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Night night GOOGLE plus ! Sweet dreams x
April Summers April Summers

Unsolicited advice to a young person

Lot's of people will tell you to follow your bliss: "Seek your passions, and money will follow." This is true, but impractical. When you are starting out almost no one knows what their passions are, and you become paralyzed because you can't give your all until you find your passion. A better strategy is to forget your bliss and to find your passion by mastering something, almost anything. As you master some skill, giving your 100% to it, you will inevitably move toward your passion, step by step, all the while earning a living. Most likely it will take all your life to find your bliss. So don't wait for your passion. Just master something.
Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly

An incredible advance for science. Amazing.
Vic Gundotra Vic Gundotra

That Magical Academy of Artistic Mastery home office, New Zealand
The beta version of +The Arcanum has launched!  I'm working with my first group of Apprentices and they are AMAZING. 

The timing couldn't be worse - and the experience couldn't be better! The Grand Dichotomy strikes again! It's been SUCH a huge deal for me on so many levels, that I've made a two-part blog post my experience so far. It appears today and tomorrow over at: http://blog.karenhutton.com

I've been a teacher for 35 years. Equestrian sports, horse training, figure skating, dance, acting, voice - pretty much everything I've ever done. 

Being a Master in The Arcanum is a whole other thing - and it requires some new thinking. And ya know what? I LOVE IT! I'd gotten burnt out on teaching after so many years. Stepped away. Pursued my own art. Explored. Journeyed. Knew I'd teach in some form again, but wasn't sure what it would look like.

I find this approach suits me. It's given me new ideas about what I truly have offer and where I can take that. How my crazy life load of experiences can benefit others. What I can give back that is unique and of value.  Kind of a miraculous breakthrough, truth be told! Of course,  I'm so stinkin' busy right now I can hardly breathe (and cannot live forever like this) - but for the opportunity to expand as I am right now... well, I wouldn't miss it for the world! 
Trey Ratcliff Trey Ratcliff

Samsung is preparing for a 'post-Google era.'

Samsung Medial Solution Center President Hong Won-pyo told reporters today that Samsung is rapidly developing its Tizen operating system as an alternative to Android in preparation for a "post-Google era."

He said Samsung will release products that run on Tizen "as early as possible" and is looking for mergers and acquisitions to speed up the process of moving off Android.

The biggest barrier right now, he said, are "poor market conditions" (i.e. that Tizen doesn't have any apps). 
Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

Just playing around with Google+ photo editing tools. This is fun :-)

Vic Gundotra Vic Gundotra

April Summers - xx
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April Summers April Summers

The mysteries of nearby star 55 Cancri planetary system (only 39 light years away) apparently solved

Article courtesy of +Jenny Winder for Sen magazine.

"Sen—A study has solved the mysteries of a planetary system orbiting one the first stars discovered to have exoplanets, the star known as 55 Cancri.

Numerous studies since 2002 had failed to determine a plausible model for the masses and orbits of two giant planets located closer to 55 Cancri than Mercury is to our Sun.

Astronomers had struggled to understand how these massive planets orbiting so close to their star could avoid a catastrophe such as one planet being flung into the star, or the two planets colliding with each other.

The new study was led by Penn State University graduate student Benjamin Nelson. His team combined thousands of observations with new statistical and computational techniques to measure the planets' properties more accurately, revealing that their particular masses and orbits are preventing the system from self-destructing any time soon."

Read more: http://www.sen.com/news/mysteries-of-nearby-planetary-system-solved

The paper (preprint): "The 55 Cancri Planetary System: Fully Self-Consistent N-body Constraints and a Dynamical Analysis" http://arxiv.org/abs/1402.6343

Image: An inner planet similar in size to Neptune orbits the star 55 Cancri. Image credit: U. Texas/NSF/NASA
Ciro Villa Ciro Villa

So here's the big secret reveal you've been waiting for! I'm thrilled announce that I'm part of the team for +HEDWIG on Broadway starring Neil Patrick Harris!! Tonight I'll be hosting their opening night red carpet and doing interviews with the amazing cast and crew!!

It's time you do! This unbelievably hilarious powerful timeless and now truly timely show is finally hitting broadway after debuting off-broadway in the little (now famous) Jane Street Theater 16 years ago! After that it became an award-winning cult-hit film and now the original creator - John Cameron Mitchell - and the original composer - Stephen Trask - have updated the show for 2014 and brought it to the biggest and most storied stage new york has to offer, Broadway.

One of my favorite things about the show is it's literally a rock show! A fantastically fabulous 80's / Queen / Bowie-style glam rock / punk rock passionate raw concert at its core. It's practically a one-man-show with a band on stage. If Broadway ever spoke to me in musical terms, baby this is it! Strobe lights and electric guitars and love!

As the day and night (and next couple of days) go on post tons of photos, stories and a lot more about how I think this show moves and speaks to all kinds of people on such a deep level.

There's a song in the show called "The Origin Of Love" that talks about a creation myth where we were all joined and connected once along ago... Then split by the gods we've gone on a search forever afterwards to find our soul mates... Sounds a little like us, yeah? :)

XO, Daria

Ps. Fingers-crossed but I think we can look forward to some very special Hangouts with me and the cast and crew too!!!
Daria Musk Daria Musk

Aline Alee - Bem por aí... :/
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Bem por aí... :/
Aline Alee Aline Alee

Hey G+niuses! I've got a big fabulous omg announcement coming in the morning! I've been sworn to secrecy for months and now I finally get to tell you! Any guesses? ;)

All the news and the actual secret thing - - happening in real time - -will start tomorrow!

XO, Daria

#nohints   #bignews  
Daria Musk Daria Musk

How to make and use Moroccan preserved lemons.

If you like Moroccan food, chances are you've had Moroccan preserved lemon. It is a key ingredient in Moroccan cuisine. But if you've never made any food seasoned with Moroccan preserved lemon then you're missing out in the joy of eating this delightful treat.

Ian Walker made his own preserved lemons and asked me for suggestions on using them (this post is inspired by his question).

Moroccan preserved lemons are delicious when they’ve been preserved well and can enhance almost any dish they’re added to. You can even eat it plain -- cut a small piece and have a taste. The skin or zest including the pith is actually the best part. Unlike fresh lemons, preserved lemons are mildly tangy, a little salty and not really bitter. They have a hint of sweetness. 

You can find Moroccan preserved lemons at specialty grocery stores and at some health food stores but making them at home it’s easy, simple and a lot cheaper!

Moroccan Preserved Lemon recipe:

¼ to ½ cup of sea salt
10 to 12 small or medium organic lemons (Meyer lemons are fantastic for this but any variety will do) 

- After washing the lemons, they can be used whole with 6 to 8 small but deep incisions punctured through the skin with a sharp knife around each lemon. The lemons can also be partially quartered making sure the lemons still remain mostly whole (I used a combination of mostly quartered lemons with a couple of whole lemons in my batch). 

- Prepare the partially quartered lemons by adding 1 teaspoon of sea salt inside each partially quartered lemon.

- Place all the prepared lemons in a clean mason jar squeezing them in tightly together and gradually adding salt in between each layer of lemons and ending with a good amount of salt on top as a final layer. Close jar with lid but not too tightly to allow air out. Store in a dark, draft free place at room temperature.

- After three to five days, remove lid from jar and push the lemons in to squeeze them together more tightly towards the bottom of the jar. If the lemon juice released by the preserved lemons does not fully cover them, cut some fresh lemons and add enough freshly squeezed lemon juice to cover the preserved lemons so they’re entirely covered in liquid. 

- Close the jar with lid again and store them in a dark cool place. Let them do their thing for at least four to six weeks before using. Once fermented, the lemons will be good for cooking for one to two years.

How to use preserved lemons?

You can add preserved lemons to almost anything everyday for a boost of flavor in the same way you’d use fresh herbs or garlic for enhancing the flavor of foods. Preserved lemon adds wonderful but subtle flavor to food, especially Mediterranean cuisine. But I use it even with Latin American dishes and almost savory dish that calls for fresh lemon.

Use preserved lemons in cooking, with peel and all, of course. Cut them into slices or wedges or finely dice them to add to roasted, baked or broiled foods made in the oven or stove top. Preserved lemons go well with roasted vegetables, fish, wild game meats and meat of any kind including bison and lamb.

Add to recipes that call for  thyme, rosemary, cilantro, parsley and or dill. Add slices of preserved lemon to roasted chicken, duck or turkey along with garlic, rosemary, olive oil, red onions, carrots and potatoes about 2 hours before baking time is done.

When I bake a turkey, instead of putting aluminum foil to prevent burning the top of the breast, I cover it with slices of preserved lemon and add one cup of white wine to the bottom of the roasting pan one hour before the turkey is done cooking. You can do the same with roasted chicken or duck. The roasted preserved lemons are delicious, by the way. 

You can also add finely chopped preserved lemon to dressings, salads, olives, olive tapenade, white bean soups, hummus, rice or quinoa pilaf. 

Try it in your favorite savory recipe. 
Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

Giorgio remixing +Coldplay. Yeah I stopped what I was doing too just to listen. Great stuff.
Vic Gundotra Vic Gundotra

Nest Thermostat Is Already Here

It is here.... will you be ordering one? Right in time for Earth day!

#nest   #google   #earthday  
Amanda Blain Amanda Blain

Yellow tulip on black

Over the past few years, I have shared many of my "on black" images and some techniques for creating on black images while out shooting in nature.  Normally I do this by carrying a black satin cloth in my camera bag.  This time, however, I shot the tulip on a very gray sky.  The well defined edges of the tulip allowed me to select and remove the gray sky. 

For processing, I exported the image from Lightroom to +Adobe Photoshop In Photoshop CC, I created a new layer via Color Effects Pro 4, part of the #nikcollection  from +Nik Photography.  I then applied  a series of luminance masks, provided by +Marie Richardson. For the final processing, I  applied an "Orton Effect" action from Jimmie McIntyre to a flattened composite. I also stretched the stem to improve the balance of the composition and did some small tweaks in +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 

member of www.besttopphotographer.com +Best Top Photographer Group ,+Rinus Bakker , +BTP Daily Highlight ,  +BTP Editor's Choice (Best Top Photographer's page)
#macromonday +*** curated by +Kerry Murphy , +Jennifer Eden , +Kelli Seeger Kim
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#CWLupicaphotography   #onblackimages   #onblackphotography  
Charles Lupica Charles Lupica

Should the Supreme Court kill Aereo to save ABC, CBS and NBC?

Join me and my co-hosts and guests +Jason Howell (TWiT), +Peter Rojas (AOL), +Jordan Crook (TechCrunch), Matthew C. Klein (Bloomberg View) and +Ed Baig (USA TODAY) as we tackle this question and other tech news on +Tech News Today!


#aereo #technewstoday #tnt   #TWiT  
Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

I've been following the medical problems of an American role-playing game designer/freelancer, who had to visit the hospital last year (and is still not quite in the clear), and ended up with large medical bills.

He used GoFundMe to help pay for these bills, and now has shown what the donations of his fans were used to pay. Now he has posted some of these bills, and despite hearing all the horror stories about the American medical system they still surprised me. Apparently he was admitted to the hospital on the same day he was discharged, and the examinations conducted at the hospital were apparently a separate bill - yet the hospital bill itself still ended up at $5700...

His full story can be read here:


And of course, he is someone who was able to get dozens of fans to donate money for his bills - but how many more people with serious medical problems are there in the USA who can't draw on the sympathy of strangers like that?
Jürgen Hubert Jürgen Hubert

A cacophony of color

#leadinglinesmonday +Leading Lines Monday curated by +Pam Boling , +Michael B. Stuart , +Elle Rogers , +David Murphy , +Simos Xenakis , +Andreas Levi
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#flowerpower  +FLOWER POWER curated by +Edith Kukla
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Charles Lupica Charles Lupica

They see me rolling...
Alex Balcázar Alex Balcázar

50 Google+ Tips by +Rick Eliason 
1. Create A Killer Hovercard: goo.gl/ifDhJW
2. Sharing to Circles vs. Publicly: goo.gl/1qr0YO
3. Google+ Communities: goo.gl/NC21Ly
4. Share Your G+ Posts on Other SM : goo.gl/QeefiD
5. Report Issues With G+ or Suggest Ideas: goo.gl/FywX2c
6. Create A "Save For Later" Circle: goo.gl/PmBRWf
7. Add A Large Image To Your Post: goo.gl/lVr3yj
8. The Various G+ Keyboard Shortcuts : goo.gl/7BaxMs
9. Share Someone Else's G+ Post : goo.gl/DYJo3U
10. Create A Mini Blog on G+: goo.gl/zEVIOM
11. Host A Google+ Hangout: goo.gl/2P0n0Q
12. Leave A Wake of Value-Add In Your Path: goo.gl/lpCzaD
13. Take Control Of Your G+ Notifications: goo.gl/WHU0p3
14. SEO Your Google+ Posts: goo.gl/oYb6J1

15. How To Find Things On G+: goo.gl/rY18uQ
16. Formatting For Beautiful, Engaging Posts: goo.gl/mnfP5d
17. How To Disable Comments & Shares: goo.gl/Bkc6Mp
18. Attract More Comments With Gifs & Image Posts: goo.gl/VGcNhl
19. Start A Conversation With Someone : goo.gl/VXOVmy
20. Create An Event Using G+: goo.gl/IUFmlP
21. Enable Automatic Hash-tagging: goo.gl/MuoV9h
22. Don’t Give Up At The First Hurdle: goo.gl/2zdPQ8
23. The Benefits of Link Shorteners: goo.gl/pwfGXo

24. Understanding Ripples & Using Them To Your Advantage: goo.gl/Z47kxp

25. What Not To Do On G+ (Part 1): goo.gl/IdP51J

26. Edit Posts - Did You Know You Could Do That?: goo.gl/aFsKU9

27. Choose The Best Link Thumbnail For Your Post: goo.gl/wXTSh4

28. Start Building Your Author Rank: goo.gl/4427P3

29. Link G+ To Your Content With Authorship Tags: goo.gl/Rn4GGJ

30. Curate & Streamline Circles for Awesome News Streams: goo.gl/e8lNhh

31. Use Eye-Grabbing Headlines: goo.gl/p45IPK

32. Use Google Drive With Google+: goo.gl/zpwHHC

33. Track Circle Shares With CircleCount: goo.gl/TXfe2j

34. Be Awesome With AutoAwesome: goo.gl/Inq2bX

35. Build Your Following By Watching Hangouts: goo.gl/Rjgrhi

36. Overcome Difficulties With Plus-Mentioning People: goo.gl/nQsT9T

37. Write Posts That People Are Actually Looking For: goo.gl/D8NwGh

38. Use ‘The Google+ Effect’ To Improve Your Twitter Experience: goo.gl/hLE1Ia

39. Learn How To Use Images Appropriately & Legally: goo.gl/D3dzCc

40. Learn To Schedule Posts With +Do Share:  goo.gl/1BUcrN

41. Build A Community Around Your Passion: goo.gl/IsFrHg

42. Optimise Your Profile/Page/Community For Search: goo.gl/YMblJF

43. Share Beyond Your Circles & GPlussers: goo.gl/ryHWHQ

44. Blocking & Muting People - As Simple As It Sounds?: goo.gl/wqsXnN

45. Extend The Life Of Your Best Posts: goo.gl/tGw9g7

46. Merge Multiple Google+ Profiles Together: goo.gl/sRKzp8

47. Using Your About Tab More Effectively: goo.gl/sNqUDQ

48. Posting Multiple Photos Per Post: goo.gl/sM32aP

49. Use Google+ ...Every Day: goo.gl/fS0tIq

50. What Not To Do On Google+ (Part 2): goo.gl/3ahoO4
Denis Labelle Denis Labelle

steph wanamaker - EVERY TIME FFS!
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steph wanamaker steph wanamaker

Biden warns Russia over Ukraine

"Biden said Russia needs to act "without delay," adding: "We will not allow this to become an open-ended process."

Yatsenyuk was harsher in his characterisation of Russia. "No country should be able to behave like an armed bandit," he said. "Russia should stick to its international commitments and obligations. They should not behave as gangsters in the modern century."

The warnings for Russia from both leaders demonstrated the fragility of last week's multinational agreement.

Biden also announced the United States will provide an additional $US50 million ($A53.78 million) to help Ukraine's beleaguered government with political and economic reforms."

#news   #worldnews   #russia   #ukraine   #geopolitics  
Cynthia Yildirim Cynthia Yildirim

Emma always knew what she wanted
Alex Balcázar Alex Balcázar

Too few people acknowledge the social benefits of tabletop role-playing games.
Jürgen Hubert Jürgen Hubert

Mentoring Discrimination in Universities

NPR featured a disturbing story this morning about systematic racial and gender discrimination in U.S. universities. 

The researchers sent fake requests for mentoring to thousands of professors in various departments in various universities. What they found was definite bias in rates of response to the letter as well as rates of positive response to the request for mentoring. Of note:

* Asian and Indian students were particularly discriminated against
* Women and minority professors also discriminated
* Private schools discriminated more than public schools
* Academic disciplines that are more connected to higher-paying jobs discriminated more. Business schools were the worst discriminators.  

The researchers: 
Katherine L. Milkman at University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School, Modupe Akinola at Columbia University - Columbia Business School, and Dolly Chugh at New York University (NYU). 

The Abstract: 
"Little is known about how bias against women and minorities varies within and between organizations or how it manifests before individuals formally apply to organizations. We address this knowledge gap through an audit study in academia of over 6,500 professors at top U.S. universities drawn from 89 disciplines and 259 institutions. We hypothesized that discrimination would appear at the informal “pathway” preceding entry to academia and would vary by discipline and university as a function of faculty representation and pay. In our experiment, professors were contacted by fictional prospective students seeking to discuss research opportunities prior to applying to a doctoral program. Names of students were randomly assigned to signal gender and race (Caucasian, Black, Hispanic, Indian, Chinese), but messages were otherwise identical. We found that faculty ignored requests from women and minorities at a higher rate than requests from White males, particularly in higher-paying disciplines and private institutions. Counterintuitively, the representation of women and minorities and bias were uncorrelated, suggesting that greater representation cannot be assumed to reduce bias. This research highlights the importance of studying what happens before formal entry points into organizations and reveals that discrimination is not evenly distributed within and between organizations."

Link to the paper (in case you want to dig deeper): 

#racism   #sexism   #discrimination   #academia  
Gideon Rosenblatt Gideon Rosenblatt

Disingenuous conflation aside, it's clear the series is degenerating into whatever extreme violence and sex in the name of eyeballs and clicks that they can get away with. Everything else is just trappings to try lend a decreasingly believable air of respectability to proceedings.
Lauren Weinstein Lauren Weinstein

Brian Williams raps Snoop Dogg's "Gin and Juice"
OK so he didn't really rap it... the guys from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon cut up a bunch of clips and created a crazy funny version of Williams covering Snoop. #laidback   #JimmyFallon   #SnoopDogg  

If you haven't see the others Jimmy has also had Williams doing Rappers' Delight (the best IMO): http://youtu.be/-YCeIgt7hMs

NWA's Straight Outta Compton: http://youtu.be/g87Xyt2agWQ 

Young MC's Bust a Move: http://youtu.be/QbM-xf_ACYI
Paul Spoerry Paul Spoerry

How the sun can damage skin over time
A 69-year-old former truck driver shows the effects of sun exposure on one side of his face. ( http://tiny.cc/enngex )

UVB is the chief culprit behind sunburn, while UVA rays, which penetrate the skin more deeply, are associated with wrinkling, leathering, sagging, and other light-induced effects of aging (photoaging). They also exacerbate the carcinogenic effects of UVB rays, and increasingly are being seen as a cause of skin cancer on their own. Sunscreens vary in their ability to protect against UVA and UVB. Read more Sunscreen Explained : http://tiny.cc/pongex
#medicine #health
Derya Unutmaz Derya Unutmaz

Tim Minchin's thoughts on David Cameron's 'Christian country' nonsense that he recently spouted in a cynical bid to court the church after they had so roundly criticised his policies and their effects. 
Ayoub Khote Ayoub Khote

Google+ Hangouts for Business

Without you it would have been a different book entirely: +Ronnie Bincer +Scott Scowcroft +Marianne Howell Wright +Lee Smallwood +martin shervington +Keith McMean +Yifat Cohen and then everyone who simply continued with their feedback, suggestions and ideas. (From the Acknowledgements page: http://goo.gl/AVWmEh

We're having a HOA to discuss some of this in half an hour: http://goo.gl/h135Xg
Yifat Cohen Yifat Cohen

Last week our family took a spring break vacation in Japan. We travelled mostly in the central Kansai area. Here are some snapshots from the trip. Warning: most of Japan does not look like this. These images are a very romantic selective view of 0.1% of Japan today. They are stereotypical in that they ignore the other 99.9% of their modern surroundings. But these glimpses of tradition are what we go for, so I am happy to collect them here.
Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly

Question of the Day

What is your favourite flavour?

Tea: Peppermint
Ice cream: Mint choc chip
Coffee: Vanilla
Crisps (potato chips to some): Chilli and lemon


#crosspostall #questionoftheday
Ayoub Khote Ayoub Khote

The HDR Book is in Stock!!!!
Oh Happy Day!!!  The book that i’ve been working- The HDR Book 2nd Edition  on is finally in stock and available to order! This has been a labor of love for me, and I am very thankful that the folks over at #Peachpit   for jumping in back with me on another run into the world of #HDR.  The first book did extremely well – but (as with anything software related) software changes, photoshop changes, technique changes.

I figured this would be a good spot for me to give you a couple of points on this book for those who may be considering it.  For those of you who have the first edition – I wanted to share how this book could also help:
A Step By Step Process in My HDR Workflow
This book takes you through a series of images and shows you how I come up with the HDR look that I love.  We explore ten different projects and take you through step by step until the project is completed.
You Can Download the Files for Yourself
All of the projects in the book are yours for you to download.  From single image HDR files to HDR Panoramics.  You can download the full resolution RAW files for you to work along with me.  You are free to do whatever you wish with these files.  I would appreciate you telling someone where you got them – perhaps theyd want to learn from the book too!
HDR is Not Hard.  Post Processing is the Pain
This book does cover the process of making an HDR file – but I got to be honest.  Making an HDR file is easy.  There are a couple of things you need to consider – but its really easy.  The harder part of all of it is really how to post process the file.  With the post processing skills you can take an HDR file and turn it into a great HDR file.
Using Photoshop CC and Photomatix 5
One of the things that I wanted to do in the book is focus on just the programs that I use to make images.  In the first version, I covered all three pieces of software – HDR Efex Pro, HDR Pro from Photoshop, and Photomatix.  As these pieces of software were revised, i found myself gravitating towards the look of #Photomatix   .  So much so – that its what I decided to cover in the book.  Photomatix is the software almost everyong using HDR uses – so we can really make this a more focused release.  The book does also use post processing plugins from people like +Nik Photography   and the companion website features videos on how to take it to the next level using plugins from +onone and +Macphun Software  .
Where to Order the Book From?

The book is now in stock available at Amazon. You can use this link: http://bit.ly/rchdrbook2  

You can get a signed copy of the book. (While supplies last) here: http://bit.ly/rchdrsigned

You can also get the book over on the Peachpit website here: http://bit.ly/rchdrpeachpit

I’m excited to hear what you think of it.  Make sure you drop me a line and let me know.    Thanks so much for considering it!!
RC Concepcion RC Concepcion

Und dann haben sie mir gesagt das Poker spielen auf dem iPad einfach besser ist. Stimmt!
Sascha Pallenberg Sascha Pallenberg

I just ordered my very first "big boy girl" tripod. OMG!
It's a bit heavier, a bit bulkier, a bit shorter than my $ 66 Benro, but I believe it may be a lot sturdier, as it supports 4 times as much weight. 

It may still not be heavy enough to effectively hit a bear of the head with it in a moment of need, but it will have to do. :)
Karin Nelson Karin Nelson

Mari Thomas - Cheers!
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Mari Thomas Mari Thomas

Yay.. my budget universal chargers are here :D.. cross your fingers for me :)
Mari Thomas Mari Thomas

The New Twitter Profile Page
Have you guys seen the new #Twitter  profile page? I really like the look - does reming me a lot of Google+ .  Added a profile header of a picture I did in St. Lucia at Jade Mountain.  Click on it big... 3000px Wide!!

Figured hey.. twitter update and   #Earthday   in one shot.   #mybeautifulearth  
RC Concepcion RC Concepcion

A fave of mine -- Rubik's Cube for the visually impaired. Brilliant.
Ciro Villa Ciro Villa

Paige Keaton -
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Paige Keaton Paige Keaton

I wasn't worried about this elevator ride to start, but I might be a little now. 
Matt Mastracci Matt Mastracci

focus on the target

a pint in the hand is worth two growlers on the bar
matthew rappaport matthew rappaport

The Avengers in a nutshell

Original Reddit Source: http://goo.gl/gFjGxE
Dan Soto Dan Soto

'I hope those who view former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich as the victim of a vengeful mob are paying attention. In South Carolina, we have a police chief who was allegedly terminated for her sexual orientation. Where is the outrage over Moore’s firing?

Latta residents continue to express their support for the now-deposed police chief, but the loss of a dedicated and respected public servant should come as no surprise: South Carolina offers absolutely no employment protections for LGBTQ employees. Last year, South Carolina’s Republican senators, Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, both voted against the federal Employment Non Discrimination Act, known as ENDA. House Speaker John Boehner claimed that “people are already protected in the workplace,” suggesting that ENDA would lead to frivolous lawsuits. Since then, Boehner has been instrumental in blocking a simple up-or-down vote on the legislation.

Gay employees often face tremendous hurdles to sustain their livelihoods, quietly enduring gay slurs or harassment, or relying on tacit acceptance of their sexuality from their superiors. All it takes is a change in leadership, and any employer can suddenly take advantage of the lack of LGBT employment protections in their state. While some seem to think that the gay rights movement is mounting witch hunts against those it brands homophobic bigots, cases like Crystal Moore’s remind us that for most the battle remains one for simple equality.'
Jürgen Hubert Jürgen Hubert

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AJ Kohn AJ Kohn

I like my coffee.
Peter G McDermott Peter G McDermott

One Indicator Minimum Wage Should Be Higher

The summary: There is no county in the United States in which a person working a minimum wage job can afford a decent one-bedroom apartment plus utilities.

The longer story is that minimum wage has failed to keep up with inflation over the past four decades, leaving us in a situation where millions of full-time workers require government assistance for food and housing. Government assistance has effectively become a handout to corporations by enabling them to pay workers so little that they wouldn't be able to survive without the programs. However, some people don't like the idea of raising the minimum wage and don't like the idea of providing government "handouts" either. Unfortunately it's one or the other unless something changes in the system.

My own preferred solution, as I've mentioned before, is to get rid of the minimum wage and get rid of Social Security, Food Stamps, Welfare, Unemployment and pretty much every other government assistance program you've ever heard of and replace it all with a Guaranteed Basic Income. I have some suspicion that the folks who don't like minimum wages and government assistance programs won't like that one, either, but I'll keep on hoping.
Michael O'Reilly Michael O'Reilly

There we go again
Off to the UK for the rest of the week.....no vacation though.
Moritz Tolxdorff Moritz Tolxdorff

Especially if they've touched you for the very first time
steph wanamaker steph wanamaker

Spring Crocuses
The snow has been melting quickly & the crocuses have finally sprouted up! So I decided to make a little video of them. 
Billy Wilson Billy Wilson

As some of you may know, I've had major computer problems over the past couple of weeks. After approximately 10 unsuccessful migrations/ restores, Apple Corp is replacing my computer with a new one. Bad news... I will be dead in the water for no less than 10 days and unable to make posts on a regular basis. Wish me luck! I'll be signing off soon.
Rodney Pike Rodney Pike

My Review Of 5 Japanese +KIT KAT Bar Flavors

You knew this was coming :-)

Thanks +Ivan Yudhi for your help
#epcot   #chocolate   #kitkat   #japanesefood   #japan  
Keith Barrett Keith Barrett

+Louis Gray Do i need a sim card installed on google phones for them to update the OS? Will it update over wifi? Which phone do i need?
Loren Feldman Loren Feldman

Because #newtwitter  ;0 SHINY! 

Digging the new look, prefer the old one or not one who tweets..?
matthew rappaport matthew rappaport

If we start to reward business leaders for more relational thinking than linear/numbers thinking, we can start to get away from putting "busy" on a pedestal.  Busy-ness has wrongly become a status symbol, when - in reality - most people are actually in awe of those who clearly live a healthy balance of work, health, family, friends and ... other interests.

The wealthiest people are those who have "systems" of positive and productive relationships and practices in their lives (if you ask me...)
Gideon Rosenblatt Gideon Rosenblatt

After report of a kid amazingly surviving a 5 hour trip in a jetliner landing gear wheel well, CNN emphasizes how dangerous this is by having their reporter show you exactly how to get in there and where to wedge yourself. Great job as usual, Zucker.
Lauren Weinstein Lauren Weinstein

Don't miss that shot! If you need quick access to the camera on your Nexus device all you need to do is swipe from the right from the edge of your lock screen.

Have your own camera tip? Visit our Nexus Google+ community (http://goo.gl/6xOFw), Nexus Forum (http://goo.gl/yItQcM), or share it in the comments below!
John Blossom John Blossom

the very first truly mobile phone...

Sascha Pallenberg Sascha Pallenberg

Pretty neat (i use that wording way too much, sry) hotend
Nils Hitze Nils Hitze

The new profile layout just showed up for me in Twitter. I've heard rumblings that some of the old-school Twitter folks aren't thrilled, but I like it (even all of the social networks are now starting to look alike). 

Gideon Rosenblatt Gideon Rosenblatt

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Kathy Morlock Kathy Morlock

A Visualization Showing Where Asteroids Have Hit The Earth Since 2001

"A new visualization produced by the B612 foundations reveals 26 significant explosive events recorded from 2001 to 2013 that were not the result of nuclear detonations — but rather asteroids hitting the Earth. That's a surprise, to say the least."

Learn more from io9: http://goo.gl/z9RNE6
Ciro Villa Ciro Villa

Well played, Google. I rofled.
steph wanamaker steph wanamaker

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Mari Thomas Mari Thomas

Time to relax for a min SO I have something to see:
My Brother from another mother
#funnypics   #cat   #rabbit  
Kathy Morlock Kathy Morlock

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Kathy Morlock Kathy Morlock

Today, my Case Logic Reflexion DSLR backpack arrived. Here are my first few thoughts on this new backpack:

1. The insert from my messenger bag fits inside it. I can just swap the padded insert from bag to backpack and back to the bag, depending on my requirements for the day. Fabulous!

2. The backpack zips open in the middle, revealing the insert and offering a little flat surface to place down things like filters, etc. It even has a grab handle which allows me to move the bag opened up like that. Sometimes you are at a location but you need to move a few meters. It's a pain to always have to zip the backpack close again just to move it 20 meters. Even though, too many times I needed moved my other backpack (which has a back-panel opening), and I forgot to completely zip it shut before moving it. NOT GOOD.

3. The bottom is rubberized. Slip proof. And with slip proof, I mean it won't slip or slide. To move it across a table, you have to lift it. It won't slide. At all. This means, the bottom is also waterproof. 

4. The water bottle pocket actually fits a water bottle. Amazing. 
Karin Nelson Karin Nelson

Matt Mastracci - Good morning!
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Good morning!
Matt Mastracci Matt Mastracci

The meltdown of #MyNYPD is a classic case of not understanding how social media operates.
Dan Gillmor Dan Gillmor

Doing preparations, should get two more soft boxes tomorrow and then all I need is one more Intensity Pro Blackmagic Card
Lars Clausen Lars Clausen

The Curious Mind#GoogleDesignMinutes
From Researching & Understanding to Prototyping Ideas

[Google Developers New Series: Google Design Minutes]

1. Google Design Minutes — Glass: Make it simple                          

2. Google Design Minutes — Maps: Putting the user front and center

3. Google Design Minutes — Search: The beauty of speed

[Prototyping Ideas]

1. Prototyping for Success, Power and Unlimited Riches (goo.gl/guv8ov)
2. Four Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Make a Video (goo.gl/1bdPh9)
3. Four Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Stage a Performance (goo.gl/wYaNA7)
4. Four  Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Mock it up with Keynote (goo.gl/ID0gQr)
5. Four Simple Ways to Bring an Idea to Life: Build a Prototype (goo.gl/zemIuv)

[Research matters: Qualitative Research]

1. Leveraging Google+ as a Qualitative Research Platform (goo.gl/1oPIU5)
2. Google+ Qualitative Research Playbook (goo.gl/hzxTlF)
3. Tool: +NOD3x (nod3x.com/)

via +Brynn Evans  +Think with Google +Google Developers 

#googledesignminutes   #curiousmind  
Denis Labelle Denis Labelle

Sir John Hardy - Earth Day
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Earth Day
Sir John Hardy Sir John Hardy

GOP leader wants Republicans to be the "iPhone party" -- makes sense, given the prudish, control-freakish way Apple manages the iOS ecosystem.
Dan Gillmor Dan Gillmor

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Kathy Morlock Kathy Morlock

The G watch comes from LG
Sir John Hardy Sir John Hardy

AJ Kohn - Remember ...
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Remember ...
AJ Kohn AJ Kohn

I really need some coffee :/
Mari Thomas Mari Thomas

The Proof of the Pudding...

+Elene Marsden totally makes the case of the power of HOAs in her review of my book Google+ Hangouts for Business  (http://goo.gl/AVWmEh) in a YouTube HOA, no less. 
Yifat Cohen Yifat Cohen

Larfs. Like WKRP in Cleveland. 
Robert N. Lee Robert N. Lee

"Green Frame"
Location: Hemnesberget, Nordland, Norway.
Capture time: Feb 20, 2014,
Nikon D800, 14-24mm. 10 vertical exposures.

Mari Thomas Mari Thomas

FFS...they will let me know the date via post!!!!!!!!!!!!
Max Devine Max Devine

#lulz “For years, we paid permitting fees to hold Burning Man on the beautiful Playa in Northern Nevada,” said the event’s organizers on a Facebook page. “But now, Cliven Bundy has shown us a NEW WAY! ABSOLUTE FREEDOM! Bundy has declared the entire area surrounding Bundy Ranch as a TOTALLY RULES-FREE ZONE! ANYTHING GOES! WOO-HOO!!!”
Mari Thomas Mari Thomas

Were you aware...?
Sir John Hardy Sir John Hardy

Storm's a brewin'

Some beautiful cloud-to-could lightning visible north of DFW right now. Reminds us just how powerful Mother Nature really is...

#Dallas #Weather #EarthDay
Peter G McDermott Peter G McDermott

Like our site? You only have until Thursday to show your support by voting for us in this year's +The Webby Awards.
Denis Labelle Denis Labelle

Samsung Chromebook 2 - 13" in action

A good feature, if occasionally (but forgivably) irksome ("real laptop" urgh...) with the Samsung 13" as the star of the show. The best look we've had yet at that high-def workspace, and it sure does look good.

+OMG! Chrome! +Chrome UP 
John Blossom John Blossom

Alan Adler, the man who invented the Aerobie in the 80s, apparently recently invented a funny-looking plastic thingy that resembles a plunger that makes what many consider to be the best cup of coffee in the world.
Wayne Radinsky Wayne Radinsky

Defying gravity, Assassin's Creed style.
Lars Fosdal Lars Fosdal

Nils Hitze - i like
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i like
Nils Hitze Nils Hitze

Fast Food CEOs Make 1,200 Times As Much as Their Workers - http://tpt.to/a4qLWsq - shared from Taptu
steph wanamaker steph wanamaker

Morning all.

Cloudy in Devon, UK.
Thomas Morffew Thomas Morffew

An algorithm has determined that Denver is the 8th funniest city. #7 is Los Angeles and #6 is New York. Can you guess who was #1?

Apparently all the algorithm does is rank cities based on number of visits to comedy websites, the number of comedy internet searches, the number of comedy clubs per square mile (shouldn't that be per capita? Los Angeles has an awful lot of miles -- it's a suburban sprawl that goes on forever), how touring comedians ranked the cities, the number of native comedians, the number of witty local tweeters (say "witty tweeter" 100 times as fast as you can), and the number of local comedy radio stations.
Wayne Radinsky Wayne Radinsky

How to Change Your Twitter Profile Page
This is a shot of the #Twitter  profile page with the new banner pic.  Want to learn how to change it?  Check out this link here:  http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/22/how-to-get-new-twitter-profile/?utm_campaign=fb&ncid=fb
RC Concepcion RC Concepcion

Tonight, +Stephen Colbert suggested to teenagers watching his show that they post embarrassing things online where no one will ever see them... like Google+. I bet that's going to go over with a thud in Mountain View.
Alexander Howard Alexander Howard

Startup ideas from Jacob Sheehy. "Build a fleet of small solar-powered airplanes and helicopters that will make long-distance air deliveries autonomously." "Build the same fleet of aircraft but pack them with weather sensors and send them away from people. This fleet would gather and send live atmosphere data from over the oceans and remote land areas." "Compete with Google Drive. Drive is close to my ideal productivity suite but it has major flaws that annoy me on a daily basis." "Build a multiplayer online game about space exploration. The game scales from single player to an entire galaxy of inhabited star systems played by millions of people." "What kind of code editing can be done in an extremely mobile environment? In the near future, smart watches, glasses, etc will be gaining traction and combining these with minimal artificial intelligence constructs, I think that the software development experience could be radically altered to focus more on hard problems and less on typing code."
Wayne Radinsky Wayne Radinsky

Insane bboy battle - Break The Floor 2014 | Final battle | Morning of Owl VS Sons of USSR
Any time I see Morning of Own you just sort of know they will crush the competition. When this battle first started I questioned if that would be the case. Several of the Sons of USSR have some killer moves and awesome style. The dude at 2:15 is fun and unique. Of course MoO lets nothing go uncontested and when they do their choreographed routines they are, as usual, unstoppable. Check out 4:55... they form up some sort of breakdancing transformer that eventually shoots Pocket out of the mega-bboy to do his own blast of airflares and spinning insanity. And while Sons of USSR individually have massive style at  8:40 MoW starts a routine that sticks the nail in the coffin. It culminated with their now famous triangle of people that Pocket does a backspin down their bodies and bursts into air-spinning insanity.

Cheggit... you won't be disappointed. Feel free to comment on who you think won. 

#bboy   #breakdance  +Jordan Hawker  #dance  
Paul Spoerry Paul Spoerry

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