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Rznag Rmrod

Eurasian Eagle-Owl   (Bubo bubo) - Uhu
Hibou grand-duc - Búho real - Bufo-real - Gufo reale
The Eurasian eagle-owl is the largest owl.
wingspan 160–200 cm (63–79 in)

#birdlovers #wildlife #bird #birds #nature #birdloversandwildlife 

simply great, just love it again and again
Richard Kralicek Richard Kralicek

Iceland - home of nature, birthplace of thoughts, and mother of explorations. The harsh island in the north is a place where my mind is completely set free. I have never been to any other place where my thoughts can go beyond their own frontiers and explore the unknown.
Why? Endless landscapes without any human, the battle of the sun, the rain and the wind which changes the environment from being a warm wonderful place to a mysterious land of strange lava formations where all the subversive comfort of dull cities and their endless shopping malls is gone for good.
Peter Teufl Peter Teufl

My Review about the new Petzval portait lens of Lomography tested exclusively at the Portugal.The Man concert.
Matthias Hombauer Matthias Hombauer

When I'm not at work, I'm currently experimenting with different tools to enhance my productivity and also creativity. Could Wacom Bamboo Paper be one of these tools? So far it looks promising, but I'm still not sure if it will integrate in my other tools and workflows. Let's give it a try.
Bruno Hautzenberger Bruno Hautzenberger

Developers, if you’re looking for ways to improve your apps through better UX design, check out the new online course UXD for Mobile Developers, now available through Udacity.

This course takes you step-by-step through the fundamentals of UX design and helps you apply them to your apps, from understanding your users and their needs, to great interaction and visual design, and learning how mobile first design thinking. 

The course is divided into a series of lessons, each of which gives you practical takeaways that you can apply immediately to start seeing the benefits of great UX design in your projects. See the post linked below for details.

As with all of our Android  courses, the full course materials — including videos, quizzes, and forums — are available for free for all students by selecting “View Courseware”. 

Start the course: http://bit.ly/uxdclass

More UXD videos on Android Developers: http://bit.ly/uxdplaylist
Bruno Hautzenberger Bruno Hautzenberger

I've read a lot about Destiny so far, but this month +WIRED magazine tells the story behind it. Bungie's long way from long before the first Halo game to the end of Halo for Bungie and the problems, fears and progress they've made while building a 500 million dollar game called Destiny, that has to keep up with Halo's success. Very good read about an amazing company.
Bruno Hautzenberger Bruno Hautzenberger

This month's +WIRED magazine sounds promising. "Must-Have Robots" and european StartUps!
Bruno Hautzenberger Bruno Hautzenberger

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