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Mark Traphagen

That's a Fukang cool looking meteorite. I'd Fukang love to have one.
The #Fukang  meteorite, believed to be some 4.5 billion years old was unearthed near a town of the same name in China in 2000. It is a pallasite, a type of meteorite with translucent golden crystals of a mineral called olivine embedded in a silvery honeycomb of nickel-iron. It’s a gorgeous meteorite, and possibly the most stunning extraterrestrial piece of rock man has ever seen.

Find out Fukang moar here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukang_(meteorite) and here: http://www.amusingplanet.com/2013/05/the-beautiful-fukang-meteorite.html
Paul Spoerry Paul Spoerry

Why Google+ + Post Ads Are an Advertising & Branding Revolution

Two posts from our STC analysts on Google+ +Post Ads (now available to brand pages with more than 1000 followers):

From +Mark Traphagen "Google+ Post Ads: Bringing Engagement to Advertising" concentrates on the genius of Google's new ad strategy. READ IT --> http://stonet.co/1gDc7Jb

From +Eric Enge "Why Google+ +Post Ads May Be Important for your Brand" examines the benefits to brands of this new ad platform. READ IT --> http://stonet.co/1pcQmJp
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

My 18 year anniversary writing about search is today. So I guess I'm an adult at this now :) Here's a page from my original guide, way back when, covering the major search engines and why they were deemed important by me to publishers.
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan

Sweet Tip! Get the Google+ Social Proof Number of Any G+ Page
Quick, easy way to view a Page's total +1's

We got this from +Dejan SEO's amazing "Comprehensive Study of Google Plus Content and Brand Visibility* (see it at stonet.co/1gCZON4)

When Google+ introduced view counts two weeks ago, they took away the visible total +1 count that used to appear in the cover image of brand Pages. That number was a useful "social proof" number, as it represented a sum of all the brands followers, +1's (on posts and on it's site), members in owned communities, and others.

The number still exists though, and is displayed on the official Google+ Badge on a brand's website, if they display it. But as +Dan Petrovic pointed out, you can use Google's Google+ Badge Tool to quickly get the number for any page on G+:

1. Go to the Google+ Badge Tool: https://developers.google.com/+/web/badge/#badge
2. Change Google+ User to "other"
3. Enter the page's URL

The page's total +1 number will appear in the preview image for the badge.

If you found this tip useful, please reshare. Thanks! 
#gplustips   #googleplustips  
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Getting the Courage to Climb on the Startup Roller Coaster Ride

My friend +Phil Buckley always has a way of bringing the human element to business. In this post he tells about the roller coaster of emotions, including fear and shame, he and partner +Martin W. Smith are experiencing as they launch into the unknown with their startup company +CrowdFunde.

Takeaways: ask for help and move on. Read and share! #plusonly  
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Why Google+ + Post Ads Are an Advertising & Branding Revolution

Two posts from our STC analysts on Google+ +Post Ads (now available to brand pages with more than 1000 followers):

From +Mark Traphagen "Google+ Post Ads: Bringing Engagement to Advertising" concentrates on the genius of Google's new ad strategy. READ IT --> http://stonet.co/1gDc7Jb

From +Eric Enge "Why Google+ +Post Ads May Be Important for your Brand" examines the benefits to brands of this new ad platform. READ IT --> http://stonet.co/1pcQmJp
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

How To Pick The Perfect Plus Post Ad
Personal profiles and Community posts can be promoted. 
But there is more...

Being able to promote one of your Google Plus posts is one thing. Being able to promote the right Google Plus post, is a whole other story. 

✓ Pick a post that did well and promote it.
( Engagement by Day )
✓ Tailor the time your ads show based on your best times to post.
( Engagement by Time )
✓ Use your top performing post type to test different calls to action.
( Engagement by Type )

So, that being said, are you jumping on the +Post bandwagon?

Share your success ( or fails ) with us.

#pluspostads   #googleplus   #steadydemand   #benfisher  

Thanks to the great contributions of +Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen as well as our own +Stephan Hovnanian 
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

7 Modern Age SEO Myths

SEO is a field that is loaded with myths.  You can still find people who think that SEO is all about metatags. But, the last few years have brought us some new myths, which +Stone Temple Consulting's CEO +Eric Enge  summarizes here in his latest post on Forbes (link is below).

Please SHARE the article if you like it.  Thanks!

Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Portland will dump 38 million gallons of water because a teenager peed in it. I mean, gross. But this is an open-air reservoir that's going to have plenty of other things in it. But apparently there's so much water flowing in the rivers near Portland that dumping this all is easy to do.
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan

Pollen | Death Star
Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station! #allergies  
Paul Spoerry Paul Spoerry

Google Plus Help and Resources - Google Drive Presentation
+Jaana Nyström has collected some of the best articles and posts about the use of Google+ here on this post. I compiled that into a single Google Drive Presentation or Drive Deck. 

There's a great deal of curating that went into this and Jaana did a spectacular job. If you haven't circled her, do it. Now. Have a great Thursday G+ h/t +DriveDecks.com 


1) Official Google+ Help & Support by +Google+ Help
2) What is Google+: A complete user guide by +martin shervington  
3) Having trouble circling people on Google+? by +Jaana Nyström
4) Getting started on Google+ by +Computerworld 
5) Hangouts: Messaging and video calls basics by+Ronnie Bincer 
6) Organize your Circles by +Gplus Expertise 
7) The anatomy of a perfect Google+ post by +Dustin W. Stout
8) Control your notifications by +Jaana Nyström
9) 12 most helpful Google+ pro tips by +Peg Fitzpatrick
10) Google+ and your Photos - a tutorial
11) The Personalized Power of Google+ Plus Ones by+Mark Traphagen 
12) A nice resource of links to Google+ treasures by +Jack Humphrey
Featuring advice from +Demian Farnworth  +Chris Lang  +Yifat Cohen +Stephan Hovnanian +Andrij Harasewych +Carol Dodsley 
13) TIP: Create a private community for saving and storing data by +109164280656499 


1) Your Profile
2) Circles
3) Photos
4) Events
5) Hangouts
6) Mobile
7) Local


1) Google+ Tips-The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Google Plussers
2) Kick-Starting Social with Google+ (Business)
3) Google Drive SDK: Drive/Google+ photos integration
4) Google+ Notifications & Privacy Settings
5) How To Disconnect You Youtube Account From Google+
6) Has Google+ Improved Your Ranking? - Tuesday G+ & Topics HOA  (Business)
7) Five Cool Ways to use Google+ for Photos | USA TODAY Talking Tech
8) How to Change your YouTube username and Channel name (with Google+) September 2013
9) Beginner's Guide To Google+ For Business - The Girls Mean Business with Jenny Braithwaite


1) Google+ and your business by +Google+ Your Business 
2) Google+ business Pages tutorial by +martin shervington 
3) How to Verify your Business Page on Google+ by+Jaana Nyström
4) Google Apps for Business by +martin shervington  
5) Official Google Apps help & support by Google
6) Google+ and SEO by +Kristi Hines  
7) Google+ personal profile or business page? by +Jaana Nyström
8) 12 Most Creative Ways Businesses Can Use Google+by +Stephan Hovnanian 
9) The Business Guide to Participating in Google+ Communities by +Kristi Hines
10) Official Google Authorship: Link your Google+ profile to the content you create by Google
11) Author or Publisher: rel=author or rel=publisher: Which Should I Use? by +Mark Traphagen
12) Ways to Use Google+ Events for Your Business by+Lisa Peyton  


1) Your Google+ settings
2) Google+ popular verified users list by +CircleCount 
3) Most popular Google+ communities by +GPlusData 
4) All your + statistics by +Gerwin Sturm 
5) Manage your circles by +Circloscope 
6) See your posts and comments on Topsy
7) See your posts in Timeline format by +Jari Huomo 


+Do Share  for pages and profiles
+Buffer  and +HootSuite  for business Pages
+Friends+Me shares from G+ to other social media


1) YouTube & Google+ Integration Community
2) Official Google+ Discuss by +Google+ Help 
3) Google+ Helper Community 
4) The G+ Resource
5) Google+ Pro Tips
6) Google+ Updates
7) Closing the Google+ Gap
8) Google+ Photographers
9) Hangouts on Air
10) GooTubePlus 
11) Plus Your Business
12) Google Authorship & Author Rank
13) Google Plus for Small Business
14) Google Sites
15) Blogger
16) SEO Community:
17) AdSense
18) YouTube Live Streaming 

#SMM   #SMO   #GooglePlus   #Google   #YouTube   #GoogleDrive   #DriveDeck   #GoogleDrivePresentation  
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Breaking Ivy League School Elitism: The New Career Network Building

This post from +Rand Fishkin of +Moz is a veritable Bible for building career success today. Rand starts out by detailing why connections from an Ivy League school used to be a huge advantage for building a business career, but of course closed off to all but the elite minority who could afford such an education.

But now on- and offline networking and relationship building can circumvent those old networks. When you produce valuable content online and engage through it, when you become indispensably helpful to others in your industry, when you're present at conferences (not only as a great speaker but as someone everyone wants to hang with), you begin to build a network that can propel you, without anyone giving a flip about what school you came from.

I know this works. It's why I'm where I am today.
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

A Complete Guide to Google Plus. (10 VIDEOS and BLOG)
Just about everything you'll need to know...
#googleplustips   #learngoogleplus  
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

My grandson: the fossil sifting machine

#autoawesome  of my grandson during our trip to the Museum of Life and Science here in Durham earlier this week. In their dinosaur park they have a fossil dig area where they've dumped dirt from a mine in Eastern North Carolina that was the ocean floor millions of years ago. Kids digging here regularly find fossilized shark's teeth, shells, and all sorts of ancient sea critters. #durham  
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Matt Cutts addresses some common myths he believes are out there about how Google ranks search results.
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan

Like a brand in social media, give up your right to sue it? Wow, but that's actually happening with changes to some terms & conditions.
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan

Facebook decided to implement auto-playing video ads; here's how to disable them
As if I needed one more thing to hate about Facebook. Now they've decided that auto-playing video ads are cool. Here's how to stop them (when you can). 

* Either load the following settings page directly: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=videos
* Or open the main Facebook website, click on the down arrow in the upper right corner of the screen, select settings from the context menu that opens up, and then on the settings page videos listed on the left sidebar there.
* The Auto-Play Videos setting is turned on by default. To turn it off, click on on and switch it to off.

There is no way to completely disable Facebook's video ads on mobile. However, you can disable them when you're not on Wi-Fi: 
* Open Facebook, open the left sidebar, and tap "App Settings."
* Check the "Auto-Play Videos on Wi-FI Only" box.

* Go to the iOS Settings app from the home screen, and open up Facebook's settings.
* Tap the Settings option and under "Video," switch the "Auto-Play on Wi-Fi Only" option on.

src: http://www.ghacks.net/2014/04/14/disable-auto-play-videos-facebook/
Paul Spoerry Paul Spoerry

Although I didn't make it, my image has been featured in the current +Saatchi Gallery Motion Photography exhibition both at the gallery (although I haven't seen it) and online.

Heather Buckley Heather Buckley

Which digital marketing channels drive traffic? And conversion? An infographic....
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan

My short blog post [could have written more but was limited to 600 words!] on +David Amerland 's best seller, Google Semantic Search #SemanticSearch #Google  
David Amerland David Amerland

It's a living room. It's a pinball machine. Remember, play pinball responsibly.
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan

Have you seen what all you can do with WordPress.org's website?

+carrie dils covers a lot of areas people seldom see on their WordPress.org account. 

#WordPress   #WordPressTips  
Courtney Engle Robertson Courtney Engle Robertson

Lost some Instagram followers? That was Instagram clearing out inactive accounts.
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan

Durham rooftops.

Working today from Bull City Co-working in downtown Durham NC as their guest. Very cool space!

This is the view out their break room window. Thanks +Jack Warman for inviting me!

#durham #coworking #plusonly
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Google's announcement of +Post ads reminds us of how important it is to effectively promote your content.  Mark Traphagen and Eric Enge will discuss strategies for promoting your content, including +Post ads, in this week's #DMAShow .

The show will be on Tuesday April 22nd at 1 PM EDT (Boston time). Say YES to get access to the video, either for live or later viewing.  We will also share the YouTube link here for mobile viewers.

Please INVITE others by the thousands (;->), or SHARE the event.  More attendees will grow the conversation during the show. Your help is appreciated.
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

My 18 year anniversary writing about search is today. So I guess I'm an adult at this now :) Here's a page from my original guide, way back when, covering the major search engines and why they were deemed important by me to publishers.
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

Web and app activity are now combined into a single visitor metric within Google Analytics.
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan

I should have a Contest to see who can name the 3 Awesome Authors on my 3 Gold Scoop.it Topics?

Cheat Sheet
+martin shervington 
+Rebekah Radice 

Scoop.it is the Bomb

#scoopit   #contentcuration   #contentmarketing   #jnferree  
Neil Ferree Neil Ferree

These 11 SEO Tips are intended to help Attorneys when in actuality they are OK for pretty much every professional small business entity, wouldn't you agree +Chris Dreyer 

#seotips   #attorneymarketing  
Neil Ferree Neil Ferree

Motorcycle accidents, the injury caused is not the fault of the biker?

Most of the time when people visualize or hear regarding a motorcycle accident Injury, the first thing that comes to mind is that it would have been the fault of the biker, that leads us to an important finding, ‘bias’ yes motorcycle accidents are complex because the inherent bias people have towards bikers.

#PersonalInjury #Attorney #Lawyer #Law #AutoAccident #CarAccident #Injury #InjuryLawyer #InjuryAttorney #PersonalInjuryAttorney #PersonalInjuryLawyer #LawFirm #LawFirms #AttorneyAdvertising #LawyerAdvertising #Injuries #Lawyers #Attorneys #VehicleCrashes
Neil Ferree Neil Ferree

Top Influencers on Topsy for Social SEO

It's a toss up between Topsy and BuzzSumo for finding the top influencers for social seo. The field of influencers using GPlusData is different, albeit the usual suspects tend to rise above the bar or above the fold as it were.

h/t +Steven Sweat for turning me onto Buzz

ping +Ben Clark to query Topsy for the same thing only different

#topsy   #buzzsumo   #influencer   #marketing   #jnferree  
Neil Ferree Neil Ferree

Thank you +SlideShare  This rocks - Very handy information on the go
Kevin Mullett Kevin Mullett

*Looking for Past Episodes of the #DMEShow *

The show has now completed 30 episodes.  When I began this journey, it seemed like a real "bet" on my part, but I am sure glad I did it.   Many more to come!

Here is how you can find the show archive:


Special thanks to +Ronnie Bincer for his teachings so I can run a show efficiently, to +David Amerland for his excellent Google+ Hangouts for Business book (reviewed here:http://www.stonetemple.com/google-hangouts-for-business-by-david-amerland-a-review/) , and +Mark Traphagen for all his awesome assistance.
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

We released our +Marketing Land app last year for +Google Glass, but I'm super excited that it was just added to the small official collection of Glassware apps. So if you're a Google Glass user, be sure to check it out!
Danny Sullivan Danny Sullivan

Wilson Owens of Royalty Exchange (http://www.royaltyexchange.com) is a very successful entrepreneur.  So much so that he was recently named to the Forbes 30 under 30 in music.  Join me for a special #DMEShow  as we talk about the special magic that leads to building a successful company from the ground up.

Just say YES to get access to the video for live viewing, or later viewing.  We will also share the YouTube link here in the event for mobile viewers.

Please INVITE others or share the event.  We appreciate your help!
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

How to Fix Wikipedia
"Flatten articles to accommodate my own particular knowledge gaps. I want related terms explained to me inline, just deep enough for me to grasp them and not get distracted from the main article."

Jonathon Colman Jonathon Colman

Social Media Audit to the "Nth" Degree

File this in one in your Epic Article bucket, if social content marketing is a priority (as it should be)

As usual, when +Marcela De Vivo does a deep dive into an area like this, she give us the Full Monty. Even though this is her debut article on SME, it's one to read and re-read if you want to get your social content marketing strategy done right the 1st time!

#contentmarketing   #contentmarketingstrategy   #epic   #article   #jnferree  
Neil Ferree Neil Ferree

Creating Content that Gets Shared is a Good Thing

Once again, +Rebekah Radice hits the bulls eye on how to create content that your future clients want + need + will share if you follow her formula! 

#contentmarketing   #contentmarketingtips   #viralmarketing   #jnferree  
Neil Ferree Neil Ferree

Social Shares and SEO? according to Bing

Social Shares and SEO? according to Google

You would think the 2 largest search engines on the Net would deliver similar results for the same longtail keyword phrase, but they don't?

Wildy different for SERP's each content format → WTF?

Neil Ferree Neil Ferree

Congrats! You’ve got so much Klout that Hulu has chosen you to be among the first to watch the season 2 premiere episode of Moone Boy. #NO
Todd Mintz Todd Mintz

"Welcome To The Jungle" in a Gatorade commercial? Axl Rose needs money, he should get GNR back together! The real Guns N' Roses. 
Julio Fernandez Julio Fernandez

Top 10 Free Apps for Android in 2014

Android is a great platform that provides a nice counterbalance to iOS, with good performance and plenty of useful apps available for it. A lot of talented developers offer their apps for free in 2014, which makes it easy to fill up your phone with all kinds of useless junk. In order to help you avoid clogging up your phone I have compiled a list of some of the best free apps out there.
Ivan Dimitrijević Ivan Dimitrijević

Here’s a hint: If your guest blogging is about sharing high quality information on a topic that is somehow related to the topic of the blog you’ve been invited to, you’re ok.  In fact, you’re better than ok. For some reason, the internet marketing industry has attracted an unsavory underbelly of people who prefer gaming the system over delivering quality content to readers.

They somehow think if they can manage to cheat Google or Facebook or whoever is making the calls this time around, actual humans won’t be able to tell the difference between useless drivel and substantive content.
Gabriella Sannino Gabriella Sannino

The Scoop.it Newsletter Feature

In the Pro version of Scoop.it you can create a newsletter of your top Scooped Stories. It took me a couple of times to figure out that I need to reposition my Scooped Stories (before) I hit the export button. 

Google Plus and Social SEO on Scoop.it 

You can get this in a Zip file or in an Email or sent Mail Chimp. Which ever format you choose, it's a good idea to reposition your most engaged Scoops before hitting the GO Button.

#scoopit   #newsletter   #socialmedia   #jnferree  
Neil Ferree Neil Ferree

Slideshare app now available on Android, coming soon to iOS

This could be really useful while at conferences.  Looking forward to the iOS release.

#LinkedIn   #slidesharemarketing   #presentationskills  
Courtney Engle Robertson Courtney Engle Robertson

Andre Roxx, a rapper affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, did NOT attempt to kill himself. It was actually Christ Bearer, a rapper from the Wu-affiliate group Northstar

First things first... if I cut my cock off I can PROMISE you I would not have "attempted" suicide. I would have made damn certain I was successful. 

Secondly, see the first item... and then enjoy some Wu-Tang.
#WuTang   #WuTangClan  
Paul Spoerry Paul Spoerry

Another reason I don't diet :)
Todd Mintz Todd Mintz

Durham rooftops.

Working today from Bull City Co-working in downtown Durham NC as their guest. Very cool space!

This is the view out their break room window. Thanks +Jack Warman for inviting me!

#durham #coworking #plusonly
Mark Traphagen Mark Traphagen

How To: Private Tutoring

Have you ever needed some extra money? Do you believe to be good at transferring your knowledge and skills to others? If so, you should really consider private tutoring. There are numerous benefits of private tutoring – you work when you want to and you only take students that you want to take.

It does not matter if you are good at math, or you know Japanese or German, you should put all of your knowledge to good use. Of course, like with any other small business adventure, you need to invest a little in order to earn some money. You can take on a groups of students, or maybe one student at a time, but you must decide on these issues before you start anything. 
Ivan Dimitrijević Ivan Dimitrijević

Create Your Own Superhero Comic Book

During the last decade, a lot of blockbuster movies were actually based on “DC” and “Marvel” comic book heroes, which is the main reason why their popularity is on the rise nowadays. Despite the fact that there are a lot of already existing issues of comic books with such super heroes, this is the time when they are getting their stories rebooted. If you are a comic book fan, or a fan of a TV show or a movie with a superhero as a main character, then this is your time to shine.

You can put your imagination and creativity to good use and write a new issue for your favorite hero, like Batman, Superman, Green Arrow, Flash etc. or just create a new character that you would like other people to see. If you are going to create  a superhero of your own, here are a couple of things that you should bear in mind.
Ivan Dimitrijević Ivan Dimitrijević

Always thought provoking ideas from +Bob Burg 

"While the ability to receive includes financial, it also includes other areas of life such as kindness, friendship, love, acts of service, and sometimes even just a simple compliment.

In other words, we need to actively strengthen our overall receptivity muscles."
Courtney Engle Robertson Courtney Engle Robertson

*Will you use the nearby feature? Did you use Google's version (Latitude)? *
I wasn't a big user of earlier similar versions.  Part of this is privacy and battery drain.   

#facebook   #location-based  
Courtney Engle Robertson Courtney Engle Robertson

I would love to see a website white paper download be a vehicle for Rick-Rolling people.
Todd Mintz Todd Mintz

The 30 for 30 doc on Hillsborough was pretty potent stuff...definitely check it out.
Todd Mintz Todd Mintz

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