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Premiazione ufficiale di Camelia, Giovanni, Serafino, Marcos e gli altri del gruppone
GDG Roma L-Ab GDG Roma L-Ab

Зиновьев Алексей вольет в ваши уши общий обзор новинок с Google I/O, а также подробно остановится на новых фичах в #Dart и расскажет как #Google убьет #Hadoop - экосистему при помощи новых стильных, модных, молодежных Google Data Flow

На CodeLab Алексей поможет написать вам Dart - приложение при помощи новой IDE от Google
GDG Omsk GDG Omsk

Иван ivanzoid Зезюля зажжет на нашем небосклоне звезду Go во время Post Google IO

Тема топика: «To Go или не Go»

Язык Go:
- основные цели и философия
- ключевые особенности и фичи, преимущества над другими языками
- чуть-чуть примеров кода

Также Иван ответит на все вопросы по Go и морально поддержит вас на Codelab
GDG Omsk GDG Omsk

Added photos to Hackathon Montecitorio: premiazione Camera4Dummies.
GDG Roma L-Ab GDG Roma L-Ab

Join Application Developers Alliance to find out what hosting in the cloud actually means & what options are available—London, July 31: http://bit.ly/cloudconundrum
GDG London GDG London

Announcing Display Targeting Reports in GA

We're excited to announce the launch of the new Display Targeting report in Google Analytics. This new report allows advertisers to see how their advertising on the Google Display Network (GDN) is performing.

On the GDN, advertisers have a range of targeting options. The following are available in the new Display Targeting report in GA:
- Display Keywords
- Placements
- Topics
- Interests & Remarketing
- Gender
- Age

Like all other AdWords reports in GA, this report shows advertisers what happens after a user clicks on a GDN ad. It also allows advertisers to use the rich segmentation capabilities of GA to analyze their GDN performance and find areas for further optimization.

You can find the new Display Targeting report in GA under 'Acquisition > AdWords'.

Happy analyzing!
GDG Philippines GDG Philippines

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