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Dante Duphorne

You Have To Believe Anything Is Possible

Talking on another site about the way as photographers we struggle to be different. So many photographers have produced so much work over the decades it's getting harder and harder to become "original"

But why is that so important?

We learn through imitation, our parents speak to us and we speak back. Our education system is based on imitation of those who have been trained to make us imitate them so we fit into society.

What you produce may not always be original, that's not the issue so don't get all bent up about that. Concentrate on making it recognisable, get that right and you have turned down the right fork in the road. 
Mike Shaw Mike Shaw


In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path to a clearer light, and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness.  ~Mahatma Gandhi

Love posting to themes? You might enjoy these great themes with excellent curators! Themes and hashtags are not necessarily about getting more attention, but are a valuable indexing method, which help others find relevant posts via clickable links as well as a great way to meet like-minded people. I tend to only promote those themes with active, caring curators.

#birds4all with thanks to +Walter Soestbergen +Ricky L Jones & +Birds4All
#birdloversworldwide with thanks to +Robert SKREINER  +BIRD LOVERS Worldwide
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#BreakfastClub with huge thanks to +Gemma Costa and +Breakfast Club
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Please feel free to ask me,
if you would like any of my images 
available for print at robingriggswood.com

If you would like to view any of my albums here at G+,
you may access them directly via this backdoor link
 ––> https://plus.google.com/photos/+RobinGriggsWood/albums <–– 
instead of using the tab on my profile.
Robin Griggs Wood Robin Griggs Wood

I am loving the sunsets here in Yosemite so far. This was taken just above tunnel view last night as I lead a group of #lumiaexplorers around the park for +Nokia

#yosemite150 #lumia1020
Colby Brown Colby Brown

A tranquil mountain stream meanders it's way through the pristine native forest in the Kahurangi National Park near Oparara on the West Coast of the South Island. This was shot late evening in very low light, the slow shutter speed and soft illumination providing a very dreamy photo opportunity.

This was one of the many unique locations visited on the recent South Island Photo Tour in conjunction with Wildlight Safaris - if you are interested in joining next year check out the details here: http://cmphoto.co.nz/nz-sth-island-exploration/ or email info@cmphoto.co.nz 

Prints available via SmugMug - http://smu.gs/1fn0Gov

Nikon D800e. Nikkor 24-70 2.8 lens. 
ISO 160. f10 for 30 seconds.
Lexar Pro 1000x CF. Lowepro Protrekker 400.
Edited on the new HP Z book with Dreamcolor technology.

Feel free to use the share button 

No other usage without prior written consent.
Copyright Chris McLennan - www.cmphoto.co.nz

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Chris McLennan Chris McLennan

Off to a good start...

I arrived in Portland a few hours ago, and one of my first stops was our favorite dog park, just East of Portland. +Kodak Matiash had a great time running free and splashing in puddles, something he hasn't been able to do in quite some time. :)
Nicole S. Young Nicole S. Young

I am telling you again, there is no one named Dori here!

This was taken with my #nexus4  at Monterrey Bay Aquarium. I gave my Fuji XE-2 to +Varina Patel and had a blast using my #smartphone  camera to take the shots. 

Enjoy & Share.
#landscapephotography   #photographytips   #android
Jay Patel Jay Patel

Paris with the Sony A6000 - full review ready!

If you're a photographer looking for a big view of Paris, you can't beat Montparnasse Tower. Not only does it give you 360 degree views of the city from an unusually high position for the centre of Paris (the only other big tower being Eiffel's), it also considerately leaves a number of strips in the glass windows open for you to poke your lens through. Amazing. Why can't all city towers be like this? (PS - thanks to +Elia Locardi for reminding me of this location just recently).

As it happened, my slightly compact travel tripod didn't quite reach the strip with the legs positioned wide for stability, but by angling them in, my camera just about made it to the edge, like an infant on its tip toes. The camera in question for this photo was the Sony Alpha A6000 which I tested for two weeks in Brighton before taking it on the road through Europe for a further two weeks. Yep, one month of solid testing and another epic review for you - arguably the most detailed to date, taking an extra-specially close look at the wonderful continuous AF performance for stills and movies. Let me tell you, the A6000 is a game-changer in this respect, beating similarly-priced mirrorless and DSLR cameras alike.

Anyway, it's all in the review, including this and many more images at their full resolution for you to download and examine. Let me know what you think!

#SonyCamera  +Sony 

Gordon Laing Gordon Laing

Stop It Please

We all use avatars, some are ourselves, some are not, no issue there as it's down to you how public/private you wish to be online. I respect that.

BUT if you are a MAN using an avatar that is a WOMAN is downright creepy!

When people add me to their circles when I get a chance I do try and check as many out as possible to see if we have a common connection, if you do this believe me we have nothing in common!

Mike Shaw Mike Shaw

My thanks to you all! At Photoshop World, my awesome book publisher (Peachpit Press) surprised me at the start of my Lightroom Photo Books class to present me with the award you see below for being the #1 bestselling photography book author for 2013. 

I'm indebted to my incredible team here at KelbyOne (Kim, Cindy, Jessica, Felix and his wonderful crew), and to Nancy, Scott and Ted and all the great crew at Peachpit who publish my books. Most importantly, my humble thanks to all of you who buy my books and give me the opportunity to be able to do any of this in the first place. I couldn't do it any of this without any of you, so just 'thanks." It means more than you know.  :-)
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

The new Twitter Profiles are available and they look awesome!

Update you own profile by visiting: http://tcrn.ch/1lFDOo2

If anyone would like to connect, you can find me here: https://twitter.com/EliaLocardi

Thanks +RC Concepcion for the tip!

#twitter   #awesomeness  
Elia Locardi Elia Locardi

Headed out to west Texas today to chase some storms near the Texas panhandle. This shot was taken on June 7th of last year near Estelline, Texas. Hoping to see some big ones today!  Stay tuned for photos! #hopefully #youneverknow #fingerscrossed
James Brandon James Brandon

Drink and Click™ Photowalks Coming Up!

• Tokyo, Japan with +holger feroudj: http://goo.gl/gHcNYk
• Austin, TX with +Juan Gonzalez: http://goo.gl/IW1C6T
• Portland, OR with +Wick Sakit: http://goo.gl/qSw6CD
• Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX with +Christi Nielsen: http://goo.gl/jwUeG5
• Honolulu, HI with +Meagan Corlin Brogan: http://goo.gl/Z3jNsf

The April Challenge is "Black and White Portraits". Submit your photos from a photowalk and win great prizes! See Details Here: http://goo.gl/4RfN6a
Thanks to our great prize sponsors for April: +Think Tank Photo, +ViewBug - Photo Contests, and Pan Am Brands http://panam.com

* * * *

+Drink and Click™ is simple: We meet at a venue to have a drink (alcohol consumption not required), talk about Photography, laugh and have fun together. Then we move to another venue, take pictures in between… and repeat until the night is over! We have photography challenges every month with prizes ranging from camera gear to local area business gift cards. Join us!

Is there a Drink and Click™ in your area? www.drinkandclick.com
Have questions? Want to lead a Chapter? Host an Event? drinkandclick@gmail.com

We have a monthly On Air Show! Circle +The Drink and Click Show for updates and subscribe to Drink and Click™ on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DrinkandClick
Join the Drink and Click™ Community on G+: http://goo.gl/R7hTZ
Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrinkAndClick

#drinkandclick   #photowalk   #photography   #challenge  
Lotus Carroll Lotus Carroll


Africa... Namib Naukluft National Park in Namibia. Wilderness, more dry than your towel at home, sand everywhere, but a breath taking African landscape. This image I have taken out of a little Cessna flying across the red sand dunes in Namibia. It was amazing and I highly recommend it :)
Taken with the MKIV
Hope you enjoy :)


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#PhotoManiaGermany +Photo Mania Germany curated by +Nicole Gruber & +Sandra Deichmann & +Markus Landsmann & +dietmar rogacki, +Photo Mania Germany 
Anette Mossbacher Anette Mossbacher

Astrophotography 101 -- Don't Be That Guy
With the summer night photography season approaching, and Milky Way photography getting underway in earnest in the northern hemisphere, I am reminded (painfully) of the need for photographers -- especially those in groups -- to avoid stray light at all times, not just when one's own shutter is open.  In this case, many frames during the course of about 20 minutes were ruined by the status light on the back of a nearby Canon camera.  (These frames could not be repeated, we were shooting during the very brief time when astronomical twilight puts a true blue cast into the sky, and it lasts 10-15 minutes at most.)  Of course, this light does not affect the photographs being taken by that camera, but they affect the photographs being taken by everyone else's cameras.  The solution is simple: put a piece of tape over the light.  Barring that, put your thumb over the light.  By the way, when shooting milky way photos at high ISOs, not only will direct light from the Canon status light ruin photos (such as the example) but even REFLECTED light from the status light will show up, usually appearing as a red cast on the foreground -- it really is bright enough for that.  Cheers!
#astrophotography   #nightphotography   #milkywayphotography   #nightscapes
Phillip Colla Phillip Colla

Long Exposure of the Flowing Valencourt Fountain Art Installation on Embarcadero , San Francisco Ca. Shot durung the +Trey Ratcliff Photowalk to kick off the first annual G+ Photographers Conference
Sly Vegas Sly Vegas

Lava Lakes, Gorillas, Hiring a Militia - is all in the day work.

Just what the heck does +Clint Burkinshaw do for fun? Here is our recent interview of +Clint Burkinshaw on Visual Wilderness. 

Enjoy & Share.
#landscapephotography, #photographytips  
Jay Patel Jay Patel

And punctually on Earth Day, our honourable government has ruled that the humpback whales off the coast of British Columbia are no longer an endangered species and tankers for the proposed pipeline will now be allowed to travel through whale habitat, 4 weeks before that same government will decide if that pipeline and those tankers should be allowed.

Karin Nelson Karin Nelson

+RC Concepcion's new book is on fire! Right now his just-released 2nd edition of "The HDR Book" is the 675th bestselling book of ALL books on Amazon.com.

Congrats RC -- you totally crushed it on this new edition. Here's the link to the book on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1f5wraV
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

We are 15-minutes away from "The Grid." Our topic today: Wedding stories from the trenches, plus how to market and build your wedding business.

We've got an awesome in-studio guest wedding photography Justin Wojtcazk (he won the f/stopper's behind the scene contest, and his video was awesome!). Come just us (and could you help us spread the word? Much appreciated). http://kelbyone.com/thegrid
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

We are about two hours from our live photography show "The Grid" and with our special in-studio guest, Wedding photography wizard Justin Wojtczak. 

We're talking about wedding stuff, photography stuff, love stuff, stuff stuff, and more -- come join us live in 2 hrs (4pm) at http://kelbyone.com/thegrid 
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

Editor's Choice for April 23.
Jarek Klimek Jarek Klimek

I returned to Kauai yesterday, which is among my favorite places on Earth. I'll be out here for the next 2+ weeks shooting landscapes and flying my hexacopter. I'm traveling with my old neighbor and good friend Chris.

Last night's sunset was off the charts at Shipwreck Beach in Poipu. It was also windy as hell, but when I got up to shoot the sunrise the wind was mostly gone. So, I was able to fly my hexacopter over the Menehune Fish Pond and shoot some aerials. That was fun. Now it is windy again.

Next week, I will be staying on the North Shore followed by a my first backpacking trip into the remote Kalalau Valley in almost 10 years. I've previously hiked in to this spectacular location 3 times.

Jon Cornforth Jon Cornforth

Red Rebel is Rockin Dixie :)
Tammi Faithfull Tammi Faithfull

Ryan Dyar -
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Ryan Dyar Ryan Dyar

Sage Thrashers are considered sagebrush obligates meaning that they require sagebrush for some part of their life cycle and for the Sage Thrashers in Utah that means they need it during the breeding cycle.
Mia McPherson Mia McPherson

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