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Thomas Power

Beautiful Friday afternoon in Carmel California. 
Vic Gundotra Vic Gundotra

Why we need an underground Google.

In the past few years, a disturbing trend has emerged where governments -- either through law or technical means or by the control of the companies that provide access -- have forced inaccuracy, omissions and misleading results on the world's major search engines.

It's a growing problem, and a serious one. Here's my solution: 


Mike Elgan Mike Elgan




LD Williams LD Williams

I love the light that the full moon creates. Something completely different. 
Photograph by Aleksandra Lajtenberger
#fullmoon   #naturephotography  
Michael Q Todd Michael Q Todd

Funny sign on Waheke Island, New Zealand
Guy Kawasaki Guy Kawasaki

Airborne Lava!

"A wild, airborne abstract created by an exploding lava bubble.
Waves of thermal distortion in the lower half of the frame is an indication of the amount of intense heat being released"

writes photographer Bruce Omori
Reg Saddler Reg Saddler

My MacBook needed this feature when my last coffee accident happened ...

via: reddit.com
Panah Rad Panah Rad

Are you a data hoarder? These are the best tablets available with expandable storage: http://cnet.co/1hoItae 

Air France A380 Fog Vortex by Matt Granz
Reg Saddler Reg Saddler

It's great meeting G+ friends at Google I/O.

I'm happy to report that +Noble Ackerson is actually a real person! Noble: Nice talking with you at I/O! 

This picture is from Noble's own post: 
Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

The Verge - The end of an era
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The end of an era
The Verge The Verge

 a crocodile at a zoo in the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung holds the forearm of a zoo veterinarian in between its teeth. It bit the hand off as the poor fella was trying to treat it.Luckily they were able to sew his hand back on in surgery.
Linda Dee Linda Dee

A Supermoon Sets Behind The European Southern Observatory Photo By Gordon Gillet
Reg Saddler Reg Saddler

CNET - In case you missed it:
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In case you missed it:

Finally: Positive Proof of Global Warming
Max Huijgen Max Huijgen

Any discussion of Android Wear will eventually turn to how you have to dig deep into the software to launch an app from your wrist. Tapping and swiping, and scrolling and tapping just isn't the perfect experience. A new app called Wear Mini Launcher aims to fix all of that. Install it to the...
Android Central Android Central

Linda Dee Linda Dee

If you haven't seen it in theaters, now's your chance
The Verge The Verge

Google Toolbox
Blogs, YouTube, G+ Communities, G+ Pages
1. Google Blogs 
News, features, tips, training and more
. YouTube Creator: goo.gl/je4fNd
. YouTube: goo.gl/7C8X8p 
. Think With Google: goo.gl/75oPW0
. Online Security: goo.gl/03MRU1
. Enterprise: goo.gl/2ZEVZF
. Google: goo.gl/7m92Nj
. Gmail: goo.gl/E2REJQ
. Mobile Ads: goo.gl/BnUzuu
. Inside Search: goo.gl/ShngX3
. Inside AdWords: goo.gl/DbktUp
. Inside AdSense: goo.gl/UfnfbL
. Google+: goo.gl/clH5tj
. Webmaster: goo.gl/c6fMu6
. Translate: goo.gl/TI4ud0
. Shopping: goo.gl/1BXHif
. Google News: goo.gl/6ECpH7
. Earth & Maps: goo.gl/zVX9Go
. Nonprofits: goo.gl/5f28QK
. Drive: goo.gl/wouQnB
. Commerce: goo.gl/G5VH9x
. Cloud: goo.gl/nQuYBM
. Chrome: goo.gl/1bCPpa
. Google & Your Business: goo.gl/V1CBLd
. Analytics: goo.gl/9LKizW
. Agency: goo.gl/bsjdYf
. Android: goo.gl/jo98mU
. DoubleClick Advertiser: goo.gl/VDnsTt
. DoubleClick Publishers: goo.gl/CpYMeB
. DoubleClick Search: goo.gl/O9M0Fu

2. Google Products Forums: goo.gl/qo30kj
. AdSense in English: goo.gl/jHcoMn
. Blogger: goo.gl/5xR3Ux
. Chrome Administrator Forum: goo.gl/m2apA0
. DoubleClick for Publishers: goo.gl/6IKXMI 
. DoubleClick Rich Media: goo.gl/WUe5ym
. Gmail: goo.gl/ILriqy
. Google+: goo.gl/dEjCzu
. Google Ad Grants Help Forum: goo.gl/0U2hgR
. Google Affiliate Network: goo.gl/aAXRo8
. Google Analytics:  goo.gl/wSCHqt
. Google and Your Business: goo.gl/oB8p35
. Google Apps: goo.gl/7o1ZAj
. Google Books API: goo.gl/iLrTtq
. Google Business Sitebuilder: goo.gl/JcsXL6
. Google Calendar: goo.gl/E0KSnH
. Google Chat: goo.gl/T5u5hL
. Google Checkout Merchant: goo.gl/taMkrg
. Google Chrome Forum: goo.gl/SlNJPX
. Google Commerce Search: goo.gl/TxyK7r
. Google Currents producer Help: goo.gl/L8ULTO
. Google Custom Search: goo.gl/1l09Hs
. Google Docs: goo.gl/CVuDym
. Google Drive: goo.gl/2tyaYM
. Google Earth: goo.gl/XT7LJr
. Google Fusion Tables:  goo.gl/UHPuz5
. Google in Education: goo.gl/ZYO5Y2
. Google Map Maker: goo.gl/YVRQcK
. Google Maps: goo.gl/6ciOm5
. Google Maps Engine Lite: goo.gl/V10fWx
. Google Merchant Center: goo.gl/cWyHKr
. Google Mobile Help Forum: goo.gl/Hd0PlC
. Google News: goo.gl/0aPl32
. Google Search Forum: goo.gl/e5QV5O
. Google Sites: goo.gl/hC607O
. Google Tag Manager: goo.gl/iKu2g5
. Google Translator Toolkit API: goo.gl/J5ocm1
. Google Voice Forum: goo.gl/DbSDA5
. Hangouts: goo.gl/CtfISz
. Nexus: goo.gl/gkdGAf
. Picasa: goo.gl/YF2tTi
. Postini: goo.gl/TPJWXO
. Sketchup: goo.gl/A6Z3t7
. Webmaster Central: goo.gl/xJ5PyV  
. YouTube: goo.gl/nSTFQa
. YouTube Monetization: goo.gl/1lmGPC
. YouTube Partners: goo.gl/xHUo7w

3. Google on YouTube
. Google: goo.gl/dHuVIc
. Google Help: goo.gl/M0x94i
. Google Top Contributors: goo.gl/pgsuFp
. Google Security and Privacy: goo.gl/rR1PSo
. Google+: goo.gl/Ar3qLn
. Google Chrome: goo.gl/CmEdjH
. Chrome Help Center: goo.gl/A725Cp
. Google Webmasters: goo.gl/X8KHQx
. Google Maps: goo.gl/RCbH6a
. Google Earth: goo.gl/ECYIit
. Google Android: goo.gl/Xe28un
. Google Nexus: goo.gl/2O7zNN
. Google Play: goo.gl/IIk7jT
. Google Glass: goo.gl/FfCSRS
. Google for Entrepreneurs: goo.gl/tvecVa
. Google and Your Business: goo.gl/2HFhTf
. Google Engage for Agencies: goo.gl/djALY2
. Google Mobile Ads: goo.gl/678bYq
. Google AdSense: goo.gl/6IL6Y3
. Google AdWords: goo.gl/ghbgfr
. Google Analytics: goo.gl/8ZtQfW
. DFP for Small Business: goo.gl/I4nJzy 
. DoubleClickBusiness: goo.gl/bwiBr8
. Google Consumer Surveys: goo.gl/19XZeg
. Google Enterprise: goo.gl/ZBYrsK
. Google Maps for Business: goo.gl/1a8Kb1
. Google Watch this Space: goo.gl/pVp9fl
. Google Creative Sandbox: goo.gl/0DLtJY
. Learn with Google: goo.gl/cPWHNt
. Think with Google: goo.gl/D7pyky
. Google Ventures: goo.gl/meoIxr
. YouTube Creator Academy: goo.gl/fvKNCg
. YouTube Curriculum: goo.gl/h502jy
. YouTube Help: goo.gl/RExT0f
. YouTube Advertise: goo.gl/nnj53U
. YouTube Creators: goo.gl/t7cJ45
. YouTube Spotlight: goo.gl/4ElAHP
. YouTube Live: goo.gl/S2nq4p
. YouTube for Nonprofits: goo.gl/iHYg54
. Google for Nonprofits: goo.gl/fQupWj
. Google Art Project: goo.gl/rukwpM
. Google Earth Outreach: goo.gl/5JV3Wd
. Google in Education: goo.gl/wXQmnk
. Google Green: goo.gl/ocgHK4
. GoogleOrg: goo.gl/NSYDms
. Google Cultural Institute: goo.gl/hPYMge
. Google Idea: goo.gl/wYFPak
. Google for Media: goo.gl/jw1epv

4. Official Google Communities on G+
. Google+ Help -> goo.gl/Ebmtni
. Google+ Your Business -> goo.gl/Ut0cAj
. Developing with Google+ -> goo.gl/Bhuhha
. Google TV -> goo.gl/7V1viI
. Google Art Project -> goo.gl/YoOljq
. Google Cultural Institute -> goo.gl/SvcTli
. Google Drive Developers -> goo.gl/R9MJSS
. Learn with Google for Publishers -> goo.gl/SDFHSP
. Google+ YouTube Integration -> goo.gl/Ca3liz
. YouTube Creators -> goo.gl/k6VYRD
. YouTube Analytics - goo.gl/VVwuIH
. YouTube Google+ Integration - goo.gl/Oy7nFL.
. YouTube Creators - goo.gl/s1WbxE
. Google Play -> goo.gl/c07NJL
. Life at Google -> goo.gl/EzNnll
. Advanced Power Searching -> goo.gl/H0mihP
. Mapping with Google -> goo.gl/BWoBVo
. Online Marketing 101 -> goo.gl/tG0gpv
. Nexus -> goo.gl/w4e1qD
. Google Giving -> goo.gl/UvBDvP
. Chrome Developers -> goo.gl/uV9Hes
. Android -> goo.gl/1KFP5o
. Android Developer Tools -> goo.gl/mHHnoC
. Android Development -> goo.gl/tjzYK5
. Android Design -> goo.gl/PhRm3Z
. Google Science Fair -> goo.gl/aiJ8wb
. Project Loon -> goo.gl/LCrJQg
. Google Government -> goo.gl/OdM4ce

5. Google on G+ (circle): goo.gl/iQwMrr

6. Google Services: 
. google.com/services
. google.com/services/sitemap.html

7. Learn with Google: google.com/ads/learn/get-online.html

8. Google Support/Help: support.google.com/

9. News from Google: google.com/intl/en/press/

10. 15 years of Google: google.com/about/company/timeline/

11. How Google dominates the Web:
. statista.com/topics/1001/google/chart/1502/15-years-of-google/

12. Google Now
. Google Ecosystem: goo.gl/G4l9KP
. The Google We Always Wanted: goo.gl/i6yVal
. Understanding Google: goo.gl/bzjoQ9

13.  Google Online Courses (MOOCs)
. Power Searching: goo.gl/vwXDRl
. Advanced Power Searching: goo.gl/U2X6HS
. Mapping with Google: goo.gl/35EJ8h
. YouTube Creator Academy: goo.gl/Ixvp4Q
. Introduction to Web Accessibility: goo.gl/4Ubtsa
. Digital Analytics Fundamentals: goo.gl/2iEOAx
. Google Developers Academy: goo.gl/bHTLlK
. Explore and Master Chrome DevTools: goo.gl/RsXcfY
. Google Developer Live: goo.gl/j6Qsug
. Learn with Google: google.com/ads/learn/all-topics.html

14. Google Blogs & Google Support Forums - A Complete Resource List: http://goo.gl/G4QrI7

15. Google My Business
Here: google.com/business
Introducing Google My Business <- click
Support: support.google.com/business

16. Google Trends: google.com/trends

17. Google Account Settings
> google.com/settings

#google   #googletips   #googlehelp   #googleplustips   #googleplushelp  
martin shervington martin shervington

Northern Lights Over an Erupting Volcano - Gas shoots into the air and molten lava starts to pour across this landscape. lmage Credit James Appleton
Reg Saddler Reg Saddler

Han Solo frozen in... Ice Cream!
Chris Pirillo Chris Pirillo

Following yesterday's leak that revealed the specs of the Xperia Z3, a new set of images have surfaced that give us a look at the design of the device.
Android Central Android Central

Linda Dee Linda Dee

For these men, technology will make government obsolete
The Verge The Verge

Flickr ends Facebook and Google logins in battle for photo domination
By offering better organization tools and a whopping 1 terabyte of free space, Yahoo's daughter thinks it has enough of an argument to force users to create a Yahoo account.

A bold move by +Marissa Mayer but is it a sign of confidence or a desperate move to get Yahoo back in the race over your identity and data?

Google could counter by getting rid of the 15GB limit on storage space. The value of shared photos is huge for a platform and for some time former G+ head +Vic Gundotra fought hard to make G+ the destination for photographers.

Why social shared photos are counted towards your 15GB limit is unclear. You contribute to the G+ platform, why would you have to pay for the storage of your free contribution to Google?

It would be a win win if Google would exclude everything shared public from your limit.  Together with improved album organizing tools Flickr would have a much harder time competing. 

Is the free 1TB is compelling enough to create a Yahoo account?
Max Huijgen Max Huijgen

Better Call Saul is a prequel!

It takes place before Walter White came into (and ruined) his life. 
Mike Elgan Mike Elgan

This implantable brain chip could help wounded veterans recover memory function after traumatic brain injuries.

A day at a garden party. And a fountain :D
Time to eat, rest and get back in the swing of things tomorrow...
#autoawesome   #fountain  
martin shervington martin shervington

Travelling in Lapland

Lapland is the largest, most genuine experience park in Finland. Its unique nature, diverse activities and fascinating attractions offer unique holiday experiences throughout the year. Experience the moments of twilight in mid-winter, northern lights, autumn colours and the midnight sun that shines day and night.

This section contains information on the activities and experiences awaiting you in Lapland and introduces you to different areas and their holiday destinations.

Learn more at http://bit.ly/19hkn1o

#Finland #Lappland #Travel #Adventure
Jaana Nyström Jaana Nyström

Lauren Weinstein - Oops.
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Lauren Weinstein Lauren Weinstein

A broom!  LOLWAT

Bobbi Jo Woods Bobbi Jo Woods

20 iPhone tips you'll wish you knew all along:

 *Imagine the world of flying cars... It's just 2 years away.*

Scheduled to debut in 2016 at an estimated cost of $279,000, the Transition is a street-legal car with wings that fold out to make an FAA-approved airplane.

The Transition is designed to be ready for the road, the air, and your home. It fits in a home’s single-car garage and drives with controls comprehensible to anyone with a driver’s license.

To take off, of course, you’ll need a pilot’s license: specifically, a sports pilot license, which you can get with just 20 hours of flight time. That’s less time than a leisurely player takes to complete a video game.

So... You're ready for a world of flying cars..?

#innovation #technology

Yifat Cohen Yifat Cohen

Ban Gioc - Detian waterfall in Vietnam
Reg Saddler Reg Saddler

Can we cure baldness with decapitated heads?
The Verge The Verge

Infinite Cat

Wow, there are like 1424 of them, and counting!
Have a nice Caturday, homo sapiens sapiens! :-D

#GIF   #Cat   #Caturday  
Tim Moore Tim Moore

Can't add a profile image?

If you are having trouble in changing your profile avatar, try this workaround.

- Upload a photo in any album
- Click open the image in the lightbox view
- Click on "Tag people"
- Click on the face and write your own name in the box that appears
- Click on "Done"
- Click on "More" and choose "Make profile photo"

You can do the same with your business page: Choose one of your own photos, tag it with the name of your page.
Act as your Page, go to the page's profile and see "Photos of you:
You can click open the image and make it your Page's profile pic.

Check out the photo captions in this album:

I hope this works for you!

#Jaanatip     #Googleplus     #Profilepicture  
Jaana Nyström Jaana Nyström

Gmail's newest update means simpler email attachments.

Pete Cashmore Pete Cashmore

The Incredibly Clear Waters of the Verzasca River
Reg Saddler Reg Saddler

Family travels in Lapland, part 2

My son is taking photos with my tablet and I get the pics auto uploaded to my Google+.

Fun to follow the men's trip. :-)

This is Teno river (salmons!), view from Finland to Norway.

#Travel     #Lapland     #Finland     #Nuorgam  
Jaana Nyström Jaana Nyström

dear friends, 
we're full of anticipation for the final tomorrow! we really want to win and we count on your support! #SchwarzRotGold #PaintGermany
#Brasil2014 #WorldCup +DFB-Team 
Moritz Tolxdorff Moritz Tolxdorff

If Eagles Can Fly by Sergio Smiriglio
Reg Saddler Reg Saddler

True Story!
Rahul Roy Rahul Roy

Just a foot shorter than One World Trade Center
The Verge The Verge

Christmas in July
Chris Pirillo Chris Pirillo

21 Awesome Google Tips by +Daniel Futerman 
1. Your Personal   #GoogleSearch  Trends History: goo.gl/agMWXD
2. Google Chrome: goo.gl/ynciWj
3. Search like a Pro: goo.gl/dkUgf4
4. Google Doodles: goo.gl/s65qHq
5. Google Alerts: goo.gl/uaY3Oj
6. Google Docs: goo.gl/UYSdiV
7. Shorten Your Links with Google: goo.gl/UvWmpP
8. Back in time with Google Maps: goo.gl/5dqv60
9. Google Location History:  goo.gl/oJ0kbl
10. Google Dashboard: goo.gl/3KmiFM

11. YouTube Playlists: goo.gl/1lgkmM
12. Google Translate: goo.gl/VFmYGn
13. Google Calender: goo.gl/PmkIoM
14. Google Trends: goo.gl/7i6GW4
15. Secure your Google account: goo.gl/7tNJvL
16. Android Device Manager: goo.gl/rHtCqm
17. Make money with Google Adsense: goo.gl/37M90D
18. Advertising with Google Adwords: goo.gl/y0RRAe
19. Google Chrome & Search Tricks: goo.gl/mj2vst

More to come...             #21GoogleTips  
Denis Labelle Denis Labelle

Dark Sky is the weather app you want
The Verge The Verge

This is the kind of summer blockbuster you want to see. What did you think?
The Verge The Verge

Cool - Spider-Man kite 
Tim Moore Tim Moore

Happy #caturday  everyone!
Rob Gordon Rob Gordon

Need something new to play? Have a look at our list of the best Android games around:

Extreme Wheelchair

via: 9gag.com

What do you think? :)
Panah Rad Panah Rad

I don't do much people shooting. but I had a blast listening to the Midnight Special band that plays  at the Jordan Landing in West Jordan, Utah.      This couple that danced were really fun to watch.     You cannot see him but the man with the Guitar is the father of an Elvis impersonator  , Oh you can see his arm :) 
Sheila B. DuBois Sheila B. DuBois

LIVE VIDEO: Google Plus Week 7/11/2014 (Please comment!)

If you want a notification when I post this show, please let me know in the comments and I'll circle you!

0:00:00  •  Welcome the panel 

Google and Google+

0:00:00 • Way to screw up Google Drive http://bit.ly/1reYAyA 

0:00:00 • . shutting down Orkut on Sept. 30  http://bit.ly/1zuFfOD

0:00:00 • Larry Page tells his employees to eat cake http://goo.gl/fz0Wqw 
0:00:00 •  compares Google’s product approach to Apple’s and more  http://bit.ly/1kMD5jF

0:00:00 • In Google Newsroom, Brazil Defeat Is Not A Headline http://n.pr/1reZ73E 

0:00:00 • .Inside Google’s Big Plan to Race Amazon to Your Door  http://on.recode.net/1kMG63j

0:00:00 •  After short revival, Google service disruptions in China return http://reut.rs/1mlWpIR 

0:00:00 • Use Your Mind to Control Google Glass http://bit.ly/1mlYrIZ 

0:00:00 • Google Maps Update Lets You Measure Distances (or Aimlessly Doodle) http://bit.ly/1mlYYe3 
0:00:00 • .Google creates geography game (and it’s fun!)  http://smartypins.withgoogle.com/

0:00:00 • Google, Dropbox band together to fight patent trolls http://bit.ly/1reZfQF 

0:00:00 • Google gently tells users to blame ISPs for poor YouTube performance  http://bit.ly/1zuF1Hp

Other News

0:00:00 • 'Practical' Google exec caught in fatal sex web http://usat.ly/1reZs6p 
0:00:00 •  Facebook tries to explain motives for secret user experiments  http://bit.ly/1zuFqtb

0:00:00 •  Guy launches kickstarter to raise $10 to make potato salad. It went well  http://kck.st/1zuFGZg

0:00:00 •  Steven Spielberg didn’t really kill a dinosaur  http://bzfd.it/1zuFUja
0:00:00 •  Wal-Mart's Future Fleet of Transformers is BADASS  http://fxn.ws/1zuG5eg

Monday on Our Android Week

0:00:00 •  Correct Google Now with 'No, I said' command http://goo.gl/pzlArw 
0:00:00 •  Mirror your Android screen to the TV with Chromecast http://bit.ly/1reZUkU 
0:00:00 • .Kyocera adopting sapphire crystal for upcoming smartphone? http://bit.ly/1rf0eAj 
0:00:00 •  Global tablet shipments decline for first time, large screen phones to blame?  http://bit.ly/1zuGvBo
0:00:00 •  LG's new wearable is a child tracker that lets parents listen in  http://bit.ly/1zuG0qV
0:00:00 •  FTC accuses T-Mobile of intentionally lying to customers, excessive charges  http://bit.ly/1zuF5H0

0:00:00 •  *How was your Google Plus Week?*
Dan McDermott Dan McDermott

Still time for one quick #fidofriday  post.
Rob Gordon Rob Gordon

What a shame - could have made a great social media post.  Oh, wait...
Rob Gordon Rob Gordon

Creating a mobile game without any code? It's possible...
The Next Web The Next Web

With the Intel i3 Haswell CPU beginning to make its way into Chromebooks, it's become much harder for tech critics to claim that they're "almost" a laptop. Spec-wise, Chromebooks rock, both in performance and value.
John Blossom John Blossom

8 Ways to Get More Google+ Page Followers

"Let's face it, Google+ is not going to go away like Google Buzz or MySpace.

More and more users are becoming familiar with Google+ and using it every day to connect and communicate. Equally as important is the fact that Google+ is more deeply integrated with Google's other products and services than any other service we've every used before. Having a successful Google+ Business Page is no longer an option for businesses who wish to succeed online..."

Learn more at http://bit.ly/1zm7qiD

#Business #Googleplus #Google
Jaana Nyström Jaana Nyström

Man, am I glad I bought some chips. The drama on teh Goober Plus has been so damn high the past couple days
Bobbi Jo Woods Bobbi Jo Woods

Visual Narrative: Imagineering A More Convivial Future

"It took a few minutes in the darkness to hear a complaining 'miaow' coming from of all places, from above. The darned animal was on the top of the curtain rod. All this time, I was only looking down, not up which made sense given that I was missing a cat, or so I thought."
-- Chryssa Kouveliotou via +Mick Fealty 

There's a number of different topics in the Conversation Community. Here's a selection of recent posts in the Visual Narrative topic:

...yet does not intrude!
+Terry Brown 

The fertility of the soul, the magic of the animals
+Mara Rose 

Visual poetry: as if the top of my head were taken off
+Hoda Maalouf 

To become more quiet...with some music
+Henk Hadders 

Feelings are universal. So is body language
+Akira Bergman 

Walking Tour Of Diagon Alley
+Becky Coleman 

LEGO. Everything is NOT awesome
+Karen M 

Each has been sent as a guide from beyond
+Farinaz Parsay 

Imagination, emotions and boundaries
via +Mani Scienide 

Girl, you'll be a woman soon
+Luis López-Cano 

Gaia: Marozi
+Dirk Puehl 

There are those dressed in fineries
via +Saurus Ommley 

Monsters of the Cosmos
+Lisa Frankenberg 

Attraction: A dedication to a Mother
+Axes Monday 

Tibet:  The brightest, boldest, most gaudily brilliant anti-browns
+Kevin Kelly 

A rather large amount of gratitude
+Susan Cox 

Gaia: Marmaris, Turkey
+John Kellden

America in Color: 1939 - 1943
+Adelheid Hörnlein 

Gaia: Tuorinniemi, Finland
+Sakari Maaranen 

Fish for fallen light with patience
+Dan Oestreich 

+MJ Bush 

The Game Before the Game
+Clay Forsberg 

An Extraordinary Thing Happened To Me Yesterday
+Gina Fiedel 

World as a Canvas
+Vanessa Vaile 

Howards Dream Office
+Howard Rheingold 

You Matter
+Christine DeGraff 

Beautiful Animated Story
+Dustin W. Stout   via +Karen M 

In coming posts, I will showcase similar wealth, abundance and deeply human ingenuity and storytelling, in the other topics here in the Conversation Community.

Image:   http://goo.gl/cVUOwW
John Kellden John Kellden

Your "interactive guide to human culture"
The Verge The Verge

“Air kiss!” by Galina Jacyna
Reg Saddler Reg Saddler


What's that... you'd like to see more photos of fireworks?

I can oblige!
Eoghann Irving Eoghann Irving

No more having to find the right image to upload when creating multiple duplicate events on G+ Woohoo - this is a BIG one for me and I am sure many other people will love it too.

Previously you had to re-upload an event header image when you duplicated an event from the original event - today I created a duplicate event (and tested it twice more) and the original event image that I uploaded stayed there in the duplicated event too.......


#TheHow2Girl #GPlusProfessionals #GoogleEventsUpdate
Jaana Nyström Jaana Nyström

How do you mimic space's zero-gravity environment here on Earth? With a large-scale mockup of the ISS and a huge swimming pool.

Too bad it isn't any good
The Verge The Verge

Presumably their plan is to shoot the children coming across the border, decapitate them, then hang the heads as plaques in their trophy rooms (avoid shooting into the heads guys -- messier to mount later). Yep, the best and brightest of the GOP in full bloom, boys and girls! And remember, these world class jerks are on the less-wacko end of the GOP. 
Lauren Weinstein Lauren Weinstein

Did everyone remember to do their yoga today?
Rob Gordon Rob Gordon

So I spent some time with my mom yesterday :D. She makes dolls for people that look like the people they are created for :D.. This one isnt finished but looks just like my baby cousin :D.. It was funny to see a shelf full of dolls that look like real people.. but so awesome :D
Mari Thomas Mari Thomas

was soll jetzt noch schief gehen?  :-)
Moritz Tolxdorff Moritz Tolxdorff

Coming to a theater near you the much anticipated action adventure comedy drama TIERS OF STEEL

Many jimmies were rustled during the making of this hi budget film


Shoopmaster +Bobbi Jo Woods Thx bby!
Bobbi Jo Woods Bobbi Jo Woods

We got gyros last night and ate too much. Pic related.

+Caturday  #Caturday  
Bobbi Jo Woods Bobbi Jo Woods

If it seems a little bit like everything's about Android Wear these days ... well, you're right. Everything is about Android Wear these days. And that's OK. These are exciting times. We've finally gone from months and months of a prototype-y Google Glass to actual Android Wear smartwatches that...
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Energy from Nature

"We know the natural environment is "restorative," and one thing that a walk outside can restore is your waning attention. "

How often do you get into nature and soak up the revitilising energy it provides?

Read More http://buff.ly/1o5r7m8

#naturecures #thehow2girl #getmorenergy #Nature
Jaana Nyström Jaana Nyström

Sharing with you a Bud of my rose of sharon
Sheila B. DuBois Sheila B. DuBois

Have one for me, +Angélica G!

Happy birfday, bby <3
Bobbi Jo Woods Bobbi Jo Woods

Patron or not. :)
Chris Pirillo Chris Pirillo

Bobbi Jo Woods - :-(
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Bobbi Jo Woods Bobbi Jo Woods

Bring in the Roaring Twenties!!!
Sheila B. DuBois Sheila B. DuBois

Riding on a pallet
Nicola Deiana Nicola Deiana

"I never see what has been done; I only see what remains to be done." ~ Buddha
John Kellden John Kellden

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