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Meg Tufano

Hello. My Name Is...

Introduce yourself, and tell us one of three things about you (or all):

1. Your most twisted hobby.
2. The strangest night of your life.
3. Five people (living or dead) you'd love to have a long dinner with.

This is in honor of our queen +Christine DeGraff who always gets people 'a talkin'! (reminds me of, well, me a while back. See her post at: https://plus.google.com/117778937939543425499/posts/FdPG9x6e8GR)

#hellomynameis   #introduceyourselfagain   #helloworld   #threethings  
Sean Cowen Sean Cowen


Did anyone else ever master Skeeball? (I called it Skeetball). I don't know when my habit started, but it's always been there for me. When I could still see, I nailed this game. So many tickets, so many tchotchke prizes. ha! Memories!

#skeetball   #carnivalgames   #fairgames   #tickets   #tchotchke  

vi/ Pi.
Sean Cowen Sean Cowen

'Canvas Fingerprinting' means wiping your cookies and blocking ads is no longer enough.

[It] works by instructing the visitor’s Web browser to draw a hidden image. Because each computer draws the image slightly differently, the images can be used to assign each user’s device a number that uniquely identifies it.

But fingerprints are unusually hard to block: They can’t be prevented by using standard Web browser privacy settings or using anti-tracking tools such as AdBlock Plus.

The researchers found canvas fingerprinting computer code, primarily written by a company called AddThis, on 5 percent of the top 100,000 websites.

Jeff Jockisch Jeff Jockisch

3 TED Talks That Uncover the Secrets of Storytelling

After viewing over 25 TED talks listed as having something to do with the topic of “storytelling,” I began to see a through-line. There was a theme that appeared around the ideas of wonder, mystery, possibility, connection, and engagement.

Read on to see how  +Julie Neumark narrows it down to three talks by three different individuals who seem to be well aware of the recipe to the #SecretSauce.
Jay Baer Jay Baer

Tentacle Wine Bottle Stopper

The Tentacle Wine Bottle Stopper is a creepy handmade bottle stopper with a traditional stainless steel and rubber tip to seal the bottle and on top is a monstrous sucker-covered tentacle seemingly reaching out from the bottle's murky Merlot depths.

#wine   #bottlestopper   #tentacles   #octopus  

via/ thegreenhead.com
Sean Cowen Sean Cowen

*On ‪#‎JayToday‬ Will Google Ruin Its Social Network By Allowing Fake Names? http://bit.ly/1rHojzU*

#GooglePlus has announced that it will allow aliases and pseudonyms, removing the requirement that users sign up for the service with their real names.

This is a dangerous game for #Google as it has the potential of making the service into a Myspace-esque trap of fake identities and inauthentic personalities. Does this switch mark the beginning of the end for Google Plus?

Today's +Sprout Social shout out goes to +martin shervington (http://twitter.com/martinsherv), who runs a company called Plus Your Business (http://www.plusyourbusiness.com/). Martin is a Google Plus expert (and a great guy!) who has helped Jay and many other businesses boost their strategies on G+.
Jay Baer Jay Baer

Our society expects overnight results, but a communications program can take upwards of a year for anything measurable to happen. Here is what you can do in the meantime.
Gini Dietrich Gini Dietrich

Stripe talks (very intelligently) about the future of money and Bitcoin. Hint: Banks shouldn't own all the layers.


Want to dig deeper?  +Gideon Rosenblatt has a dynamite post smart contracts and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations   https://plus.google.com/u/0/105103058358743760661/posts/UT6KXosVCCF
Jeff Jockisch Jeff Jockisch

My wife and I have talked a lot about a camper being in our future and this one just moved up my list. Wow!
C.C. Chapman C.C. Chapman

*How a Bank Used Digital Media to Put People Back to Work, Increase Brand Awareness http://bit.ly/1qygZJV*

On Convince & Convert #Blog  today with +Shannon Paul...Amazing Case Study of a brand truly being helpful and getting outside of  themselves.
Jay Baer Jay Baer

So much needs to be sorted out before we can get decent Internet connections at an affordable price

Jeff Jockisch Jeff Jockisch

CIO covered the release of our new report...love the focus on not pitting CIOs against CMOs but instead working together.

What do you think?
Brian Solis Brian Solis

Nothing makes me happier than when people I love start doing amazing things together.

This is a huge win for +SHIFT Communications on so many levels and I'm psyched for my close friend +Scott Monty on joining the team.

+Todd Defren you've done it again!
C.C. Chapman C.C. Chapman

The Cole Haan Pinterest contest got them in some hot water. Here's what you can learn about it.
Gini Dietrich Gini Dietrich

"Don't measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability." - John Wooden
John Hagel John Hagel

You have a good degree and you're paid well? Guess what? You're a target for automation. Robots are the new professionals
John Hagel John Hagel

Yet another digital art frame. Amazing.
Chris Messina Chris Messina

I was in the audience when Maggie Campbell of Privateer Rum gave this talk and she was easily my favorite speaker of the night at this years TEDxCambridge.

Take the time to watch this. It is worth every second. 
C.C. Chapman C.C. Chapman

Business Innovation Factory was a catalyst for growth for me as +Nicha Ratana-Apiromyakij describes in this profile
John Hagel John Hagel

New podcast sharing updates from my world and the world around me. 
C.C. Chapman C.C. Chapman

You want to grow stronger in a world of mounting pressure? The future is podular by +Dave Gray 
John Hagel John Hagel

Innovative marketing?  It revolves around a relentless customer focus.  Tools?  Well, again how do you use them to wow customers. Case studies included. #SXSWV2V
Geoff Livingston Geoff Livingston

Chocolate gets better with stress - like steel, chocolate must be tempered
John Hagel John Hagel

My new post - Reaching One Global Content Consumer at a Time 
Jamie Glass Jamie Glass

Due to technical problems, we weren't able to include Michael Netzley's Asia Report in episode 765. Because it deals with timely matters, we have posted it as an FIR Cut, available here:

Shel Holtz Shel Holtz

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