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Max Huijgen

Columbia River Gorge ( Lake Wanapum ) near Vantage Washington, USA. This is the Columbia River Plateau, composed of massive volcanic flows (basalt).  The course of the river here is pretty straight.  Panoramas have a way of making rivers look curved. 

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Charles Lupica Charles Lupica

MORE reviews for our book FROM BASICS TO FINE ART
It gets boring but we have some more great reviews for the book written by +Julia Anna Gospodarou and me:) This time a review on 2 prestigious news and critique sites: one of Seattle's best-known newspapers Seattle PI: http://www.seattlepi.com/default/article/Book-Review-From-Basics-To-Fine-Art-by-Julia-5712952.php and also on a renowned site for blogs: reviewsblogcritics.org: http://blogcritics.org/book-review-from-basics-to-fine-art-by-julia-anna-gospodarou-and-joel-tjintjelaar/ The excellent review was written by T. Michael Tiesti. We're happy that the good reactions keep coming from critics and readers also. A big thank you again to everyone who bought the book and to those that have written about it. You can buy the book here and see for yourself: http://sites.fastspring.com/juliaannagospodarou/product/frombasicstofineart 
A small quote from the review: “From Basics To Fine Art is by far the most complete and well written book on photography that I have read in years. At over 400 pages, I would not say it is an easy read, but more of an educational one. There is no fluff here. It is the quintessential ‘Start at the beginning and continue until you get to the end’ type of book. (…) From Basics To Fine Art is a must read for anyone who is looking to make their way into the world of fine art.“
Joel Tjintjelaar Joel Tjintjelaar

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