by the end of today). Sign up to attend your local walk right here: http://kelbyone.com/photowalk

> A big shout-out and thanks to the team at fstoppers who did a post sharing our clip from "The Grid" on editing video in Photoshop. :) http://bit.ly/1mjMyQk 

> My "Shoot Like a Pro" tour is in St. Louis next Tuesday the 26th and Kansas City on Thursday the 28th. Hope you can make it. kel.by/SM_SLAPtour  

> I heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while out on location, and I did the donation part this morning, yet I still fear a bucket of icy wet is headed my way and some point today. Now….I have to figure out who to challenge……Hmmmmmm. ;-)

> Hey, just noticed these new Photo Walk cities were announced overnight: Dublin, Ireland; Rickmansworth, UK; Binãn, Calabarzon Philippines; Tel Aviv, Israel; Wijchen, Nederland and Lowell, MA, USA. Sweet! 

There's probably more stuff but I've got an article due this morning that I'm already late on, so I gotta run. Cheers. :)
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

In a whimsical mood yesterday, I set up a Zazzle shop for a unique series of tongue-in-cheek arthropod cards. It was surprisingly easy. Go visit:

Alex Wild Alex Wild

We are going LIVE in 2 minutes on The Grid, with  Peter Read Miller, plus I'm going the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge kel.by/gridlive
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

North Peak Dawn - 20 Lakes Basin

After an extremely windy evening and night we found we were the only campers left...

I saw it coming in the afternoon and moved camp to a sheltered hole in the rocks I knew about from prior trips.

This is made from a number of horizontal frames that were stitched together to yield a 40 mp master.
Ralph Cooksey-Talbott Ralph Cooksey-Talbott

Two years ago today I was in Glacier County, Montana photographing sparrows, partridge, Swainson's Hawks and White-tailed Deer.
Mia McPherson Mia McPherson

. oh i hate you, now
Chris Mallory Chris Mallory


shot this afternoon at the Mercato Hidalgo in Tijuana
Curtis Cunningham Curtis Cunningham

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