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Dante Duphorne

Looking forward to flying home to New Zealand soon! :)
Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff

Last night... a few boats at sunset off the coast here near the beach in Bang Saray, Thailand.  
Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff

Poolside -- Nassau, Bahamas
Thomas Hawk Thomas Hawk

While making some updates to my +SmugMug portfolio, I’ve been having a great time going through some of my old work. This has always been one of my favorite shots from Rome and even though I shot it over 3 years ago, I still remember the experience as if it were yesterday. 

Now, the question is, do I keep it or replace it with a newer version like this one? 


#rome   #italy   #travelphotography  
Elia Locardi Elia Locardi

Da Endorphine, the Thai singing supasta, takes a selfie with Google Glass here at Karma Sound Studios ( http://www.karmasoundstudios.com/ ) just south of Bangkok.  She stopped by with her band to record some new stuff and then immediately left to go put on a concert!  I can't find her on G+, but here she is on FB: https://www.facebook.com/DaEndorphine.comOFFICIAL 

One thing I've learned this trip to Thailand is how people are absolutely OBSESSED with music here... Everyone, everywhere, likes music, but everyone is always singing here, from taxi drivers to shop workers to random people on the street.  
Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff

Lingering Afterthoughts

Do you get those? ... you know, right after you had that intense conversation with someone and think of the things you said ... and then think of the things you actually wanted to say? ... ;o7

Happy Monday everyone! I'm still busier than the pooper-scooper at a rodeo, but wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you ... :o) (um, but not with that pooper-scooper thing in mind, though ... 'kay? .. ;o))

#MacroMonday , 'cuz I'm thinking fondly on Sandra and Jeff ... ;o))
#macroaddict , 'cuz +Sandrine Berjonneau and +Didier Caron are rockin' the curator thing right now!

#rgwoodpost #photography #googleplusphotos #naturephotography #macrophotography  #flowerphotography #floralphotography #hqspflowers #hqspmacro #Macro4All #MacroManiacs
Robin Griggs Wood Robin Griggs Wood


Week 23

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” 
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


Tamara Pruessner Tamara Pruessner

Throw My Arms Wide As My Heart Breathes Into All The Empty Spaces
Lotus Carroll Lotus Carroll

Kicking out a little something interesting from a sessions +Connie Westphal and I had with a senior a few days ago.

I started putting up some videos on my youtube channel dealing with a few topics like how I keyword and sort my images and also how I convert from RAW to Photoshop.  Those can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/ScottEDetweiler
Scott Detweiler Scott Detweiler

Channeling my sister +Lotus Carroll with a bathroom selfie as I leave the US. See you next year babe. I ❤️ you. 
Athena Carey Athena Carey

Great documentary !! I've seen it twice!  Starring the always awesome +David Kaplan !  
Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff

OK, this has nothing to do with photography or Photoshop, but it has everything to do with the guitar players that follow me here. I finally got my stomp boxes all set, up, and running. 

They are (L to R): Channel Switcher for my Marshall DSL-40C; a Boss Metal Zone distortion pedal; a Boss digital tuner, a Boss Delay Unit, a Hall of Fame reverb pedal (small box — big reverb), a Rat Distortion pedal, and iStomp pedal with a digital Chorus Pedal downloaded into it, and a CryBaby Wah Wah pedal. All powered off one single Power Supply. 

Not sure I'm taking all this to the gig in Vegas, but I know the Boss stuff will make it for sure, and maybe the HOF reverb. By the way — this is a SMALL pedal collection compared to most. LOL!! :)
Scott Kelby Scott Kelby

We just returned from a weekend trip to Grandma's house. Tried waterfall pictures again. Ack, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I had a heck of a time keeping my filters clean. I was too close to the water, and nothing really worked as planned. :(
Karin Nelson Karin Nelson

Delicate Arch & Photographing Icons

As photographers, we're always trying to put a unique spin on the images we take. When you do something like walk around a city and photograph whatever catches your eye, this process can be quite easy. Not so much, however, when you're sitting on the edge of "the bowl" with Delicate Arch on the other side, surrounded by hundreds of other photographers who have all sat in the same spots as thousands (perhaps millions) of other photographers before them. Everyone is getting (more or less) the exact same shot of the arch. 

So what's the point? Why do so many people make this rather difficult hike up to one of the most photographed landmarks of any national park? Do you want to know my opinion? Well, here it is: seeing something like Delicate Arch with your own eyes is far more rewarding than seeing a thousand images of it. If you get a shot of the arch that you can be proud of; that's the icing on the cake. The hike to Delicate Arch would have been worth it whether I got a shot of it or not. Sure the hike sucked. Sure I was really annoyed/pissed off when I took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong side of the arch and had to walk all the way back around (nearly missing sunset because of it). Sure I was worried when one of our workshop students pulled a muscle in his leg and we had to help him limp all the way back down to the parking lot in the dark. But it was still worth it...for all of us. 

Am I proud of this image? Yes. Is it unique? Yes and no. No because I'm 100% positive that countless other photographers have sat exactly where I sat and have probably the same general composition. Yes because they didn't take the image on that day, with that light, with those clouds, with my camera or my story. 

When I hear photographers saying that they avoid certain parks and landmarks because they are over-photographed; I can't help but think of how much they are missing out on. Delicate Arch (and the bowl in front of it) is one of the most unique sandstone formations there is. If you view the image large you'll see sand dunes in the distance. If I had shot a panoramic here that included more to the right, you'd see the Windows, the Garden of Eden and Balanced Rock off in the far distance. And yes, if I had shown more to the left you would see hundreds of photographers :-). Despite that last part, this was one of the most incredible views I've seen and I am so glad I got to see it with my own eyes. 

#photography   #delicatearch   #archesnationalpark   #utah   #travel   #landscapephotography   #sunsetphotography  
James Brandon James Brandon

Rick's Quick Quiz: Which of these pictures were taken with a DSLR and which were taken with a compact digital camera?
Rick Sammon Rick Sammon

Right now from the studio. Accidentally created a nebula:)
BTW, today is the last day to get a huge discount on new courses, do not miss: http://goo.gl/vFvdwD
Alex Koloskov Alex Koloskov

Moose Peterson -
+36 - 21 comments

Moose Peterson Moose Peterson

A slice of rainbow cake with the Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART

Ah sweet rainbow cake, one day you shall be mine! I'm sure I've said that before, but every time I try and find a new cake to photograph, this one keeps dragging me back to Cloud 9 in Brighton! Here I've shot it with the Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART on a Canon EOS 6D body with the lens set to f1.4 to demonstrate the razor thin depth of field. You'll all know by now that I was really impressed by the Sigma 50mm ART - it out-performed the Canon 50mm f1.2 and Nikkor 58mm f1.4 in our tests at almost half the price, making it the best 50mm lens with autofocus in my opinion. Certainly if I owned a Canon or Nikon DSLR, this would be top of my wishlist right now! If you've not already seen it, I'd love for you to check out the huge review which +Thomas Rubach and myself put together of it, comparing it to multiple 50mm lenses, right up to the Zeiss Otus!

Gordon Laing Gordon Laing

Model: Kaila Smith
Kaila is a young lady from the 'hood who allowed me the honor to photograph her. Just a wonderful subject. I am sorry that she will be moving away for college in a couple of weeks, but I consider it a privilege to have had at least one shoot with her.
Best of luck to you, Kaila!
I've fallen behind in posting, not for lack of images, but rather due to lack of words.

Although I am guilty of posting images on more than a few occasions with nothing more in the description than the lighting info, I always feel terrible doing so. Probably because it is a disappointment when I see images I like from others with nothing more but the same.

I want to know more about the image, something... anything.
Being pressed for time and the fact that I am a terrible typer doesn't help, but I will try, and I apologize if I don't always succeed :)
Lighting info:
- AlienBee B800 in med. soft box, camera left at aprox. 30 degree angle
- AlienBee B800 in med. octabox behind camera, up high, for fill
- AlienBee B800 with 40 degree grid behind subject, aimed at a hand painted #OliphantStudios canvas backdrop
- Paul C. Buff Cybercync triggers

Canon 5d Mkll
Canon 24-105mm 'L' Lens (70mm)
F/11 - 125th sec. - 125 ISO
Photoshop CS6

Regina Pagles Regina Pagles

The Waipio Valley is one of my favorite places on the Big Island, plus it is also where my wife and I got married. I photographed a sunrise here when we planned out wedding 13 years ago using a 35mm film camera and my very first attempt at using graduated neutral density filters. It is a nice enough image, but I have always wanted to return to try shooting this scene again during the summer months when the sun comes up as far to the north as it will, but it took me until this summer to finally have the opportunity. I drove from Kona over to the valley four mornings in a row well before sunrise. My friend Chris Hirata met me for three of those mornings and was kind enough to drive me down into the valley in his four wheel drive truck, but we got skunked due to a lot of rain. On my fourth and final morning, CJ Kale and Don Hurzeler picked me up and the three of us drove over together. We almost did not drive down because the weather looked grim, but at the last second I talked them into turning around. I got down to the beach just in time to set up as the light illuminated the cliff and suddenly this rainbow magically appeared. Incredible! After a few minutes of shooting, CJ walked over to where I was standing and I asked him if he got a nice shot of the rainbow? He said, "What rainbow?" Apparently he could not see it where he was standing back near the river behind me. I don't think that he is ever going to let me live it down, but of course all in good fun. I am quite pleased with this image, especially since it was many years in the making. I created this image using my 36MP Sony a7R camera body with a Metabones Canon lens adapter, Canon 17-40mm f4 lens, Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer, and Singh-Ray 4-stop Soft Graduated Neutral Density filter. I processed the RAW file using Aperture 3, Photoshop CC, and Nik Software’s Color Efex 4‘s White Neutralizer filter.

USA, Hawaii, Big Island, A rainbow in the mist at the base of Akaka Falls on the Hamakua Coast

Purchase a print of this image at http://cornforthimages.com/product/hawaii/waipio-valley-rainbow/

View more of my photography at http://cornforthimages.com/

If you like this image, please share it with your friends.

#Hawaii #BigIsland #WaipioValley #rainbow #sunrisephotography #landscapephotography  
Jon Cornforth Jon Cornforth

Classic photo bomb by +Jay Patel at the end, or should I call it a video bomb?
What do you think?
Jay Patel Jay Patel

To all my friends and followers who think that it is too late to start something because it is already done by somebody else... Are you sure? :)
Alex Koloskov Alex Koloskov

7 things to realize before you can safely quit your daily job - My experience on switching from employee to a full-time photographer and entrepreneur.
Alex Koloskov Alex Koloskov

Fine Prints: Collections

When we sell fine art prints we often sell them as collections....Here is an article that talks about creating collections.

Enjoy & Share.
#landscapephotography   #Photographyworkflow  
Jay Patel Jay Patel

Editor's Choice for July 28.
Jarek Klimek Jarek Klimek

OMG it's so hot outside!!! I need something chilling to read...
What are your recommendations for the scariest books you've ever come across?
Karin Nelson Karin Nelson

Sony A3000 - budget mirrorless review!

At around $350 USD or 250 GBP, Sony's Alpha A3000 is one of the cheapest new interchangeable lens cameras around. This entry-level mirrorless camera is styled to look like a DSLR and aims to take business away from traditional budget DSLRs. Compatible with Sony's E and FE mount lenses, the A3000 features a 20 Megapixel APS-C sensor, Full HD video and a wealth of shooting modes and assistance that will delight beginners. To hit a low price point, Sony's had to fit a fairly basic electronic viewfinder and screen, but you can't argue with the image quality from a camera that costs over one third less than its cheapest DSLR rivals. Indeed it's one of the cheapest new cameras with an APS-C sensor and the chance to swap lenses - but is it right for you, or worth spending more? Find out in our Sony A3000 review where we've directly compared it against Canon's EOS T5 / 1200D and Nikon's D3300!


Gordon Laing Gordon Laing

Karin Nelson - Magical water...
+30 - 4 comments

Magical water...
Karin Nelson Karin Nelson

I get a lot of questions about the equipment I use to do what I do...the truth is, it could not be more simple. Quite simply put, I am not a "gear head".

I used to use a Canon 5D MKIII and 35mm f/2 lens...I sold it, and am now using a Fujifilm X-E2 and 35mm f/1.4 lens.

About 90% of the light you see in my photos is courtesy of the sun, or just whatever light is available. The rest of the time, it is a single continuous light (bounced) that I use to emulate window light (if I am shooting after the sun has retired for the day, or if there is no other available light).

My "backdrop" is (preferably) just plain, boring off-white drywall, which I usually make more fabulous-er in post-production. Occasionally I do go out on location, if the frigging Texas heat is not at broiler temperatures.

That's pretty much it. For me, the presence of a bunch of equipment/gear at a shoot only serves to interfere with the human connection that I strive for when I am shooting.

I believe a compelling photo starts in your mind...quite often before you even pick up the camera.

Utilize your mind's ability to create: be a visionary, not a consumer

[UPDATE] After I wrote this, I decided that I am going to do a shoot with only my Nexus-5 phone. Just because ;)
Jaime Ibarra Jaime Ibarra

Jaime Ibarra -
+13 - 3 shares - 5 comments

Jaime Ibarra Jaime Ibarra

In case you missed it, here's a story about a meeting that changed everything for me.
Jeremy Cowart Jeremy Cowart

Moose Peterson -
+29 - 1 comments

Moose Peterson Moose Peterson

Picture-A-Day (PAD n.1836) "Summer Ripples"
I woke up early this morning to hear the weatherman saying that the atmosphere was really unstable… and when I left the house, seeing the clouds was all the proof I needed.
also here:

#photo   #POTD   #clouds   #atmosphere   #summer   #weather   #longisland   #pentax  +G+ 365 Project +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton +James Cockroft 
Amy DangRabbit Amy DangRabbit

Ever wonder about the difference between noir movies and the books they're from?  No?  This is what I'm doing for fun.
Dave Beckerman Dave Beckerman

Another Day, Another Eagle
Curtis Cunningham Curtis Cunningham

DETECTNOVEL.COM I know, I know.  You say – what the heck’s Dave been up to lately?  No new pictures.  Not even lame blog posts.  So what I’ve been up to is something completely different.  And it goes something like this.  You might remember that I used…
Dave Beckerman Dave Beckerman

I have never had a plan.  You can see that.  I got into photography because I enjoyed it, and wasn’t bored.  I went to infrared for years, for the same reason.  And a whole bunch of other things.  Giga Pano seemed interesting and I found myself with the…
Dave Beckerman Dave Beckerman

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