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Rznag Rmrod

[ over the fence and into the light ]
Richard Kralicek Richard Kralicek

[ what the rain washed away ]
Richard Kralicek Richard Kralicek

[ soon it's over - spring impressions ]
Richard Kralicek Richard Kralicek

[ peacock - pfauenauge ]
Richard Kralicek Richard Kralicek

Has anybody seen this before? I just wanted to deactivate Bluetooth when I noticed this. I was in my private WiFi and yes there is also a Chromecast device. I would love to tell you what it does, but I can't, because it disappeared after I took the screenshot and it did not come back. Is this a known feature which I missed and I am too stupid to reproduce it or what is that?

#chromecast   #mirroring   #setting  #feature #mystery
Bruno Hautzenberger Bruno Hautzenberger

Wordpress Blog: My Stock Photo Portfolios

I wanted to write some lines for a long time over there on #wordpress too, so here's it. Think the style looks a bit cleaner than the  one from #blogspot : http://piranhaphotography.blogspot.co.at/

Will try to update both in future a little bit, if you show me some support :) Still under development, as I have started to give it a try this morning, so please don't look at it in a too critical way. Hope I can improve the layout and content a little bit the next days if I have time.
#blog #portfolios #stock #online #photos #new  

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René Pirker René Pirker

How to build Dart for Raspberry Pi ARM devices. Have fun!
Bruno Hautzenberger Bruno Hautzenberger

Steht ihr Fernseher im Wohnzimmer etwa hochkant? Nein? Warum drehen Sie dann Ihre Handyvideos in der Vertikalen?
Bruno Hautzenberger Bruno Hautzenberger

Streaming Now: The Project Ara Developers Conference

What if you could make thoughtful choices about exactly what your phone does, and use it as a creative canvas to tell your own story? Tune in.
Bruno Hautzenberger Bruno Hautzenberger

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