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Gideon Rosenblatt

Microsoft takes shot at Siri in new ad

Y'know, if Google supported Windows Phone as well as they support iPhone, I'd be interested...

via http://oped.co/wHjS6 #Scredible  
Ayoub Khote Ayoub Khote

Who owns the robots?

This is a "great response to Marc Andreesen's dismissal of technological unemployment", as +James Hughes notes. [1]

You seem to think everyone’s worried about robots. But what everyone’s worried about is you, Marc. Not just you, but people like you. Robots aren’t at the levers of financial and political influence today, but folks like you sure are. People are scared of so much wealth and control being in so few hands. Consequently, wherever you and other gatekeepers of capital direct your attention – towards robots, 3D printers, biotech, whatever – you’re going to detect a fearful response as people scramble to determine the impact of your decisions and whims.

While I didn’t jibe with your take on recent macroeconomic history, I was heartened to see that you’re interested in empowering individuals through technology: "[T]he current technology revolution has put the means of production within everyone’s grasp. It comes in the form of the smartphone (and tablet and PC) with a mobile broadband connection to the Internet."

If we’re gonna throw around Marxist terminology, though, can we at least keep Karl’s ideas intact? Workers prosper when they own the means of production. The factory owner gets rich. The line worker, not so much.


[1] https://plus.google.com/+JamesHughes/posts/BJqrPvzok52
Gideon Rosenblatt Gideon Rosenblatt

What is shitposting? Want a definition, not examples 
G Hartman G Hartman

What is Fearlessly Questioning?

So I'm pretty excited to finally announce this new "thing" I've been working all summer on. 

If you couldn't tell from the recent rash of Google+ posts, it's called Fearlessly Questioning and the goal is to ask the toughest question to inspire the most change.

There are going to be a lot of moving parts in this new adventure and it's kind of hard to explain, that's why I went ahead and put this behind the scenes video together of some upcoming guests getting "fearlessly questioned" so you can see it in action for yourself.

We are going to kick things off in style next week with five live hangouts starting Monday, August 4th at 2:00 p.m.

I'll be talking with none other than The Sales Lion himself, +Marcus Sheridan to "Fearlessly Question Breaking the Rules."

The rest of the launch line-up looks like this...

Tue. Aug. 5th - 2:00 p.m. 
Fearlessly Questioning the Power of Connection with +Mia Voss 

Wed. Aug. 6th - 2:00 p.m. 
Fearlessly Questioning Action vs. Perfection with +Ryan Hanley 

Thur. Aug 7th - 2:00 p.m. 
Fearlessly Questioning Public Relations with +Gini Dietrich 

Fri. Aug 8th - 2:00 p.m. 
Fearlessly Questioning Generosity with +Tom Morkes 

And if that isn't enough, here's the first "regular" show after launch week.

Thur. Aug 14th - 2:00 p.m.
Fearlessly Questioning Growing Up (In Business & Life) with +Chris Brogan

You are going to have plenty of ways to dive in with this content as it will be a podcast, YouTube series and Live Hangout event, plus a few bonus surprises. 

More details will be coming out very soon and keep your eye open for your first real taste of content from these launch guests later this week. 

AND if that STILL isn't enough, take a look at the other upcoming Fearless Questioner's I've got lined up for you. 

+Dustin W. Stout 
+Mark Traphagen 
+John Jantsch 
+Wade Harman 
+Courtney Sullivan 
+Rebecca Livermore 
+Joy Groblebe 

...and many more.  
Get Access to their answers when they become available starting next Monday, August 4th: 

If you go check it out right now, you can hear Marcus' answer to "What fearless question he's been most afraid to ask in his own life and business and how he's working to answer it."


Special thanks to +Ryan Hanley for helping form the idea and +Dustin W. Stout for design work that is over-the-top attractive. 

#FearlesslyQuestioning   #Inspire   #Change   #Bold   #Ideas   #Fears   #Business   #Life  
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Ayoub Khote - awwwwww......
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Ayoub Khote Ayoub Khote

A wonderful Eid to all who celebrate! 
Ayoub Khote Ayoub Khote

Question of the Day

What book / film / game franchises do you return to often to experience again?

Books: The Elenium and the Tamuli by David Eddings
Film: Alien, Lethal Weapon, Star Wars, LotR…
Game: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls


#crosspostall #questionoftheday
Ayoub Khote Ayoub Khote

Stone Temple Consulting Updates Website

As a total marketing and #seonerd  I like to stay up to date on what industry leaders are doing. Checking up on one of my favorite blogs, written by +Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen, I saw that they have given their site, stonetemple.com, a makeover and I have to say that I dig the new look. What I like about what +Stone Temple Consulting has done here is that they have maintained the functionality of their site yet updated what I consider to be key components of any Brand website:

1. A cleaner and more concise logo.
Not to knock the older version of their logo but it was a tad involved and in some formats it would just not look the way it was intended. Cutting out the the background elements and some of the filters on the font, as well as changing the background color in the header, has evolved an average logo to what is now a great logo.

2. They have put a face (faces) to the name.
The older version of the site's homepage was a bit too impersonal, which I think is a common problem among digital marketing companies.  The large format images of the team and of Eric do really well to establish a very human feeling to the brand. I would actually like to see them go a step farther (and they may already have plans to do this), but I would like to see individual headshots for each employee as well as an easy to follow link to each of their personal social media profiles, especially #googleplus . I am going to track them down to connect with them anyway, but it would have been nice to have been able to do it with one or two clicks.

3. They have replaced text with eye-catching visuals.
The old version of the site was very text heavy. At first glance your eye did not really know where to start. Even with the bulleted lists the reader can get a feeling of being bogged down. With the update, the text has been replaced with intuitive images that easily explain what the site is about within the first few seconds of viewing it. And it draws the viewer in, the row of icons along the bottom of the page really "pop" and give you the desire to click them. I mean... who doesn't like pretty buttons!

4. They have taken the book off the homepage.
Don't get me wrong the book (The Art of SEO) is great but it needs to have a home of its own either somewhere on this site or elsewhere. The old site, with the prominent placement of the book created a confusing message. Are they selling a book or are they selling digital marketing services? Do I need to hire them or can I just get away with buying this book and do it myself? I mean +Rand Fishkin is a co-author...

STC has really done a tremendous job establishing themselves as a thought leader in the #digitalmarketing  sphere and this forward step in #branding  just goes to show that they are an ever-evolving company.

What are your thoughts?

Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

I want to share a Coke with your mom
G Hartman G Hartman

G Hartman -
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G Hartman G Hartman

Cooked it a minute too long. I have no idea what I'm doing. I guess I'll just go back to drinking or whatever it is that I do.
G Hartman G Hartman

Yo dawg, I heard you like potatoes 
G Hartman G Hartman

If you're still relying on PageRank for site evaluation, you're doing it wrong

Learn about the importance of holistic SEO.

Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Ocho's Virtual Rap Battle

When +Julia Price challenged the Ocho world to take part in a rap battle, she wasn't sure what to expect. 

Minutes after the initial challenge went up (http://on.ocho.co/watch?v=UejVGIIWYb) her followers sprung into action. Some participants included +Jeri Stone wearing a pair of sweet aviators, +Matthew Zaffina coming to terms with his lack of rap knowledge, and even Plusser +Mark Traphagen wishing the streak of gorgeous weather in NC continues. Among many others!

We were thrilled with the result so we put together this video of all who participated..Enjoy!
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Three Latvian are brag about sons. “My son is soldier. He have rape as many women as want,” say first Latvian.

“Zo?” second say, “My son is farmer. He have all potato he want!”

Third Latvian wait long time, then say, “My son is die at birth. For him, struggle is over.”

“Wow! You are win us,” say others. But all are feel sad
G Hartman G Hartman

This Sums it Up Rather Bluntly

Again, I am turning off comments.
Yifat Cohen Yifat Cohen

Behind the beautiful architecture in Qatar lies the ugly slavery

Arab countries deserve a world cup, but who in the right mind will give a World Cup to these guys.

"Officials in Qatar's Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy have been using offices on the 38th and 39th floors of Doha's landmark Al Bidda skyscraper – known as the Tower of Football – which were fitted out by men from Nepal, Sri Lanka and India who say they have not been paid for up to 13 months' work.

The project, a Guardian investigation shows, was directly commissioned by the Qatar government and the workers' plight is set to raise fresh doubts over the autocratic emirate's commitment to labour rights as construction starts this year on five new stadiums for the World Cup.

The offices, which cost £2.5m to fit out, feature expensive etched glass, handmade Italian furniture and even a heated executive toilet, project sources said. Yet some of the workers have not been paid, despite complaining to the Qatari authorities months ago and being owed wages as modest as £6 a day."
Chris Veerabadran Chris Veerabadran

Welcome to The Machine:

HP’s vision for a universal building block of the Internet of Things. The Machine is designed to operate in a world where there’s dramatically more data that’s too big to move.

Moving from using electrons to ions to photons, The Machine would process the data from all these sources where it is, without sending it across the country to another server. HP calls this distributed mesh computing.

Read more here: http://m.fastcompany.com/3033549/internet-of-things/hps-post-electronic-solution-to-tomorrows-huge-data?partner=newsletter

#theinternetofthings #hp 
Gideon Rosenblatt Gideon Rosenblatt

Maybe about the most amazing space photo I've seen in a while.

...and there are plenty of amazing ones to choose from!

#space   #mars   #phobos   #t  
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Just some fun from the weekend...my grandkids enjoying the trampoline in their backyard (filmed with the amazing slow motion setting on my iPhone 5S)

Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Bad Link Building Habits You Should Break Today

This article by +Casie Gillette is always worth resharing. She covers five link building practices that are still commonly in use today that actually may do more harm than good.

#seo   #linkbuilding  #plusonly'
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

I heard legend of place with many potato. I went on long boat ride to search for magical potato land. I rode on horses - three of them, two die - to Riga. I avoid many soldier on way to shipyard. I sneak on rickety boat and hide under canvas sheet. Also under dead dog. 

Boat travels slowly for many days, and I have many sicks. Sicks mostly bile because of no food (except dog). But then - boat stop! I wait until is very quiet, and sneak off boat. 

What I see is beautiful land. Green grass and green hills. Things Latvian only dream of. There are animals that look like clouds with legs! Can you imagine? I follow these animals to farmhouse. I knock on door. Old man open.

"I am from Latvia. I heard legend of land with many potato. I come to find potato for family to live," I tell him.

He answer in very strange language I do not understand. It sound like English, but also like old man is gargle. I ask him repeat.

"T’ere aren’t any p’tatoes on t’is fair isle n’more. ‘aven’t yeh heard t’ere’s a famine here in Ireland?"

I walk back to dock and cry. I hide under dog and canvas and cry. I come back to Riga, still cry. I get home, out of tears. Also out of potato.  
G Hartman G Hartman

G Hartman - I've got a raging clue
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I've got a raging clue
G Hartman G Hartman

G Hartman -
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G Hartman G Hartman

Brony-Con is in Baltimore this weekend. You know Dave and I will be busy. 
G Hartman G Hartman

Guest posting & syndication are not the same

Each has its proper use & correct methods. Learn why and how to use syndication properly.

#seo #syndication #guestposting #guestblogging #contentmarketing
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Gee, you cannot launch a smart phone these days without lots of good apps. Who knew.
John Blossom John Blossom

Two Spanish sisters run bakery in a desert

"The land in Los Monegros in Aragon in northeastern Spain, is almost as arid as a desert. In the 1960s, it was one of the backdrops chosen for spaghetti western films.

Yet for two twenty-something Spanish sisters, it has become the perfect place for their farming and bread-baking business."
Chris Veerabadran Chris Veerabadran

"If you are captured or killed, your mother will disavow any knowledge of your actions."
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Google Shopping Express: Another Nail in the Local Business Coffin?

Google Shopping Express is Kozmo for local merchants, delivering pretty much anything from participating stores to your doorstep. Main issue: it's almost all big chain stores participating, so it's yet one more way to kill truly local business, ultimately.
John Blossom John Blossom

Lee Odden: Integrating Your Search Marketing (DMEShow Podcast)

In this third episode of our new podcast version of the Digital Marketing Excellence Hangout On Air Show, +Eric Enge interviews respected digital marketing expert +Lee Odden

People don’t buy in silos and you shouldn't market in them either. That’s just one of the dozens of bits of marketing wisdom Lee Odden shares in this episode. Lee is a consultant to many of the best-known brands, a sought after worldwide conference speaker, and author of top selling books such as “Optimize.” He sat down with Eric to talk about the radical ways marketing is changing, and what your brand needs to do to stay ahead of the curve.

There are now five episodes of the DME Show Podcast in iTunes, including interviews with +Rand Fishkin, +AJ Kohn and +Jay Baer. Access them all, and subscribe to never miss any, at http://stonet.co/DMEShowPodcast

#dmeshow   #dmepodcast   #leeodden   #digitalmarketing   #searchmarketing   #socialmediamarketing  
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Sunday in Montreal Before the Rain
Ray Hiltz Ray Hiltz

The STCats Take You Inside the Stone Temple: Week Ending 26 July 2014

Each   #caturday  our #STCats  prowl deep in the CATacombs of the Stone Temple to bring you the best of our online content from that week. These are posts and shows here on G+ and from the web that you might have missed. Our cats battle the mummies and zombies that lurk beneath the Internet so you don't have to!

(Sorry the cats were a day late. They took an unexpected holiday yesterday. If you want to take that up with the STCat shown below, that's your funeral!)

Here are our recent highlights:

How to Sell Your SEO Plan with 5 Slides in 5 Minutes 
You may have worked for months on your company's SEO plan, but you might have only minutes to sell it to your company's decision makers. +Eric Enge gives you the points you should hit for four different C-level execs.
Read it ➤➤ http://stonet.co/1yjreBN

Authorship Photos Aren't Gone, They're Just More Personal 
+Mark Traphagen reveals that while Google may have taken Authorship photos out of regular search, they can still show in personalized search under certain conditions. Special surprise for brands, too!
Read it ➤➤ http://stonet.co/1nlpyVl

Pinterest & Google Plus: Two Peas in a Pod 
Based on a Digital Marketing Excellence Show conversation with +Peg Fitzpatrick and +Rebekah Radice, +Eric Enge has produced this in-depth guide to the advantages of each platform and how to make them work together.
Read it ➤➤ http://stonet.co/1nVZyef

Assessing Hummingbird's Impact on Search 10 Months Later 
It's been 10 months since one of the biggest rewrites of the Google Search algorithm ever. +Eric Enge assess various major changes we've seen in that time, and how they might (or might not) be connected to Hummingbird
Read it ➤➤ http://stonet.co/UmWNeK

How to Plan for Complex Site Hierarchies 
In this weeks STC #throwbackthursday  post from 2007, +Eric Enge explains why sites with multiple breadcrumb paths can result in duplicate content errors that hurt SEO, and what to do about it.
Read it ➤➤ http://stonet.co/1rVowQh

Digital Marketing Excellence Show 
Watch it ➤➤ SEO Myths, and the Damage They Cause
+Eric Enge interviewed the irrepressible and always outspoken +Rae Hoffman. Rae talked about some of the myths about SEO and digital marketing in general that most irk her. Lots of other valuable conversation here about the general state of search marketing, too!
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

In 1858, People Said the Telegraph Was 'Too Fast for the Truth'  http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/07/in-1858-people-said-the-telegraph-was-too-fast-for-the-truth/375171/

"Anti-tech criticism isn't wrong—there are plenty of legitimate warnings about how the ease with which anyone can publish something today can exacerbate problems in accuracy and ethics. But that also doesn't mean previous technologies were inherently better, or that they'll ever reclaim their standing."
Evo Terra Evo Terra

You say "admits" like it's a bad thing.

It should come as no surprise that +SpaceX has grand designs on the solar system. You gotta start somewhere, right?
Evo Terra Evo Terra

Are you trying to figured out Google+? 

The attached YouTube playlist covers a wide range of topics that show insider tricks and common tactics to use to improve your G+ experience personally and professionally.

➯ How to create Google+ posts with formatted text - bold, italics and strikethrough. [DEMO]
➯ Hangouts On Air - Schedule an HOA event the easy way. #SHOAE
➯ Google+ circles and privacy settings for your G+ profile.
➯ How to set notifications and menu order for Google+ circles.
➯ Google Plus Tips - Hidden features in posts.
➯ Google Plus Tips Using your profile to highlight your business page
➯ Google Plus Tips | How To Publish a Google Drive Docment to a Web Page
➯ Google Plus Quick Tips | How to create a listing for your Google Helpout.
➯ Quickly find a Google+ post using Google Takeout
➯ How to initiate a Google Hangout Video call
➯ How to initiate a Google Hangout as a business page.
➯ Dual core CPU vs four core CPU - HOA video quality demo
➯ Google Plus Tips - How to set up a profile contact form using ➯ Google Forms
➯ Google Plus Tips - How to create a contact form in Google Drive
➯ How to generate leads from your YouTube videos
➯ How to merge a Google local page and Google brand page (+page)
➯ Use Google Drive embedded images to update website banner graphics
➯ Hangout Toolbox - Lower third image resolution tests (dual system)
➯ HootSuite Bulk Scheduling using Google Drive Spreadsheets
➯ Create a Hangouts On Air video landing page for your website
➯ Simplify social media management using a Google+ brand page
➯ Using distributed Google Drive documents to drive website traffic
➯ Setting Google Circles to only display selected pages
Ray Hiltz Ray Hiltz

Asteroid collision in Yucatan province killed off dinosaurs

Edinburg university researchers claim if it had struck earlier or later, the Dinosaurs would've survived. 

"If the asteroid didn't hit, I have no reason to believe they'd have gone extinct. There is a good chance they would still be with us today. And if dinosaurs didn't go extinct, then mammals would have never had their opportunity to blossom. So if it wasn't for that asteroid, then humans probably wouldn't be here. It's as simple as that,"

- Steve Brusatte, a paleontologist at Edinburgh University, UK.
Chris Veerabadran Chris Veerabadran

Scredible Anagram of the Day

Ready, set, solve! #SAotD  

Congratulations to +Nicola Dunn for guessing - Difference!
Ayoub Khote Ayoub Khote

The Morse Code Virtual Radio is our new educational resource that lets you simulate the main form of radio communication that was used during World War I, using your Raspberry Pi.

You'll learn how to send and decode Morse Code messages, and gain experience in Python programming and using the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins.

#WW1 #morsecode #python #gpio
John Blossom John Blossom

Monsieur Bandit's Daily Doodles

Doodles. Including fight scene. 

+Annie Yim 
Gilliom Werner Claessens Gilliom Werner Claessens

A tire-eye view of the world #video ....now we know how they did those snazzy special effects at the end of "2001: A Space Odyssey"
John Blossom John Blossom

The Onion Poll: Should we let immigrate children who crossed the US border stay in America

Interesting poll :-)

No. If we need more kids, we should really be producing them domestically.

Yes, provided they all promise to live their lives with just a slight sense of inferiority.

Absolutely not. If they wanted to be Americans, they should have thought to immigrate between 1607 and 1930.

Of course. Then we should force them to stay after they realize the American Dream is an illusion.

No, unless I come across some sort of photo that may humanize them in any sort of way.

Only the ones who get on a bus, stretch their arms out the window, and attempt to touch their mother one last time while holding back tears.

Yes, but only if they’re carrying a Swede to maintain a nice racial balance.

No. If we show the bare minimum of compassion now, who’s to say it won’t be expected from us in the future?
Chris Veerabadran Chris Veerabadran

Kellogs raised a chimpanzee and a baby in identical conditions to see what would happen

The study was done more than 80 years ago but still it showed some interesting results.
Chris Veerabadran Chris Veerabadran

Protecting Instead of Controlling Children
The +American Psychological Association  and the American Bar Association have called for a paradigm shift in preventing and treating child abuse.

This requires a revolution --- from  society controlling the child to society protecting the child, he said. 

dixie pomerat dixie pomerat

Social Login Preference  :-  #Facebook continues to widen its leads over competitors, including #Google+ and #Twitter.  http://www.dazeinfo.com/2014/07/28/facebook-inc-fb-google-linkedin-twitter-yahoo-social-login-market-q2-2014/ 
While analyzing the social login data by region, it is identified that in North America and #Europe #Google+ still has a sizable market share in social login space. #Monday 
Simon Mainwaring Simon Mainwaring

Simon Mainwaring - LA, We love it.
+3 - 1 comments

LA, We love it.
Simon Mainwaring Simon Mainwaring


Profiting from the misery of others. Examples: Healthcare providers, private prisons, defense industry.

There's a weird economic incentive to make sure that the suffering continues to ensure ongoing profits. It benefits the healthcare industry if people are sick, private prisons lobby for more aggressive sentencing, and defense industry... war is their bread and butter.
Chris Veerabadran Chris Veerabadran


Profiting from the misery of others. Examples: Healthcare providers, private prisons, defense industry.

There's a weird economic incentive to make sure that the suffering continues to ensure ongoing profits. It benefits the healthcare industry if people are sick, private prisons lobby for more aggressive sentencing, and defense industry... war is their bread and butter.
Chris Veerabadran Chris Veerabadran

The time to respond to these challenges is now. If your brand story does not authentically and meaningfully contribute to the well-being of society or the environment, your brand will lose its social license to operate.
Simon Mainwaring Simon Mainwaring

Amazing time we live in..know that all of human knowledge is available instantly and for free on the internet.

And it has cat pictures...

Brendan Howard Brendan Howard

Yes, Finland again: they don't really have homework either. Sigh. 

dixie pomerat dixie pomerat

Glass in the Class Season 2 Finale: How Technology changes ANY Business Today

Still working on the banner... Will have it soon hopefully.

Youtube Live Event URL: http://youtu.be/HKOnQ6QRGY4 Here's the rundown: 

My classroom for 1 hour with my students.
3 perspectives: Google Glass, The computer camera, and the camera on my guest.
Discussing how communication and changing technology has affected the life/work of my guests.
And this time we'll be incorporating audience comments and questions!

So who are my guests speaking about changes in business today you ask?!

I am thrilled to announce the incredible panel I have lined up for this one hour special of Glass in the Class.

+Larry Fournillier: Caribbean chef, HOA host, and talent manager
+Jim Shankle: Incredible businessman, opportunity developer currently working with EBN
+Linda Hefferman: Local School Marketing Manager for School of Rock USA
+Yifat Cohen: G+ GoTo Gal and Hangout Host

As you can see this is quite the variety of individuals, each with a unique background in business. So it will be fascinating to learn how each sees technology changing communication and business today. If this panel doesn't finally convince my students of the importance of communication in our tech. immersed world today, I don't know what will!

Each person will have a unique perspective, but I also think each of my guests has one thing in common: They see the business world changing. For better or for worse our communication technologies are changing not only business relationships but relationships in general. So how do we adapt? How do we make sure we aren't left behind?

Well let's see what advice my savvy guests can offer.

Please ask questions in advance!

And if you share elsewhere please use the hashtag #GICKent  so we can keep track and incorporate them into the live broadcast!

As always I'd also like to thank +John Ellis for running my cameras for me and making everything look pretty!

Live Event URL: http://youtu.be/HKOnQ6QRGY4
Yifat Cohen Yifat Cohen

Can you handle freelancing full-time?

A freelancing career delivers many perks, but it also brings unique challenges. My latest post shares a list of a select few. What others have you experienced?

If you know someone who's thinking about freelancing full-time, feel free to share this with them. It's not meant to scare them off, but rather to prepare them for what's ahead.

#freelancing   #solopreneur   #freelancingtips  
Dawn Mentzer Dawn Mentzer

What's That Big Moto Phone All About?

The substance of this rumor seems to be fairly weak, especially since some claim that the device is targeted towards U.S. carriers. This is perhaps more likely a "Silver" programme edition of some Droid-branded phone for Verizon, perhaps. However, codenames for Nexus phones tend to be sea creatures, which makes Shamu a potential release candidate - unless that tradition goes to Silver devices now also. This might explain the videos of oversized Moto devices popping up as rumored Moto X+1 phones.
John Blossom John Blossom

Sup Bitches!! We are starting off this week by giving away  +GrandRezerva merch. We only have 2 cd's and 1 t-shirt left. All you need to do to score this amazing Rock n' Roll band merch is to email us why you love +GrandRezerva , the best email wins merch...It's that easy. So get emailing!! keeprockingsa@gmail.com  RAWK!! \m/
Phil Bowyer Phil Bowyer

15 Percent of U.S. Starbucks Sales via Mobile App

Tap-to-pay is gaining popularity, though ti still seems to thrive only where someone with a proprietary interest promotes it...
John Blossom John Blossom

An excellent demonstration of why Open Access lowers the barriers to knowledge-sharing in science. This is what scientific publishing is supposed to be about!
John Blossom John Blossom

People don't understand what homeschoolers actually DO all day. When they ask, what do you say? 
Laura Grace Weldon Laura Grace Weldon

The 20 hour work week. Is it possible? How do make it happen? Join us in 1 hour when I talk to +Timber Hawkeye  the author of Buddhist BootCamp :)
CJ Liu CJ Liu

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