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Jaana Nyström

What do you call two stunning #horses posing for a #panoramio photo?

Neeeeeighbors! Check it out in Panoramio at http://goo.gl/0K4NG
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Parenting done right.
Susan Lewis Susan Lewis

Share this video to show your pride and give a shout-out to people you’re #ProudToLove.
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Nelson Mandela's condition has deteriorated in the past 48 hours, a South African presidential spokesman says: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-23078373

President Jacob Zuma cancelled a trip to Mozambique on Thursday after visiting the country's former leader, who remains critically ill in hospital with a recurring lung infection.
Vic Gundotra Vic Gundotra

Here's a little taste of what's coming up at Noon ET today as +Food Republic wraps up their #easymeals Hangout On Air series with Chef John Stage from +Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in NYC. Get more details here: http://goo.gl/OYIe0

Swap secrets with other grill masters in +Food Republic's Grilling Guide community: http://goo.gl/QO2YB
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Hangouts v1.1 now available in the App Store

We’ve listened to your feedback and incorporated some of your top requests. New goodies and fixes include the following:

- URLs that you send now appear as clickable links
- You'll now hear a sound when you receive a message
- You can now invite friends to Hangouts via SMS
- The badge count now behaves like you’d expect
- And… Hangouts now supports iOS 6.0 and later

Download the new version at http://goo.gl/FDOfq, and let us know what you think!  #googleplusupdate
Vic Gundotra Vic Gundotra

One of the balloons from our New Zealand pilot test has had quite a ride.  Soon after launch, we saw it had the makings of a long-haul traveler, so we decided to see how far it could go.  It was in the air for 11 days and 22 hours and sailed the winds over 17,600 kilometers -- the longest flight we’ve had so far! It traversed the vast expanse of the South Pacific, crossed oceans under the southern tip of South America, and after flying past Coronation Island, which is officially part of Antarctica, it has now visited 3 continents!  

After so much adventure, we decided to bring down the balloon near the South Orkney islands -- we hadn’t planned to take a trip to the Antarctic at the winter solstice wearing the balloon equivalent of shorts and a t-shirt.  We’ve learned a ton along the way, such as what happens when the balloon flies over a massive storm system, or endures night after night of 80 Celsius temperatures, or can only charge its solar batteries with a few hours of sun each day.  We’ll be sharing more of what we’ve learned from this trip over the coming days - stay tuned.
Google Developers Google Developers

Laptop Editor's Choice (2013)

Thought we would share this review with you!
Vic Gundotra Vic Gundotra

Congratulations to the 15 Finalists and the Scientific American Science in Action Winner of the 2013 +Google Science Fair! Meet the amazing students and their projects at www.googlesciencefair.com or read more on our blog: http://g.co/xh6h
Google Google

My son +Kevin Elgan trying Google Glass at a conference in Texas.

It's a good look! 

Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

How computer-generated digital effects made The Great Gatsby great.

The most visually stunning movies these days, such as The Great Gatsby, are essentially lifelike cartoons created in computers.

A visual effects editor who worked on the movie put together this reel to show the before-and-after. So here you go, old sport: 


Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

KitchMe launched a Google Glass app today which lets people find and cook recipes hands-free. No need to swipe at your smartphone with dirty fingers! http://tnw.to/t5m6
The Next Web The Next Web

If you’re in the Google Search field trial (g.co/searchtrial), you can now look up your Gmail contacts directly from Search. Want quick directions to your friend Brittney's house while on the move? You can use Voice Search to ask "What’s Brittney's address?" and Google will show you the address, with turn-by-turn directions in one tap on your phone. If you need quick access to your friend Joanna's phone number, just say "Joanna's phone number" and it's there; with one tap you can call her. Join the field trial at http://g.co/searchtrial and let us know what you think.

We currently support all of your Gmail contacts and we'll be adding support for G+ profiles soon.
Google Google

Trek where cars can’t. Join us as we travel around the globe bringing amazing imagery and Views for you to explore.

Find out how your organization can use the #StreetView Trekker to bring these Views to places and trails that you want the world to see: http://goo.gl/HGF7T #helloworld
Google Google

Do you use Chrome at work? 

We put together a list of simple & useful apps that you can use to help connect with customers online, develop your business’ website, and managing accounting. You can check out the collection here: http://goo.gl/7EVMd

If you use any apps or extensions at work, share your recommendations below for others to check out. 
Google Chrome Google Chrome

Trek where cars can’t. Join us as we travel around the globe bringing amazing imagery and Views for you to explore.

Find out how your organization can use the #StreetView Trekker to bring these Views to places and trails that you want the world to see: http://goo.gl/HGF7T #helloworld
Google Maps Google Maps

Will Google create the first mainstream platform for gaming as a spectator sport?

I speculated openly back in May that Google's use of Google+ as the social component of its Google Play Games Services could transform gaming into a spectator sport. 


Today, +The Wall Street Journal reported that Google is working on a gaming console. My guess is that this console will also use Google+ as the medium for first-person-shooter trash talk. 

Meanwhile, others are starting to muse about the possibility of gaming as a mainstream spectator sport, including +PBS's Idea Channel. Here comes the video: 

Can Video Games Become the Next Great Spectator Sport? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

What do you think? Is the world ready for massive video gaming events on Google+? 

_(Real Steel pic props to Walt Disney Studios
Motion Pictures)_
Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

Google Korea +구글코리아(Google Korea)  held its first meeting of +Virtual Photo Walks™ South Korea Seoul, bringing together volunteers to help co-founders +John Butterill  and +Bruce Garber  accomplish a +Virtual Photo Walks™  from The War Memorial of Korea and The UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea.

On the +Google+  platform, volunteer photographers from different countries upload their images following the motto, "Walk the walk for those who can't."

Google Korea, the organizer of the gathering, did not expect so many people to volunteer for the event..

"When the event was first posted on Google+ we assumed 20 to 30 people would sign up," said +Kyung-sook Kim , head of corporate communications and public affairs for the company. "However, over 100 people signed up in one day"

Special Thank you to all of our Korean photographers and contributors that helped make this Virtual Photo Walks a success. +Lois Kim Dowon Kim, Wonmo Kang, Ingi Kim, Alexis Park, jaehun jang, Conqueror Sin, Ga-ram So, Youngmin Joo

The War Memorial of Korea, as our unique war history museum in Korea, is the sanctuary of national defense to feel the live history which we had been defended this country for five thousand years, and this is a place we learned lessons from war and to make a practical determination that we will never experience the tragedy of war again. Also, The War Memorial of Korea is the live educational center of Korean contemporary history to have a correct understanding of vivid history which have been safeguarded the free democracy including the meaning of Korean War which was the most tragic war in history.
Web site: https://www.warmemo.or.kr/eng/main/main.jsp

The UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea honors UN soldiers from 16 countries that were killed in battle during the Korean War from 1950-1953. This serene park spreads across a grassy plain area of 135,000 m2. Some of the sites and memorials include: Memorial Service Hall, Memorabilia Hall, 2 Turkish Monuments, Greek Monument, Australian Monument, British Common Wealth Monument and 2 ponds. The Memorial Service Hall and the Memorabilia Hall were constructed in 1964 and 1968 respectively. The citizens of Busan dedicated the Main Gate in 1966. There are many annual events held here, some of the key events include: April's Tributary Ceremony of the Veterans of the Korean War, May's American Memorial Day, June's Korean Memorial Day, and October's UN Ceremony Day.
Web site: http://www.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=264405

Had lots of fun and learned a lot doing this +Virtual Photo Walks™  ! If you missed it; you can watch it NOW on demand right here.

A special thanks to +John Butterill  and +Bruce Garber  for helping to organize these virtual photo walks.

To learn more about +Virtual Photo Walks™  please visit http://VirtualPhotoWalks.com where we walk the walk for those who can't and have a lot of fun in the process.

If you would like to join us on a +Virtual Photo Walks™   know some one who would please contact us http://VirtualPhotoWalks.org to learn how.

Circle us on Google+  http://VirtualPhotoWalks.com

Please feel free to help share places we visit, by sharing this post and video with your circle of family and friends.

Thank you for your help and compassion.

"To Know, To Care, To Act"

#VirtualPhotoWalks #JohnButterill #BruceGarber #photowalks #photography #photographers #video #Google #googleplus #googleglass #hangoutsonair #hangouts #onair #onairlive #onairhangouts #camera #live #livestream #livestreaming #streetphotography #streetart #googleKorea #korea #TheWarMemorialofKorea #TheUNMemorialCemetery  

The War Memorial of Korea & The UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea - A Virtual Photo Walks Presentation
Google+ Google+

Good morning, G+!

Today at 2:15pm ET, +MHPShow is hosting the last in our series of Hangouts surrounding #DOMA  and #Prop8 . And guess who's joining us--Prop 8 plaintiffs (and newly engaged) Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo!

Got questions for these guys? Leave them in the comments below and they'll answer today at 2:15.  #MarriageEquality   
Google+ Google+

Google today launched a new Google Maps pilot program that lets organizations borrow the Street View Trekker and contribute imagery back to the service. Brilliant: http://tnw.co/19G1qUl
The Next Web The Next Web

The Internet Then and Now...
1998: 9,600 Google Searches Per Day
2012: 3,000,000,000 Google Searches Per Day

See The Full Size Infographic Here: http://goo.gl/h97hC 

(Source: www.whoishostingthis.com)
The Next Web The Next Web

TNW Poll | Best Design: iOS 7 or Android Jelly Bean?

Pick One
VOTE iOS 7 -  http:// wedgi.es/1ahF91N
VOTE Android -  http://wedgi.es/16BrPAO 

LATEST Voting - Image  Below (As at  1.30pm BST)
The Next Web The Next Web

Introducing the Cloud Console
The Google Cloud Console (http://goo.gl/kU0Wn) provides a unified console for managing your Google Cloud Platform services, including all Google APIs.

We know you depend on the console, so we’ve worked hard to ensure it is reliable. We implemented the console as an App Engine application in Java. Even when hit with a 10x traffic spike during the Cloud Platform kickoff session at Google IO (http://goo.gl/oYUY1), we enjoyed watching the app scale seamlessly (http://goo.gl/Kjd6a).

We're still in the very early days of building the Cloud Console, but are excited to share our progress so far. We encourage you to try out what's currently available and watch for regular updates.

 We also welcome feedback.  Please share your thoughts with us below or from the "Send feedback" option in the console's gear menu. You can also enroll to participate in our user studies to help us design a better experience: http://goo.gl/p3hBt.

Looking forward to your feedback -- we are just getting started!
Google Developers Google Developers

After the Supreme Court's historic ruling that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, President Obama shared a video  documenting the history of the fight for marriage equality. The video maps the 13 states where gay marriage is legal.

Check it out: http://on.mash.to/14A4xK7

#DOMA   #scotus   #lgbt   #marriageequality  
Mashable Mashable

Off to lunch:

I share a love for Thai food with my son: The hotter the better.

There are a couple of nice Thai buffet restaurants close...  Which to choose?
Hmm. Pity visiting both of them is a bit too much.

What is your favorite Thai dish?
Mine is Phad kapraw or fried stuff with chili, garlic and Thai basil.

#Thaifood   #AroiMaak   #Delicious  
Jaana Nyström Jaana Nyström

The weather in Finland is incredibly warm and nice...

Central Europe has mislaid their weather

Sorry to hear that it's quite chilly further south...


#Summer   #Summerweather   #Finland  
Jaana Nyström Jaana Nyström

The Edward Snowden events remind me of this great passage from Goodwill Hunting. Still love it after all these years.

L'affaire Snowden me rappelle ce super passage du film Goodwill Hunting. 
Louis Gray Louis Gray

The recipients in email's Bcc line are hidden, but not from the NSA!

We already heard that the NSA harvests meta-data -- the data about the data -- in various forms of email communication. 

This data includes who the email is addressed to. 

But I was surprised by a new leak reported today that the NSA can and does even monitor and record the recipients in the Bcc, or "Blind carbon copy" line. 


Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

Why brand evangelism needs to die.

There are some marketing terms that make me nauseous - synergy, resolutionary, as seen in TechCrunch - but none make me cringe more than evangelist. Perhaps it's my preconceived notions around religious language in general, but the thing that gets me most about the term is that an evangelist exists to convert, not help. Before we get going, here's my definition:

Brand Evangelist (n): A loyal customer who is passionate enough about a brand to convince others to also become a customer with no personal gain other than to bolster community around their passion.

Over the top and insincere
I don't trust anyone who calls themselves an evangelist. The reason why is because an evangelist's "job" is to convert you to seeing a product or service their way. I can't think of any easier opt-out than, "This person is trying to sell me." Where I work we understand that our solution isn't the solution for everyone and we frequently send people to other brands. This is ultimately a win for us as they view us favorably because we put their best interests first. Brand evangelists don't care about putting your best interests first. They care about putting the brand first and convincing you that you should also feel the same way. They tell you what you need even if you know that's not it. It's no surprise that brand evangelism started with Apple.

There's a a thin line between being passionate about a brand and being a fan, an ambassador, an influencer, or an evangelist. We've all probably been each at some point or another. But for me, the moment someone calls themselves an evangelist I opt out. I've never been convinced by an evangelist before and will seek out less emotional opinions before making a purchasing decision.

"Follow me! Follow me!"
The image I see in my head of an evangelist is like a pied piper or Olamar and his Pikmin. You have the leader of a group of people who leads them to fully to one product, then to another, then to another. If any of the followers along the way begin to question the leadership of the evangelist, they're ostracized for second-guessing the evangelist's "religion." There's a reason religious language is used to describe a brand evangelist and it isn't happenstance. 

Evangelists create followers in the truest sense of the word (followers, by the way, also has religious subtext) which is great for brands in the short-term, but extremely shitty when an evangelist changes their mind and takes a brand's most loyal customers with them. Brands don't control evangelists, try as they might. Evangelists are free agents that follow the tide of hype all the way to the next best thing.

The restrictions of a label
As I said earlier, I'm sure I've been an evangelist, a fan, a fanatic, etc at some point in my life about something. But what I've noticed is that being crazed about something isn't an effective way to sell someone on something. What I've also noticed is that the moment you label yourself as something you're held to the expectations created by that word's conations. I avoid these labels at all costs and am always surprised when people adopt them so readily.

For instance, this post is coming after a lengthy discussion with +Mike Allton about what it means to be a brand evangelist. He definitely took some offense at my strong opinions (eh, this is normal for me), but it should be noted that when I talk about evangelists I talk about the concept of a brand evangelist, not Mike in particular (Mike's a great guy!). Are marketing terms subject to the same level of scrutiny as race or gender? Naw, I don't think so. People choose to be evangelists and it's my personal opinion that the label is overhyped, tired, and ineffective. It may be a smart marketing move at times, but why become emotionally invested in, of all things, a marketing move?

So what should we be then?
Well, like I said, I hate labels and appreciate the middle ground. I think the middle ground is so much more effective. Personally, if you are going to choose a label, I'd go with ambassador. An ambassador works as a middleman between preferences and finds out what will make someone else happy. Ambassadors don't try to convert people, but rather try to keep the peace while admitting faults and making the case for strong features.

I'm not saying an evangelist can't do that. I'm just saying that I hear the word evangelist, roll my eyes, and find someone who cares about me.

#SocialMedia   #GooglePlus   #Marketing  
Carter Gibson Carter Gibson

Best mom ever?

My mom read my Google+ review of The Last of Us and sent me this.

Definitely best mom ever.
Carter Gibson Carter Gibson

I can't stop laughing.....
Susan Lewis Susan Lewis

Electric car sets new speed record: shows E-racing can be exciting
  Slightly over 200 mph (328.6 km/h) is an impressive feat over a straight line mile. Especially if you only use a 30-kWh lithium-ion battery to deliver the 850 hp. 

The  Drayson Racing Technologies Lola B12/69 EV is a Le Mans Lola chassis which originally had a 5,5 liter engine. 

In 2014 the FIA Formula E will start with an all electric line-up of 40 cars and 20 drivers. It's hoped that all races can take place in city centers to draw attention to the event. As the noise levels are so much lower than other FIA classes cities like Rome, LA, London, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing and others are happy to have these racing events.

The championship rules restrict noise to 80db (less than a city bus and  F1 is 130db!). Pit stops are needed when the battery runs out so that the driver can switch to the second fully-charged car. 

Do you look forward to electric racing on street circuits or is still not the real thing?
Max Huijgen Max Huijgen

Give me the first word or phrase to pop into your head. 
Pam Adger Pam Adger

+steph wanamaker turned me onto the Torch Web Browser earlier today. We had been discussing browsers off and on the last couple of weeks, and how we were unhappy with Chrome, and how Internet Explorer 10 was good, but still Internet Explorer. So when she mentioned me in the comments of a link to Torch's website I went and investigated it. I downloaded it and installed it and have not shut it down since. 

It has all the advantages of Chrome without all the drawbacks. It even looks like Chrome. It has Chrome's speed, it does well with video, and can use any extension Chrome uses as it is built on the Chromium source code. However, unlike Chrome it is not a memory hog, it communicates well with the Google Talk plugin (which had been an issue for me with Chrome), and you can have many tabs open without it crashing (my brother said in his tests of Torch he had six tabs open at one point). It is now 5:30 pm and I have had Torch open since about 1 pm, maybe earlier. I have not had to close it and reopen it once. In that amount of time I would have had to close and reopen Chrome three or four times. All that remains to be seen is how Torch behaves with Hangouts. Usually if I am going to have an issue with a browser that is where it is. I have one coming up Friday, so I will find out then. But for now I am sold on Torch.
Yifat Cohen Yifat Cohen

In London recently, we helped organize a gathering of museum curators, academics and others to discuss ways to make the history of computing relevant to a wider audience. We've been looking for ways to help preserve and promote computing heritage for some time now, including through our series of short films and blog posts (http://g.co/r6ws). We were delighted to take part in this event, which you can learn more about on the Europe Blog: 
Google Google

#MustWatch > #xboxone   vs. #ps4  : Still undecided? Conan O'Brien visits E3 to weigh in on the debate. Funny. 
The Next Web The Next Web

Selfy from our sailing trip
We went sailing yesterday in Dun Laoghaire. I grew up learning to sail and I love being on the water. It has been a looooooong time since my last time. I really enjoyed it. It was a Hanse 54 with a 95 qm sail.

Anyone else into sailing?
Moritz Tolxdorff Moritz Tolxdorff

QUIC is a new experimental protocol: delivering HTTP over UDP, with 0-RTT connects, packet pacing, error correction, and more!

Announcement: http://bit.ly/10ZmggW ... Best of all, it's in Chrome Canary! Check out the announcement and FAQ for more.
Google Developers Google Developers

So, I just saw the Korean Webcomic Horror movie The Webtoon.

Dude. This is seriously a serious horror movie about posting webcomics without attribution. Like, a woman digitally edits some comics, claims them as her own, and there is literally a shot of her watermarking them with her own blood.
She posts them on the Korean equivalent of Tumblr, and people start dying in the exact same way as they did in the comics. Because she stole them from a ghost.
I am not implying this is a good movie. If you have ever seen an Asian horror movie, you have basically seen this movie. But as a webcartoonist, this movie was INSANE.
One thing I loved:
It's the first movie I've seen where when a character uses a computer, it actually looks like a real computer interface. Like, the movie has no problem breaking the laws of reality, gravity, time, and space... but if a ghost wants to show a scary image on a computer screen, he still has to Google the image, right click to download, click OK on the popup, unpack the zip file, open the right image, and set it to full screen.
Also, the movie was cosponsored by Prismacolor.
This was a weird theater-going experience.
Ryan Estrada Ryan Estrada

MYSTERY PIC: What is it?
Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

Your stories, your voice.

Al Jazeera America wants to know which stories you think the national media has missed and need to be covered. Our #OpenEditorial meeting is your chance to connect with us directly and pitch a story idea for coverage.

If your submission is chosen, you will be asked to join us in a live Google+ Hangout, this Friday, June 28, at 12pm ET / 9am PT with Lisa Fletcher, host of “The Stream.”

Producers and hosts will be tweeting on #OpenEditorial all week discussing your ideas. So RSVP to the event, send us your ideas and join the conversation!
Google+ Google+

The First Lady is hosting a special event that will connect young people in South Africa with young people in the U.S. to discuss the importance of education and our shared future -- and you can be a part of it.

Watch the +Google+ Hangout live on Saturday, June 29th at 9:30 a.m. ET and join the conversation with #FLOTUSinAfricahttp://at.wh.gov/ms31F 

During this event, with +MTV Base and Google+, the First Lady and will join students in South Africa for a virtual discussion with young people in cities around the U.S., including New York, L.A., Kansas City and  Houston.
Google Google

Wandering a bit, here's my last painting, I wish you a nice day
This is part of the series, following the color wizard.
Abstract portrait of the city of Los Angeles under the influence of pop art Acrylics and dry pastel pencils on light wood. 30cm*30cm.

For #pixelworld  +PixelWorld by +Alberto Carreras 
For #paintitclub  +PaintIt Club by +Richard Mabb +Celso Carvalho +Clare Bambers +Rick Leaf +Carol Small +Astrid Bartels +Milena Ilieva +Stefan Kierek +Elin Vaeth
Marie Hélène Visconti Marie Hélène Visconti

Looking to brush up on your general +Google skills? Want to pick up a few tips and tricks from a few Google pros? Then stop by the first Top Contributor EDU Series this Wednesday and Thursday, where TC’s from +Google Maps +Google Chrome  #Webmaster   +Google Drive +Gmail and more show you how to optimize your experience across the web.

In a series of Hangouts on Air, our Top Contributors will show you how to get started with Course Builder, the ins-and-outs of Google Drive, and getting going with Chrome OS. 

Interested in joining? Check out the schedule below to find a relevant session (all times listed in PT)

Can’t make it to a session? That’s okay. We’ll reshare each of the videos later on, from the Top Contributor channel. 

Wednesday, June 26
Noon, PT: Google+ Local & Google Maps (changing your listings, getting on the map, etc.) [Hosted in Dutch] with +Jurjen de Vries  and +Roswell Balentien 

Thursday, June 27
5am, PT: Course Builder--how to get started for the novice user with +Jeannie Crowley 

9am, PT: Wow, this is Google Drive! with +David Farrell 

10am, PT: Chromebook 101 with +Mike McLoughlin 

11am, PT: Gmail user issues and common questions with +shaheerk k 

5pm, PT: Beyond Strong Passwords: Securing Your Data in Google with +Jay Lee 

6pm, PT: Webmaster Tips & Tricks with +Matt Storms 

#education   #topcontributor   #hoa  
Natalie Villalobos Natalie Villalobos

Cute little bugger 
Rodney Pike Rodney Pike

#65 Photographers, Fun, & Live Music from Jonathan Blackshire!

This Friday at 10:00pm ET we'll be joined by Photographers +Jordana Wright, +Nicolai McCrary, +Corey Rich, +Jordan Oram, and Special Musical Guest +Jonathan Blackshire (reverbnation.com/jonathanblackshire)! The show will be live here: youtube.com/user/TheBillster2/live Refresh when we’re about to go live and the player will be there.

For more information and to get reminders about the show visit the event page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c7ukgo8dic62r9tji1oqcgp2tig

Billy Wilson Billy Wilson

Parenting done right.
Ayoub Khote Ayoub Khote

Awesome Avatar by +Charles Dowd,

~Check out his comic book series, "Lilith Dark"!
Get your own here: http://cdowd.com/

Bobbie Today Bobbie Today

You can now borrow its Street View Trekker and take it for a walk.

Google is kicking off a new Google Maps pilot program that lets third-party organizations borrow the Street View Trekker and contribute imagery back to Maps.

You can be one of them. Just fill out this form to qualify http://goo.gl/rB7NS

Via +The Next Web 
#googlemaps   #trekker   #streetview  
Yifat Cohen Yifat Cohen

Pangean geopolitical map circa 300 million years ago.
John Hardy John Hardy

#shotoftheday Our new theme is Murray Mania!

Show your support to Murray by posting your best +Wimbledon  inspired 'Murray Mania' photo using the #shotoftheday  hashtag for your chance to win our daily prize, and maybe even the men's final tickets.

You have until 16:00 (BST) Friday before our next theme!
Google UK Google UK

Fox Reporter Says ‘F**’ Twice In A Matter Of Seconds.*
And it airs..
Linda Lawrey Linda Lawrey

Shopping with ninjas!
Amy Gabriel Amy Gabriel

keep yer dang sammich to yerself.

(The above sentence written with horrible spelling and grammar purposely. One must speak/write in a language the intended audience will understand. If you can spell and write in a grammatically pleasing fashion, this post is not for you.)
Amy Gabriel Amy Gabriel

It's 105°F...but it's a dry heat. So I can actually feel the sweat drip down the crack of my ass. 
Pam Adger Pam Adger

we mustache you a question... but we'll shave it for later.

the level of silliness is getting outrageous... Booboo wore her Pancho Villa mustache the entire time at dinner to the delight of the other diners. 

Amy Gabriel Amy Gabriel

Don't forget that you have until 16:00 (BST) to share your +Wimbledon inspired photo of 'tennis balls' with hashtag #shotoftheday  to win daily prizes and even men's final tickets.

This is a great entry from +Simon Buckton and the Live +Wimbledon team who you can watch today from 12:00 (BST) to 19:00 (BST) on our YouTube channel
Google UK Google UK

Via +danika risher 
Last night something very important happened down in Texas, something that if you weren't following as it happened, you're probably not going to hear the whole truth about. I was one of the people who was in the right place to watch, and so I'm now going to try to pass on the word as best I can. I'm tagging some of you at the bottom, people who I think should read this. Apologies for anyone who finds this disruptive.

The Texas senate voted yesterday on an bill that essentially would have closed nearly every abortion clinic in the state. To try to counter the bill (which was heavily supported by the Republican majority, senator Wendy Davis attempted a one-woman day-long filibuster, during which time she spoke on the subject while going without food, water, bathroom breaks or being allowed to sit down or even lean on her table for support. She lasted nearly eleven hours before being ruled off topic on a technicality. A second female senator then stepped up and tried to continue the filibuster by asking for salient points to be repeated to her, as she missed part of the session that day to attend her father's funeral. 

But here's where things get interesting. With fifteen minutes before the midnight deadline, the lieutenant governor ordered the senate to proceed, and actually had the democrats' microphones cut off. The spectators in the assembly responded by cheering, chanting and generally causing a ruckus, in order to drown out attempts at a vote. The midnight deadline passed without a vote being taken, but the chair held a vote after midnight, as the spectators were forced out of the assembly. During all of this, there was no coverage on MSNBC, CNN or any other major news network, with the only coverage coming from a livestream set up by the Teas Tribune.

At 12:15, the Associated Press ran a story saying the bill had passed, which CBS picked up. This was based on a sole source, which the AP later admitted was a republican senator. Meanwhile in the chambers, the senators stood around, both sides confused if the vote had even happened, if they had even voted on the correct issue. The chair had left with the lieutenant governor without ending the session. The Tribune's feed was cut at 12:20 with 70,000 people watching. CNN at this point was talking about the deliciousness of muffins.

Outside in the halls of the senate building, thousands of people were packed wall to wall, chanting "shame, shame", while thousands more were outside. State police had formed a barricade around the entrance hall, and were making sporadic arrests (50 or so by night's end) and confiscating cameras. In the thick of it was a guy named Christopher Dido, who used his cell phone and a live stream to report on what was happening. He was the only journalist in America who was filming at the senate, with as many as 30,000 people watching the stream at one time, and over 200,000 viewers by night's end. He did this while the state police surrounded the protesters in the building, some of them with nightsticks drawn. The police at this time refused to let through food or water that people tried to send in, instead eating and drinking it themselves. They also barricaded access to vending machines and water fountains within the building, and were said to have blocked off access to the washrooms for at least a period of time. Meanwhile, journalists still inside the chambers tweeted out news updates, which were disseminated and retweeted by people like Matt Fraction, Felicia Day and Will Wheaton, reaching an audience that would otherwise have probably not seen or heard what happened next.

The senate was recalled 90 minutes after its midnight end point, to determine whether or not the vote was valid- behind closed doors with no microphones, and only the Senate's own muted camera. Then something disturbing happened. The senate website carries the official record of the caucus. It listed the vote as happening past midnight, on June 26th. Until suddenly it didn't. The date was quietly manually changed to 6/25, the minutes altered to say the vote happened at 11:59, despite almost 200,000 people watching live who saw differently. Suddenly twitter and other social media sites blew up with before-and-after screen shots. Inside the closed sessions, the democrats were made aware of the alterations and brought them up- without social media, almost no one would have known, and never in time. Ultimately, based on the fraudulent alterations, the GOP conceded defeat, admitting the vote had taken place at 12:03, and declaring the bill to be dead. When this happened, the AP and CBS said the vote was overturned, never admitting to shoddy journalism. CNN ignored the story until this morning, because muffins take priority.

Yesterday, I witnessed women's rights under fire, a crippled legal system that didn't represent its people, a corrupt government body attempting to commit a crime in front of hundreds of thousands of witnesses, and the complete failure of the main stream media. I also witnessed a woman performing a nearly superhuman act to do what was right, the power of the people making themselves heard both in person and online, and the extraordinary value of one young man with a cellphone making sure people saw and heard the truth about what was going on.

Anyone reading the papers or watching network news today won't get the full story. Hopefully enough people saw it unfold live, that the lessons from last night won't be forgotten.
Lori Friedrich Lori Friedrich

Billy Wilson -
+102 - 3 shares - 5 comments

Billy Wilson Billy Wilson

Been that sorta day.
steph wanamaker steph wanamaker

Sex or Death

Which do you think about when you see this? Honestly, it doesn't really matter. If you answered, Sex, good for you. You have a libido and a healthy respect for boobies. If you answered, Death, also good for you. You understand that mortality is reality for all of us. On the other hand, if you answered, Bacon, I think we may have identified a real problem.

Image credit: Alisa Kiss http://alisakiss.deviantart.com #nsfw  
Tessie L'Amour Tessie L'Amour

Congrats to Dove for winning the Titanium Grand Prix at +Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and being #1 on our YouTube Ads Leaderboard for Cannes with Dove Real Beauty Sketches! Learn how Dove accomplished this in partnership with Ogilvy Brazil, PHD, Edelman, and Google. http://goo.gl/xR6fb 
Think with Google Think with Google

Finally proof that levitation over water can be done
Max Huijgen Max Huijgen

Question of the Day

What is one mistake you often make?

I make many mistakes. Some are obvious at the time, and others less so. Most of my mistakes, however are caused by me wanting some shiny thing or another: I get too caught up in the thing I want that I neglect to see whether it’s actually the best thing of its kind in the price range.

And by the time I find out I got sucked in, it’s too late.

The next time I'm tempted in that way, I'm going to remember this question :P

#crosspostall #questionoftheday
Ayoub Khote Ayoub Khote

Yeah, this is happening. Must be another change in The Matrix

Karen Elaine Thomas Karen Elaine Thomas

Raspberry Pi internet radio
Since I don't like any of the radio stations here in Dublin (more silly talk than music) I built a little RaspPi internet radio. Now I can listen to my good old German radio in the morning :-)
Moritz Tolxdorff Moritz Tolxdorff

Failed to update notification error

Is anyone else getting this error every time you click on the bell to check on notifications?? 

+Google+ Help +Google+ 
Karen Elaine Thomas Karen Elaine Thomas

+Google is 'The Terminator' - Getting tough on Blogger sites that monitize adult content. Are we surprised?
The Next Web The Next Web

PayPal has launched a Galactic program for space payments. Yes, seriously... Have a read http://tnw.to/t5lD
The Next Web The Next Web

Substitute loud for obnoxious
And don't we all need a few friends like this? I know I do!
Lori Friedrich Lori Friedrich

Bono On Jesus

An interesting interview with Bono of U2 on the person of #Jesus . Read the full article here: http://dustn.ws/13aKk1S

Bono is one of those strange anomalies of a rock star who defies the "norm" of rock-stardom. Personally, I'd love to see more rock stars like this.

What do you think? 

#christianity   #music  
Dustin W. Stout Dustin W. Stout

Just as there's no such thing as "being a little pregnant."

Susan Lewis Susan Lewis

As I read through posts this morning I am struck with the thought that you all have become a real and significant part of my life.
I see births, hook ups, break ups, vacations of a lifetime, pain, anger, joy and sadness.
I am privileged to be a part of your lives.
Pam Adger Pam Adger

A great view from Henman Hill this morning... Or is it Mount Murray? Or Robson Ridge? #shotoftheday  
Google UK Google UK

$655,182 Kickstarter project delivers: Larry Suit Larry is back!
 As of today you can play the old game again with a fresh look to the old dirty jokes. It's released for PC, Mac and Unix with iOS and Android versions following soon. A fitting day as it's also the 30 year anniversary of the MSX computer. 

It even has a renewed age-check which in 1987 did more for the education of teenagers around the world than most school projects... 

For the latest on the release check http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/leisuresuitlarry/make-leisure-suit-larry-come-again/posts/521882
Max Huijgen Max Huijgen

Google To Remove All Blogger Sites With Adult Content Ads
Rahul Roy Rahul Roy

What Turns Women On

Here's a little secret - What Turns Women On is . . . how you treat your kids.

Guys often complain to me about not getting enough sex. But they miss (really ignore) the connection between their behavior and their partner's sexual desire for them.

What turns women on? It's not your physique, a trip to Hawaii, or your accomplishments, as much it is how you treat her, and even more important to her is how you treat her kids.

Want more sex? What turns women on? Be A Dad.

#dads   #fathers   #dadsday   #fathersday   #fathersday2013  Image: http://goo.gl/niNiX
Yifat Cohen Yifat Cohen

Congrats +Dove on winning the Titanium Grand Prix at Cannes, and being #1 on our YouTube Ads Leaderboard for Cannes with Dove Real Beauty Sketches! Learn how Dove accomplished this in partnership with Ogilvy Brazil, PHD, Edelman, and Google. http://goo.gl/xR6fb 

We'll also be releasing a full-length article on Dove Real Beauty Sketches next week on www.google.com/think. Stay tuned.
Google Creative Sandbox Google Creative Sandbox

Have you met Donna on #iOS  yet? A smart personal assistant #app  with some clever features. Android version coming soon  http://tnw.to/g0g0d

Is Donna smart? Let us know
The Next Web The Next Web

Instagram as a messenger -- whaaaaat? tnw.to/h0gCq
The Next Web The Next Web

To bloviate is to talk, but not just to chat. To bloviate means to go on and on and on and on, usually in a pompous way.
Can you hear the blow in the word bloviate? That's a clue that someone bloviating is blowing some serious hot air. When someone bloviates, he is speaking in an empty, pretentious, full-of-himself manner. This word is often associated with politicians, who probably invented bloviating. When someone is talking a lot and saying a little, they're bloviating.

Do you even bloviate?
Bobbie Today Bobbie Today

I cleaned my Stanley Thermos (because work coffee sucks). The sink looked like I filled it with leeches. I might have to decrease the cleaning interval. 
Pam Adger Pam Adger

I just submitted this to the 'blog' of 'unnecessary' quotation marks!

I just sent this picture to Bethany Keeley who publishes the wonderful "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks.


(I spotted this sign at a small restaurant in Barcelona.) 
Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

I did not wake up in The Algarve, Portugal.

AJ Kohn AJ Kohn

Happy birthday Google Earth Outreach! Today is the 6th birthday of a great program that helps empower nonprofits using Earth in innovative ways that make a big impact. Check out our original blog launch from their first birthday way back in 2007. Help us wish them a very happy birthday, and many more to come!
Google for Nonprofits Google for Nonprofits

Dustin W. Stout - A helpful hand
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A helpful hand
Dustin W. Stout Dustin W. Stout

Guys, It is Happening

I don't know if you feel it but I sure do. Last year a college football post on Google+ was lucky to get a single +1. In fact, it was sad to see the lack of interaction. Today, in my college football community, over half a dozen posts received 10 +1s or more. I am seeing the same thing in some other verticals that had almost zero presence this time last year.

We are coming upon birthday #2 for Google Plus and the tide is turning. Brands are coming over. Bloggers see the value. It is starting to become the place to be for anyone that wants to create a name for themselves online.

Do you feel it too?!?

#googleplus   #google  
Dustin W. Stout Dustin W. Stout

Seems like there may be some technical issues on Google+ right now. If you can see this message, say hi! Thanks. :)
Pete Cashmore Pete Cashmore

Something you might not have been paying attention to. Microsoft's Internet Explorer now cleans the floor with Chrome when it comes to Javascript speed.

It also does graphics much, much better too. Try thesse demos.

I like the "Psychedelic Browser" one. Try it on Chrome and then IE10.
John Hardy John Hardy

Whiskey Schulze, Stefan Reifenrath, Stefan Sarzio, Daniel L., and Stefan Furtmayr
Moritz Tolxdorff Moritz Tolxdorff

A new company has entered the commercial space race, and it's not one you might think. PayPal wants to be the service you use to pay for things in space: http://on.mash.to/139dgY4

#paypal   #space  
Mashable Mashable

We discussed mobile app design today during a Google+ Hangout with the founder of popular iOS app Days. If you've ever been interested in the art of app design, you should really watch this. 

More details: http://on.mash.to/14ZLDyn

#appdesign   #mobile   #mobileapps   #hangoutsonair  
Pete Cashmore Pete Cashmore

I'll just leave this here...
Carmelyne Thompson Carmelyne Thompson

If you search for gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual you get this fancy rainbow thing. I think they should make it an option for all searches; it's fabulous!
Liz Quilty Liz Quilty

Parent of the year award. When you see it....you'll know what I am talking about. 
Pam Adger Pam Adger

My favourite shot of the Midwinter Solstice last week.
Warm fires and mulled wines all round!

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand.  -8 degrees C.
Liz Quilty Liz Quilty

Snowden lost famous lawyer Garzon, but will get a US attorney
 Garzon, famous from prosecuting Argentinian dictator Jorge Videla and other high profile cases in Spain, released a statement. He no longer represents Edward Snowden. 

In an update WikiLeaks twitted ' WikiLeaks has acquired a US attorney for Mr. Snowden who will be named in due course.'  Now it could well make sense to have an American legal advisor, but Baltasar Garzón never shies away from a high profile case no matter the jurisdiction involved. Things look bad for Edward Snowden!

Full statement which is a bit puzzling:
This serves to state that the Law firm ILOCAD has decided not to represent Mr. Snowden, whose whereabouts are unknown. We continue to represent Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks as senior legal counsel in the defence of the fundamental right to freedom of information and expression. In this vein, we are satisfied with the recently approved draft resolution by the Committee Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly. It states that those who disclose criminal acts in the public interest should be protected from retaliation and persecution from those who commit them.

Baltasar Garzón
Max Huijgen Max Huijgen

Today we're introducing Affinity Segments, a new way for brand advertisers to connect with their ideal audience online.

Based on TV-style audiences, our segments take into account users’ demonstrated interests and broad passions to accurately categorize them into 80+ segments. By selecting the segment that best matches your brand, you can connect with just the right audience at scale.

Learn more here: http://goo.gl/WF4Vs
Think with Google Think with Google

9 months later - 25 billion app downloads (Sept. 2012), up from 10 billion downloads in Dec. 2011

In May 2013, the number was 48 billion  #googleplay
Thomas Morffew Thomas Morffew

Ward Chandler, Keenan Cummings, and Bobby Ghoshal
Mashable Mashable

Google today launched a new Google Maps pilot program that lets organizations borrow the Street View Trekker and contribute imagery back to the service. Brilliant: http://tnw.co/19G1qUl
Jack C Crawford Jack C Crawford

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