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Want to avoid that brutal Mountain Stage while you’re cycling to work? The latest #GoogleMaps for +Android update puts elevations in bike directions, so you can arrive with leg muscles intact.
Google Maps Google Maps

Today's #TipTuesday post is for those of you looking to grow your following on Google+. Which of the suggestions below do you think is the most critical for success? 
Google+ Google+

Weird Al Yankovic accelerates his brand trajectory using management philosophy. 
YouTube YouTube

Archiving a message removes it from your inbox, but keeps the email in your account so that you can always find it later. Use this feature to minimize clutter so that you can focus on your most important messages: http://goo.gl/bHonzN 
Gmail Gmail

Welcome to Angkor. Land of the hidden temples and ancient kingdoms. Get lost in the ruins. goo.gl/iXsQOn #TreksTuesday
Google Maps Google Maps

Sort and filter data on view-only spreadsheets with Filter Views

Ever need to filter or sort data on a spreadsheet that you can't edit? For example, maybe you're looking at sales data on a team-wide spreadsheet that only one owner can edit, but you only want to see items that you're responsible for. Now you can by creating a "temporary filter view"  from the toolbar or Data menu in the new Google Sheets (www.google.com/sheets).

There are a few other improvements we made based on your feedback, too:
- Share a link to a specific view so people don't have to dig through the list to find the one you want them to look at. Just copy/paste the URL.
- Ability  to change the range that's used for a filter view so you don't have to delete and re-create it.
Google Drive Google Drive

YouTube - Nothing. But. Net.
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Nothing. But. Net.
YouTube YouTube

The Commonwealth Games are underway! Hosted in Glasgow this year, this international sporting event was first held in 1930 and takes place every four years. In addition to many typical Olympic sports, the games also include sports popular in the British Commonwealth like netball. 
Google Google

This morning, we welcomed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to our Mountain View HQ for a chat about her new book, her travels and her thoughts on how technology affects foreign affairs. Watch her full Q+A with Eric Schmidt: http://youtu.be/cWFMqUDy1gw
Google Google

“Come, fellow Singaporeans, let us progress towards happiness together” is how composer Zubir Said began Majulah Singapura, Singapore’s national anthem. Our doodle honors the great artist for his 107th birthday. 
Google Google

We've just released Android Studio 0.8.3 to the canary channel, with the latest IntelliJ 13.1 fixes, many Android plugin fixes, and new features like lint quickfixes, theme attribute lookup, a new allocation tracker UI, and output window filtering. 

For more details, see the release notes:
Android Developers Android Developers

Today is American realist painter Edward Hopper’s birthday and we’re sharing his best known painting, Nighthawks from the Art Institute of Chicago: http://goo.gl/hL6Nce

Hopper stated that this work was inspired by “a restaurant on New York’s Greenwich Avenue where two streets meet,” but the image—with its carefully constructed composition and lack of narrative—has a timeless, universal quality that transcends its particular locale. Reworked and parodied countless times, this painting has become an icon of American culture.

The painting depicts a brightly lit, sparsely adorned diner peopled by four figures whose relationships to one another remain frustratingly ambiguous. It is unclear whether they bear some tense, potentially explosive relationship or whether they have been drawn into the diner from the forbidding darkness to take refuge in the silent company of strangers.
Hopper denied that he purposefully infused this or any other of his paintings with symbols of human isolation and urban emptiness, but he acknowledged that in Nighthawks “unconsciously, probably, I was painting the loneliness of a large city.”  #nyc  #art  
Google Art Project Google Art Project

Mantén tu cuenta Google segura

Mira este video y conoce las distintas maneras en las que puedes mantener tu cuenta Google segura. También visita nuestro Centro de Seguridad para conocer más tips de cómo navegar en línea y tener una  #websegurahttp://goo.gl/6YVt2j
Google México Google México

Explorers got together for one day to post their #throughglass photos from all over the place. Here are just a few of our favorites. 
Google Glass Google Glass

Comic-con kicks off this Thursday! Yup, over here, we’re all geeks at heart. Check out our picks (US only) for the movies and games that get us pumped to talk sci-fi, anime, comic books, and video games all week (http://goo.gl/8ESv3Q). What announcements are you anticipating this year?
Google Play Google Play

A New Online Course for App Engine
/featuring +Magnus Hyttsten  #cloud   #cloudplatform   #appengine  

A new, free Udacity online course, Developing Scalable Apps with Google App Engine, helps Java developers learn how to build scalable App Engine applications. As you work through the course, you'll build a conference management application that lets users create and query conferences. 
Google Developers Google Developers

Hot dogs are blank canvases, and the world’s culinary artists are doing museum-quality work. From Belgian Caesar Salad toppings to Hawaiian star fruit relish, this map points you to the best of the wurst. goo.gl/L8vo4H #HotDogMonth
Google Maps Google Maps

Less than 1% of high school girls plan to major in computer science. What can we do to fix this problem?

Image: Made with Code
Google Science Fair Google Science Fair

Now you can turn your +Uber Philly into an office. Starting today, your commute is complete with #uberWIFI, compliments of Google Apps. http://goo.gl/07AABh
Google Enterprise Google Enterprise

Finish your work in the air so you can unplug when you land. #goneGoogle
Google Enterprise Google Enterprise

Interested in hearing more tips from +David Andrade on how he uses Google’s tools in the classroom? David’s featured post today (http://goo.gl/8kJSV) offers some quick and easy tips in an overview of why - and how - he’s Gone Google. Read it here: http://goo.gl/8kJSV. #GoogleEDU #GAFE #GoogleCT

Schools bought more than 1 million Chromebooks in the second quarter of 2014. David Andrade, the CIO for the Bridgeport Public Schools district, which serves 23,000 students in Connecticut, shares why they selected Chromebooks in yesterday's blog post (http://goo.gl/HSU73g). Learn more about going Google and continue following our Google for Education Google+ page to see a selection of tips from David this week. 
Google for Education Google for Education

#BizBits We want your feedback on Google My Business. 

If you claimed your business listing with Google My Business, are you finding it useful? Leave us your thoughts in the comments and we’ll pass them along.
Google+ Your Business Google+ Your Business

Want to share your thoughts on some cool new designs the Google team is working on? Want to provide your feedback to our user research team? Sign up at http://goo.gl/38U3V4 to be contacted for user research opportunities like focus groups, interviews and usability studies. 

Studies are ongoing, and you may be invited to participate in one of Google’s San Francisco bay area offices, or from the comfort of your own home or office via Hangout or videoconference. Once you’ve signed up, expect to receive periodic contact from one of our recruiters with more details about individual opportunities. We value your input, and your insights help shape and improve the product so sign up today and make your voice heard. 
Google for Education Google for Education

I/O Byte: Building Cloud-powered wearable Apps
/w +Laurence Moroney  #iobytes   #cloud   #androidwear  

Android wear extends the Android platform to a new generation of wearable devices. The user experience is designed specifically for wearables. In this session you'll see how to use the Android Wear SDK to build a connected cloud-powered application.
Google Developers Google Developers

¡Hacé más con tus fotos gracias a los Efectos Automáticos de Google+ Fotos! Bajá la aplicación a tu celular, tomá una secuencia de 5 fotos o más y esperá a que la magia suceda. Más información: http://goo.gl/kDnwQg

Google Argentina Google Argentina

Join industry visionaries from +Netflix and The Weather Company to learn how they’ve transformed their companies to stand out in the new digital age. They’ll share their best advice on how your enterprise can leverage the cloud to create a constant culture of business innovation. And you’ll learn how the cloud frees up IT to focus on business strategy and empowers employees to work and collaborate anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Google Enterprise Google Enterprise

Billion dollar pixels: Designing Advertising Products at Google
/w +Greg Rosenberg  #iobytes   #io14   #advertising  

Get a glimpse into what it's like designing for the enterprise, specifically for ads products at Google -- the lifeblood of businesses, and Google's primary revenue source.  Learn about the rewards, challenges, and risks involved with designing billion dollar pixels.
Google Developers Google Developers

Teaching with Google Play for Education
+Dianne Leoni's class uses Nearpod to share multiple approaches to solving the same problem, helping students better learn the underlying mathematical concepts. #PlayforEDU #GoogleEDU

Interested in how other teachers are using tablets with Google Play for Education in the classroom? Visit our Google Play for Education module (http://goo.gl/TwR2XA) on the Google for Education Learning Center to see apps in action. From handwriting (http://youtu.be/cBgWGXnHDiU ) to physics (http://youtu.be/RqqOb3B8jVM), reading (http://youtu.be/UDmBrpAvTw8) to creating books (http://youtu.be/NAPvWsbpG-U) -- these teachers showcase how using Android apps in class has helped keep students engaged and learning. 
Google for Education Google for Education

Alles Gute zum 10. Geburtstag +Laut gegen Nazis! Danke für die Partnerschaft in den letzten Jahren, wir sind schon gespannt auf eure KIEZHELDEN am 30.08.2014
Google Deutschland Google Deutschland

Spend three minutes to learn how WebP can help reduce the load time of images through better image compression!

#io14   #iobytes   #webp  
Google Chrome Developers Google Chrome Developers

Haz más con Google: Comparte tus Historias de Google+ desde tus dispositivos móviles

Hemos integrado a Fotos de Google+ una serie de herramientas automáticas y manuales para mejorar y editar de manera divertida tus fotos y compartirlas con la gente indicada.

Existe una forma de compartir los mejores momentos de algún viaje o aventura: las Historias de Google+. Estas historias, creadas automáticamente con las fotografías de su librería, resumen los diferentes momentos de sus viajes y ahora puedes disfrutarlas y compartirlas desde la aplicación de Fotos de Google+ en tu teléfono o tablet.

Si aún no cuentas con Fotos de Google+ en tu dispositivo, descarga la aplicación de Google+ (http://goo.gl/ruuHW) y empieza a disfrutar de estas y otras opciones para compartir tus mejores fotos, videos e historias.

Conoce más en el blog de Tecnología y Anuncios de Googlehttp://goo.gl/wwucza

#Hazmáscongoogle   #Googleplustip  
Google México Google México

Hooray.. rel=prefetch will be (re)enabled in Chrome M38: http://bit.ly/Uqjjn9 - yes, it's currently disabled by default. Even better, prefetch requests will now persist across page navigations, which makes it infinitely more useful.
Google Chrome Developers Google Chrome Developers

Nosso embaixador do tema guerras, JOÃO BARONE, apresenta um vídeo chat na quinta, 31 de julho, às 21h, sobre GUERRAS MUNDIAIS. 

Você o conhece como baterista da banda PARALAMAS DO SUCESSO. Barone é um dos brasileiros que mais entendem sobre a participação do nosso país na Segunda Guerra, tendo escrito dois livros sobre o assunto e produzido o especial O CAMINHO DOS HERÓIS, que estreia no HISTORY na quinta, dia 31 de julho, às 23h.

O Hangout trará curiosidades sobre a esperada minissérie do HISTORY, GUERRAS MUNDIAIS. Ela foi indicada a três Emmys e estreia nos dias 28, 29 e 30 de julho, às 22h.

Envie perguntas e acompanhe o bate papo entre Barone e seus convidados:

MARCELO MADUREIRA: O humorista conhecido do programa CASSETA & PLANETA é um grande entusiasta do tema guerras.

ARTHUR DAPIEVE: jornalista e crítico musical, atualmente trabalha no jornal O GLOBO e é aficcionado pelo assunto guerras.

CHICO MIRANDA: Pesquisador, responsável por um dos blogs mais completos sobre o Brasil na Segunda Guerra: http://chicomiranda.wordpress.com/

Confirme presença agora e envie sua pergunta.
Você também poderá acompanhar o evento no site do HISTORY: http://seuhistory.com
Google Brasil Google Brasil

Does your commute feel like the Tour de France?
Want to avoid that brutal Mountain Stage while you’re cycling to work? The new #GoogleMaps for Android update puts elevations in bike directions, so you can arrive with leg muscles intact.
Google Australia Google Australia

I/O Byte: Demystifying encodes and decodes of WebM
/by +Vignesh Venkat  #iobytes   #io14   #webm  

Tips, tricks and practices to encode a video into WebM using VPx codecs for delivery across the web and on Android.
Google Developers Google Developers

I/O Byte: I Hear You Like Realtime Memes
/with +Brian Cairns  #iobytes   #drive   #realtime   #developers  

Learn how to quickly and easily make your app collaborative with the Drive Realtime API.  Give your users the power of Google Docs-style realtime collaboration with no server, no sweat.
Google Developers Google Developers

Inserta videos de YouTube y listas de reproducción en tu sitio web o blog

Si deseas compartir algún video en tu sitio web o blog es muy sencillo solo sigue estos pasos: 

1. Haz clic en el vínculo Compartir debajo del video.
2. Haz clic en el vínculo Insertar vínculo.
3. Copia el código provisto en el cuadro expandido.
4. Pega el código en tu blog o sitio web.

Conoce más opciones de inserción aquí: http://goo.gl/Hw33TF

Google México Google México

With less than eight weeks left until regular Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns retire, we're excited that the majority of PLA advertisers have already started taking advantage of Shopping campaigns, and 85% of these have already fully upgraded.

Read these case studies to see the success of four advertisers: http://goo.gl/Y64a3i
Google Ads Google Ads

We've just released Android Studio 0.8.3 to the canary channel, with the latest IntelliJ 13.1 fixes, many Android plugin fixes, and new features like lint quickfixes, theme attribute lookup, a new allocation tracker UI, and output window filtering. 

For more details, see the release notes:
Android Developers Android Developers

Maker Camp, Tuesday, July 22: Mini Golf, Mini Dolls, Mega Fun!

Get a hole-in-one! A dream team of industrial designers, robotics engineers, welders and artists — including today's guests Anne Mayoral and Chris Myers — created Urban Putt, a fantastical, high-tech 14-hole mini-golf course. Imagination has free reign, and all of the senses are engaged in this technically sophisticated playground for people of all ages. Then youll meet Alice Taylor of MakieLabs, who shows us how to make another kind of toy: custom dolls.

Watch the Hangout at 11am PT: http://goo.gl/fy2kb0
Daily project: Mini Foosball Game http://goo.gl/5Rxe3k
Advanced project: MakieLab http://goo.gl/J7auP6
Skill builder project: Mini Golf Mechanisms http://goo.gl/PfbruL
Google Science Fair Google Science Fair

The huts of Bletchey's Park, where #codebreakers worked in secret to break Nazi cyphers and gather intelligence during the Second World War, had fallen into disrepair. Twenty five years ago, the historic World War II codebreaking center Bletchley Park faced demolition.

But we have supported its restoration, culminating in last month’s opening of a Bletchey's Park  #Museum  by the Duchess of Cambridge. 

Bletchley Park is where Alan Turing’s theories were first put into practice, in the Bombe machines used to break Enigma, operated by women like 93 year old #veteran and grandmother of one of our colleagues in Google #London, Jean Valentine. It was also home to Colossus, the world’s first electronic programmable #computer

If you're in the area, please come and visit!
Solve for X Solve for X

After spending a decade as an AdWords Evangelist at Google, +Frederick Vallaeys decided to turn his passion and experience into a small business by launching +Optmyzr. Join the Google Small Business Community (http://goo.gl/hJcTIX) and +Fred for a pre-recorded interview and live text Q&A this Thursday, July 24 at 3 PM PDT. Fred will be in the Google Small Business Community answering your questions on the transition from working for a corporation to launching your own small business. RSVP and submit your questions in the comments. 
Google+ Your Business Google+ Your Business

The UK Office of National Statistics has put out a fun quiz which tests how much you know about a particular England or Wales area, by postal code. http://www.neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk/HTMLDocs/dvc147/index.html
via +Google Maps Mania 
If you don't know the UK postal code for an area, you can check out this site: http://www.doogal.co.uk/UKPostcodes.php
Google Maps API Google Maps API

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