Privacy Policy for Public Circles Database

What does this application do?

Public Circles Database uses the Google+ API and collects information about public shared circles.

A listing of all public shared circles is made available on the site with the following information:

In the database there is also the id of all members in the shared circles. A function is provided to check, if a Google+ profile or page was shared within one or more of the shared circles.


All information about Authors, Circles and Postings, that are stored in the Public Circles Database are public data. The information is all public on the Google+ site.

We do not resell or redistribute the information in the database to any third party.


The Public Circles Database has a Google+ Page with updates and information about the service - see below.

The website is in current development by +Siegfried Hirsch. This is also the contact, if you want your shared circle to be deleted from the database. Just send an email to the above contact.

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